What is your favorite Candy Corn Flavor?

Candy Corn was first introduced in the 1800s by George Renninger. It is made mostly of sugar, corn syrup, confectioner's wax, flavorings and colors. When many think of candy corn, they think of the traditional orange, yellow, and white treat. However, in more recent times, candy corn has evolved and many new flavors are available. These include:

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  Cookie Flavored Candy Corn Vote
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  Apple Pie candy corn Vote
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  Caramel Macchiatto candy corn Vote
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My favorite candy corn flavor is the cookie one. It just tastes so good. Another one of my favorite is the caramel apple one, mainly because I love apples in general and the taste of caramel ones is just something else.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-17-2017
Green apple is my favorite I would say. I love green apples in general and as candy corn is delicious. There are many other good flavors but this is the one I rather overall. Hope I can have some soon.
Posted by felabruno on 10-17-2017
Apple pie candy flavour is the obvious choice for me as a result of the fact that I enjoy taking candies that have got such flavour. The taste is always special for me.
Posted by Barida on 10-17-2017
I'm a sucker for carmel apple flavor anything. If I want apple pie I'd have the real thing, same with all the others save for carmel apple or the green apple flavor.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-17-2017
Corn candy, really? I have never heard about corn candy, perhaps that's because candy is not a very popular item in my place. I like candies that are made from caramel, however, I have not tasted too many varieties of candies.
Posted by vinaya on 10-17-2017
It depends on who makes the confection. Usually, the only difference between the three colors of candy corn is the coloring agent used. Making each color a different flavor would require some measure of expense, and usually (but not always) those who make candy corn do not wish to spend such expense. I like the caramel one.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-17-2017
I've not had the pleasure of taste these candies in my life. These candies don't exist in my country because they are made in another country so we have to import them. We don't produce candies but a neighboring country does so, because that country is next to us, it's a little bit cheaper import their candies to our country. I hope, when I can travel to other countries, I can taste one these candies at least and see how tasty they are and choose my favorite.
Posted by cubo on 10-17-2017
Yup never heard of them either. My country has a selection of unique foods and sweet but I had never heard of a corn sweetness. It does seem very tasty and something I would most definitely try out If I went abroad
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-17-2017
Caramel apple candy corn is my best color of candy. It looks so appealing and yummy to the sight once you come in contact with it and it's definitely quite sweet and completely irresistible in most cases. Caramel apple candy corn is the best among other candy corn colors.
Posted by Heatman on 10-17-2017
I love most of the candy corn flavor but my best has always been the cookie flavoured candy corn.it really yummy and last better in my mouth. I just love the smell it must one to always want to eat a lot more.it look pleasant to the eyes and can be more tasry than other toppings.
Posted by lovely on 10-17-2017
What rock have I been living under for the past 25 years? I wasn't even aware of the fact that there were multiple flavors of candy corn! I was always under the assumption that the only flavor of candy corn that existed was the flavor of high fructose corn syrup and a weird waxy after taste. The caramel apple candy corn seems like it would be the tastiest out of those listed, but maybe that's just because I'm a huge fan of caramel apples.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-18-2017
I love the caramel apple candy corn since my childhood days this is my always candy flavor that i want my mother to buy in the market. the caramel flavor just captures my heart that's why i love it very much. even my cousins like it too. but i only eat it ones per week because my mother would get mad when i eat to much sweet.
Posted by tophew on 10-18-2017
Caramel apple is my favorite flavor in almost anything. It is sweet but I really like the apple taste. They are so good. I always look forward to being able to get them this time of year. They are definitely the bomb and one of the best flavors that they have. I have tried a few of them but I always go back to the caramel apple. I just can't seem to find one that I like better. There are a few on the list that I have not had a chance to try yet though.
Posted by Sue on 10-18-2017
My favorite is Caramel Macchiato candy corn, in fact, caramel is my favorite in most of sweets and cakes that I eat. Of course, I like chocolate or cream but caramel is my favorite and my wifes know and most of the cakes and sweet has this flavor.
Posted by wallet on 10-18-2017
I have read and seen the pictures of candy corn from the Internet especially when it was approaching Halloween, but I personally have not try it, as I don't think we have them selling here. If I would have to choose, I think I would prefer Caramel Apple Candy Corn as I think it might taste good. I always like Caramel.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-21-2018