What draws you to go on holidays, home and abroad?

What draws you to go on holidays, home and abroad?
The travel Industry is thriving, thanks to those who have been bitten by the travel bug. The travel bug bit me good and proper and saw me travelling to several places, home and abroad. I had a lot of convincing to do before my husband agreed to take that first holiday here in India. And that was just the beginning. The thrill and excitement I experience each time I planned those holidays cannot be put in words. There will be many like me who would spend all their savings on holidays.

We always opted for package holidays as the Agents took care of the nitty gritty – the boring part of holiday planning. Just give them the documents they ask for and in return you will get your ticket, money and visas delivered right at your door. I could write a book on my travel adventures but I do not know where to begin. Each holidays gave me great moments to remember. As I am writing this post my mind took me to that scene in New Zealand of sheep grazing While at school we learnt of the miles and miles of praires that skirted the main roads with sheep grazing. And when I was in New Zealand I got to see them those sheep grazing that looked like cotton balls, from a distance - thousands of them. That post card I posted from the highest post office in the world – Jung frau in Switzerland, Is yet another memory that keeps coming back when I reminisce sitting in my favourite corner. The memories of those cable car rides that we experienced in every country that we visited be it Singapore, Switzerland, Australia starting with Kashmir do give me the jitters as getting in and out needed dexterity.

Writing about my travels is in my bucket list

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I think that the main factor for traveling is people getting bored of the whole environment and atmosphere around them. People want a change in their ordinary scheduled life so that's why they constantly have the desire to travel. On the other hand, people who travel a lot want a piece of mind and want to go back home so they can enjoy where they've grown up and feel the nostalgia or just the warm touch of what's your own.
Posted by manmad on 11-14-2017
Peace, quiet and silence. These are the main things that attract me when I think of going on vacation at the end of the year. My wife's father lives in one place, so in the last 4 years I've spent the rest of the year there. Silence and contact with nature please me a lot. In addition, I can reflect more about the year that has passed and recharge my energies more easily.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-14-2017
It gets to a point where you just want to get away. You want to go somewhere different where you are away from routine and everything that you are familiar with. You want to get away from it all. Being on vacation and being a tourist is such a wonderful feeling. It is relaxing and peaceful. When you get back from a trip you feelnso refreshed.
Posted by Sue on 11-14-2017
Maybe going abroad is wanting to see a change in the atmosphere which includes not only the setting of the place but also the people and the culture. When I first went abroad to Hongkong, I was really amused to meet people who speak another language and couldn’t communicate in English. With the food, I tried exotic food that I had not tasted before. It was a great experience for me that when we were able to save money, we go abroad every year just to savor the life in another country.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-30-2018
Well, mostly a change of scenarios is something that draws me towards a holiday. It becomes easier to relax and let go of your problems if you switch scenarios every once in a while. But then again it's just my opinion
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-14-2017
The Summer is the best time to travel. I'd say the Summer weather and atmosphere draws me to take leisure travel trips most of the time. I normally don't travel during the winter unless it's to see family.
Posted by NickJ on 11-14-2017
My main purpose of traveling is learning something new and to have a quality time. When I travel, I will now about people and culture. When I travel, I will be away from my everyday life, I will be unburdened with absurdity of every day life, I will have time to celebrate my life.
Posted by vinaya on 11-14-2017
I'm not that interested in traveling and vacations. I am fine with just where I am but I am not entirely against traveling once in a while as well. Mostly, I just prefer having the conveniences of my area and knowing that all I need is supplied, and when I travel, I cannot always bring what makes me comfortable since different places have different rules and cultures. I prefer just watching travel videos instead as I'm not really all that curious to feel what other places are like in person.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-15-2017
I prefer to visit the mountains. It does not matter whether the mountain places are in home or the abroad. So it all comes down to how good that place is and what else we can do about the place. Like exploring the place with photography and the food. And that in itself can be something you have to experience on your own. So we just learn as per that. It takes time though, not something that happens overnight.
Posted by overcast on 11-15-2017
I typically don't go on holidays abroad, because I'm just not a fan of traveling. It isn't to say that I don't like seeing new places, actually quite the contrary. But the thing is that I absolutely dread the entire process of traveling, and it leaves me exhausted. That's why if I do go on holiday it is somewhere close by within my own country. I just like going somewhere out by nature where I can have some peace and solitude away from everyone. Sometimes I just need a break from all the people.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-15-2017
Why do I go on a holiday? Because we all need some relaxing time where we are away from our typical, everyday environment and where we are complete strangers. Our body and mind just need that once in a while. We usually go on holidays for two weeks twice per week. Where we go completely depends on what we decide - most often we combine the location and an affordable price.
Posted by Mehano on 11-15-2017
I love visiting other countries as this provides me with an opportunity to meet with the locals and learn more about the traditions and culture. I also get to visit new places and taste different kinds of foods. This also gives me an idea of how it's like to live in another country.
Posted by Pixie on 11-15-2017
My plan is to take a sort of gap year where I travel to different destinations. I have reached a point in my life where I need all the inspiration I can get. To achieve this I need to experience different environments, see how people live and what people are doing with their lives. I need business ideas, home ideas, love ideas and life ideas. Lol.

I plan to visit Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Dubai, SouthAfrica, Zanzibar and Australia to begin with. After that, I plan to visit 2 countries per year and take mini vacations to travel to several destinations. I agree with the saying, 'we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.'
Posted by jaymish on 11-15-2017
I love going to new places and having new adventures in locales that are unfamiliar. It is good to get a different perspective of the world and to get out of your comfort zone in order to stimulate yourself emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Also, I think we should all experience other cultures and remind ourselves to be open-minded about others and the lives they lead which are so different from ours. During the holiday season in America, I spend my time off to visit my family members who are about an hour drive away. I tend to vacation though during the regular year when I can.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-15-2017
Getting a holiday is crucial for the family because we work so hard and the only way to compensate ourselves is through going for a great holiday. So basically is to refresh ourselves,get to see a new destination learn about new culture, language and environment
Posted by lovely on 11-15-2017
What would draw me to travel away from home “during the holidays” or “on holiday”. In American English, there are two different interpretations.

Usually, if we travel outside if the country and it's not for business purposes, and we are going to be gone for eh! ... about a month, people might say “we're away on holiday”.

If it happens to be the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season, a time that is usually spent with family, but we opt instead to travel away from our family, as our holiday gift to ourselves, that's viewed as travel away from home “during the holidays”.

Either way, it would take no effort at all to draw me away from home on holiday or during the holidays if we had the money and my husband was healthy enough for travel. My kids are old enough to take care of themselves. It would be nice for my hubby and me to have some alone time!
Posted by foxchannel on 11-15-2017
Would you believe that we have traveled abroad 6 times this year and we still have one remaining trip at the end of this month. We started traveling in 2012 in Hongkong to see the Disneyland there. After that trip, we discovered the promo tickets of Cebu Pacific Air. That bolstered our desire to travel. In the following year, we learned of the travel expo that added more reason for our travels. Basically, it is the cheap plane tickets that draw us to travel abroad. And I have to admit that we truly enjoy traveling not just to discover new places and things but to be together, me and my husband.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-17-2017
That is amazing that you have been able to travel abroad and go on vacation so many times this year, and I would love to be able to do that also. Here, it is very expensive to travel by airplane, and even busses and trains are costly, as well. I have never been on a vacation out of the country, and actually only had one vacation that was in this country, in my whole life. otherwise, the only time I got to see different parts of the country was when I had to travel for some reason, or was moving to a new part of the country. I would love to be able to just travel and see more of the world, and even more of the United States, and if I were able to do that, I would love to take one of the train vacations, where you can travel anywhere that you want and you can actually see all of the country you are traveled get through better.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 11-18-2017
What usually draws me to go on holidays abroad is usually to go and relax in a more quite environment and to be able to learn about new cultures.
Posted by babyright on 12-07-2017
To travel abroad is a chance that needs to take the opportunity and never look back. No matter what happens, you won't regret stretching limits of your comfort zone and your passport. By traveling you get to learn about different cultures. Once you experience cultural differences firsthand, you can begin to understand where other people are coming from. Moving abroad also allows you to make friends and connections. And lastly, those memories are experiences that will last a lifetime. It is paramount.
Posted by cess_08 on 01-23-2018