What is Your Favorite Animated Movie?

What is Your Favorite Animated Movie?
In 1937, Walt Disney released the first full length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the wonderful world of moving art in cinema was changed forever. It was magical! Well … I imagine that it was magical. Even though I wasn't born until almost 2 decades later and got to watch it on television in black and white, I can imagine the moviegoers who attended the premiere showing, sitting in the audience with big boxes of popcorn and then their eyes opening wide with amazement to see this an animated musical fantasy displayed on the big screen.

Fast forward to the year 2000. Like most other adults who never grow up, I still love watching animated films and my all-time favorite is The Road to El Dorado.

A quick blurb about this film:

  • 2000 American animated adventure comedy film;
  • Produced by DreamWorks;
  • Features the voice acting of Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, and Rosie Perez.
PLOT: The movie is about the search for a hidden city, the fabled El Dorado, a city made of pure gold. They find it! The adventure begins.

  • Have you ever seen this film and is it on your Faves List too?

  • If not, what is your all-time favorite animated movie?

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My favorite animated movie is Kung Fu Panda. I like this movie because it has an original story (many of the animated movies are based on takes of Anderson and Grom Brothers), an animation is wonderful and the characters are interesting. Frozen is also one of my favorite animated movies
Posted by vinaya on 11-17-2017
I'll have to put those two on my watch list. I have not seen either one.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
You can find the voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Huffman in Kung Fu Panda. The central character the fat Panda has the voice of Jack Black. The movie is very funny. I never get tired of watching this movie. The sequel KUng Fu panda II is also good.
Posted by vinaya on 01-26-2018
omg! I watched El dorado too! and I loved it! it was great. Right now I couldn't decide for a single movie, it would be hard to pick my favorite of them all, especially not an animated one because that's pretty much all I see (I'm a disney lover) When I was a kid I use to love Dumbo, it was great, now I would say The sword in the stone! I love all disney movies. On the other hand I also like Hotel transylvania, it's super funny and adam sandler makes a funny vampire in that one!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 11-17-2017
Sounds like somebody is really into their animated flicks. LOL.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
I had several favorites in Disney’s animation movies but in the modern times, I love minions. Maybe not really with the story but with the form and character of those little creatures. And their sound effects are really funny that they never fail to get my attention. I remember watching Minions in the video system of my car when it was new.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-18-2017
Heard a lot about Minions. Still haven't watched it yet.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
I grew up in the 1950’s when Disney was putting out many of the films that have become classics, like Snow White, Cinderella, and all of the short film cartoons with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and all the rest of Disney characters. Of all of the Disney movies, my favorite has always been “Lady and the Tramp” , which is the most heartwarming story about two dogs who fall in love. It is well worth watching if you have not seen it.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 11-18-2017
Oh my! "Lady and the Tramp". Now that was a sweet movie. LOL.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
For me, it's definitively Shrek! I just love how he is an Anti-hero and how funny and good the situations in the movies can get. Gotta love the sarcasm!
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-18-2017
Yep. Definitely, got a lot of laughs out of that animated film.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
Shrek is an interesting character, however, I have never watched Shrek movie. I like anti hero more than the heroes, that's why I like Shrek . I have to watch him in the movie though.
Posted by vinaya on 01-27-2018
I think that my favorite animated movie is UP. I had watched many animated movies and I end up not liking them that much, but this movie completely stole my heart and whenever is on TV I get really happy and I watch it. It's such a beautiful movie that it will be my favorite for a long time.
Posted by felabruno on 11-18-2017
I had to go look that one up. Never heard of it. Watched the trailer. It's cute!
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
I'm not a fan of the new movies, I prefer the classics like 'Bambi' and 'Snow White' but some people like the graphics but it takes away from the story with me. I did watch The Smurfs and I didn't like it as they focused on the graphics rather than the plot and hence I found it quite weak. What matters is the story line always.
Posted by Alexa on 11-19-2017
I do enjoy the classics. "Bambi" is special to me, but not my favorite.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
I think my favorite has to be the minion and despicable me series. Those movies are indeed good. And those movies have a lot of things in them to laugh for. And on that note I'd say it'd be reasonable to watch them and have fun with them. It can be good enough to watch lot of foreign Korean and Japanese movies too.
Posted by overcast on 11-19-2017
My kids know more about Asian animation than I do. Despicable Me I've heard of but not seen.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
My favourite animated movie has to be that of Tom and Jerry, though its being a long time i watched it but the two characters were very lively and funny.
Posted by babyright on 11-20-2017
Everybody loves To and Jerry. I watched the cartoon series all the time. But I have never seen the full movie. I'll take your word for it that it's good.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-22-2017
gata montes
For me - although I could name quite a few animated movies that would easily fall into the favorite category and especially some of the Disney movies - my all time favorite is without a doubt - " Watership Down " - as not only does it deliver a powerful and very emotional message regarding humanity - but more importantly - all the characters in the movie were just as I'd imagined them to be after reading the book and their voices matched perfectly too.
Posted by gata montes on 11-24-2017
I like so many of the snow white, power ranger, Alice in wonderland and meek lee.I just enjoy the storyline of meek lee a little nuisance but in a funny way.He was always brave to stand his enemies even when he knew he couldn't fight them but he always tried and to his surprise, he always won.It always give me that strength to try anything I set my mind to achieve before giving up.
Posted by lovely on 12-10-2017
In Disney animations, what I really like are Hercules and Aladin. I like the story of it and each character is really good. I do like about greek stories that's why I do love Hercules because he's so strong and powerful but has a good heart. What I also like in Aladin is how a commoner like him manage to be someone because of the determination and perseverance that he has together with the help of his friend Genie. I do enjoy watching it when I was a kid and until now, I still watch it.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-27-2017
My favorite animated movie is Boss Baby. When I first watched the trailer, I said to myself that I will watch this! And so it happens of course. I am going to be freak out if I saw some talking baby coming in the house! Maybe the other people will be freak out too. But this baby is so cool. Also I like what they drink to maintain their baby body. The overall movie is perfect! I can watch it again and again.
Posted by blank629 on 01-04-2018
I like Frozen and I have been waiting for the second movie to come out. I also like Coco. Both has good story and soundtrack. I have watch lots of animated movies because my son like watching it, and personally I also like animated movies too. So far, I have a lot of good movies on my list but frozen and coco comes first in my mind.
Posted by lei08pineda on 07-28-2018
I like Tangled and Big Hero 6. They're one of the movies that I really enjoyed and it has also valuable lessons. Tangled was a great animated movie and it entertains me a lot. I think I have seen this movie for a lot of times but still I find it enjoying as well as Big Hero 6. I love how they created the character of Baymax. How I wish baymax is true and exist.
Posted by nekonieden on 10-05-2018
When I saw the trailer of the movie Tangled, I was already in love with that animation because the story has a similarity with Rapunzel, that girl with the longest hair in the world. But I know that Tangled has a different story and I’m sure I would it. Unfortunately I missed it in the cinema because of the hectic work schedule in the office and until now I am still trying to find it in cable tv.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2018
I really enjoy watching One Piece movie and I don't get tired on watching it.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-16-2018
The tale of Princess Kaguya. It is a magnificent movie and one of the most moving pieces of animation I've gotten to see. It is probably one of Studio Ghibli's best works and to this day is one of my personal favorites in my list next to Spirited away and MNT.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-13-2018