What is your preferred service for sharing your music as an artist or producer?

There are many options for sharing your music as an artist / producer. Which is your most preferable and why? Please comment below, I'd love to hear more about why you chose what you did.

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YouTube is very accessible and has a good database that makes it possible for your music to be shared for large viewer ship. Depending on the need, but I still believe YouTube is one of the best platforms.
Posted by Jeshurun on 01-06-2017
You don't need a huge production budget to make YouTube videos. As the site's grown in popularity, though, you're much more likely to get noticed with better quality. Fortunately, YouTube itself has plenty of tools to help stand out and make videos worth watching. Ever since YouTube came on the scene, many people assumed that all they have to do is do something funny on camera, upload, and then become an internet star. While this can occasionally happen through dumb luck, most producers have to work hard behind the scenes to make it happen. YouTube's Creator Academy has a wealth of guides that teach you about all the nuts and bolts your favorite YouTuber doesn't mention.

If all of that sounds a little too much like a second job: good. YouTube is an amazing platform for sharing videos with friends, family, or building a massive worldwide audience alike. However, it can be a very involved process if you really want to make a job of it. And chances are someone out there is going to do the same thing you want to do who is willing to go through all this work. So before you get started, decide what type of YouTube producer you want to be. That will help inform which tools you need and how many of these lessons you can skip.
Posted by aplatisza on 04-30-2017
There's no alternative to digging in and learning @aplatisza. And doing that will make you rise above the noise. Good points.
Posted by JohnnyScribe on 05-08-2017
I find that soundcloud gives a more professional and serious vibe when it comes to sharing music. It allows for one to upload their album art, to only share the link with certain individuals, and it also creates an easy and clean-looking embed when you share with websites to post on their blog.
Posted by nataliarom on 05-08-2017
I agree @nataliarom.
Posted by JohnnyScribe on 05-08-2017
I would have to go with Soundcloud, because of the real time comments and interaction. The lay out is smooth, and it makes the connection with the artist and the fan easier than most other music platforms. Youtube would be my next choice because youtube is all over the world, the down side of youtube is the fact that you have over one billion channels it's harder to get noticed.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-24-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I chose Soundcloud. Don't get me wrong, if you drop the right video on YouTube, it'll blow up overnight! However, the YouTube audience can be very one dimensional at times. There's a huge difference to people who subscribe to your YouTube channel compared to someone who follows you on Soundcloud. People who follow you on Soundcloud are genuine fans of your work. People who subscribe to you on YouTube generally speaking, like you for one song, and one song only.

In my opinion, just drop your hottest tracks on YouTube with a video. But post the majority of your music to SoundCloud. Remember, rapper 21 Savage blew up on Soundcloud with "X" weeks before it was released on YouTube. Same thing with iLoveMakonnen with "Tuesday".

SoundCloud produces real talent and real fans, YouTube produces one-hit wonder artists and one-hit wonder fans. That's just how I feel, some people would beg to differ.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-24-2017
I choose sound cloud because its the first call when it comes to music cloud sharing, its basically the audio platform where you put you audio materials its like a resume I have been using soundcloud since 2011 it wasn't a serious thing for me then but later on I went back to using it when I began to produce radio dramas and I wanted my works heard across the world, I wanted it to be accessed by every member of the cast without have to send out multiple links this which gave each and everyone of them the ability to share the projects to their friends and loved ones sound cloud is the best so far.
Posted by Westbay on 07-14-2017
I think YouTube is simply the best option for me. There may be other better services, but Youtube simply meets my needs and that is enough.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-17-2017
YouTube is my main option when it comes to this, it is possible to find almost anything there without needing much. The other source I have it's Spotify, I find it very practical but the only thing I hate about it is the ads that they put between songs if you are using the free version of it, they can scare the hell out of you sometimes, it has happened to me a few times already and it's not a cool thing.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-21-2017
YouTube is the best option at all in all possible ways, especially when it comes to advertising. YouTube's marketing power is immensely high and can work for you in a totally free way (which is obviously something incredible).

It's clear that the results won't come overnight (because you have to work hard to make it happen), but it's all a matter of time, effort and patience.
Posted by wiseagent on 08-29-2017
I think Youtube is the most popular place if you want a huge audience but their algorithms might be complicated and it might be difficult for people there to find your music. My second choice would be Spotify because they have excellent ideas for recommendation, you might end up in some playlists and that's how people might be able to find your music.
Posted by felabruno on 09-16-2017
I like Soundcloud a lot. I think that their platform is awesome for independent producers and it helped me find great artists over the years. Whenever I want to listen to something fresh I head over there. Still, they have more electronic and techno oriented styles
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-16-2017
I will use YouTube as an artist ..YouTube is a very popular site which million of people troop in daily to either watch,stream or download videos or audios.So I need my song to be seen and used by many then I will use YouTube. it very common and easy to use.
Posted by lovely on 12-05-2017
I like Youtube more because it's more widely used and you can get a better picture of how well received your content is because you're not only competing with other musicians but also the whole entertainment genre in general. I feel like this gives a more accurate picture of how well your music will do in the mainstream market since people who use Soundcloud are mostly only people who are into music whereas the general public mostly ignores it and hangs out at Youtube.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-05-2018
We have some friends who are professional musicians. And their preferred sharing venue is Youtube. What’s good in Youtube is that they can earn from the monetized videos if they have an Adsense account that goes with it. And Youtube is very popular that viewers are in millions so your music has a good chance of exposure not only locally but also internationally. We also have some music videos on Youtube that are original compositions.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018
I think the best thing to do is to actually use a lot of these platforms together which can help you to increase your exposure. I think YouTube is probably one of the best platforms though because of how many people use it and how well it is known for people using it to listen to music. It's also great as a new artist or producer because of the fact that you can earn money from putting up advertising up there.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-16-2018