What news brought you sadness yesterday?

What news brought you sadness yesterday?
These days we get to watch or read news that spoils our day. I have had a good share of that yesterday. There is never a day that we are spared from listening to, reading or watching sad news. Earlier it was about hurricanes that were destructive and cloud bursts that killed many.

There was this teacher who was seen hitting a child mercilessly. There were other students watching him doing it. The news reporter further added that there have been several suicides in their State, committed by students probably because of the treatment meted out by teachers to students.

Pollution figures in India are staggering that has forced some States to stop using diesel for industries that generate smoke. One State is seen burning dry fodder where their main business is farming. This smoke is seen travelling to distant places polluting the air.

Strict rules are in place in some States not to fire crackers. Diwali was celebrated yesterday sans noise. No one likes noise but Diwali without crackers is never heard of. Soon there will be rules to curb traffic on roads. How they will do it is not known.

And this Chief Minister was seen squandering public money to celebrate Diwali at a place that represents 'Hindutwa'. He has spent on. well over 150,000 divas lit on the banks of that river, while that place stinks of garbage strewn all over. He is least concerned about health but has used this day to promote his party. Soon there will be elections. Being in the majority besides critisizing, opposition can do nothing to stop this squander.

This teacher was innocent but terrorists slit his throat and killed him. This happened in our troubled State of J&K. They doubted that he was the informer of terrorists hiding, who were earlier killed. We get sad news every single day when it comes to J&K.

What has been happening your part of the world?

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It is sad to read daily news of the bombings, air pollution, air strikes, robberies and accidents that happened every part of the world. Humans had destroyed the beautiful Earth and yet blaming on each other for the global warming. When will we ever learn how to forgive and forget, learn to pick up the pieces and put back the jigsaw puzzle?
Posted by peachpurple on 10-19-2017
Everything that has to do with conflicts overseas for me gets me down quite a bit. This coupled with the fact that local news always something to say regarding a shooting, death or robbery is a downer as well.
Posted by TheArticulate on 10-21-2017
The thing that upset me the most in the last few days was the news story about the dog that was thrown from a moving van and left to die. The dog was picked up and brought to the vet but it died later that day. The only thing that saved that story from totally breaking my heart was that the dog at least didn't die alone on the side of the road. Domestic animals count on us for protection and care and in return they give more love than most people will get from other people. Anyone who thinks that just because they are animals they don't suffer the way that people do need only see an animal in pain to know that they do. To hurt an innocent animal, especially in a cowardly and cruel act such as the one described in the news, should be punishable in a way that is similar to if it was a human being. I hope the person who did it will at least bear the burden of remorse and the knowledge that they caused something a great deal of needless suffering.
Posted by LeJayJ on 10-19-2017
There is a constant influx of terrible news which arrives on a daily basis. Every time I wake up in the morning there is always some new catastrophe or tragedy to read about it. It's gotten to the point where I honestly want to just shut myself out from any form of technology and stop ruining my day with all this awful information. For example, just today I read an article about how over three quarters of the world's population of flying insects are dying out, which has catastrophic implications for the world's future. At this point I've resigned myself to believing everything is going downhill and I'm just not going worry about it.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-19-2017
The news are often sad than cheerful. There are lots that is happening around the world. It might be economic crisis, accidents or deaths. Yesterday, the news that I heard is about the protest of the people who are against modernization of transportation.
Posted by Scarlet on 10-19-2017
Hear in my country the news brought sadness to me yesterday was the transportation hike of our public transportation cars due to modernization many did not agree of that kind of new upgrade because the cost of upgrading is to expensive and they are given deadline this January 1 , 2017. but still they will hold protest again'ts the government leading the public commuters no ride for going to work.
Posted by tophew on 10-19-2017
Being a school owner who just started a year ago, I expected to get paid by some of the parents yesterday as promised, but wasn't paid at all. I employed good teachers to handle the various subjects just for the sake of those children, but parents seemed not to understand and appreciate all these. So, I wasn't happy about that till I went to bed last night. Naturally, I love to appreciate others and equally love to be appreciated as well. When I am not appreciated as expected, it baffles me a lot and weakens my bones and muscles.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-19-2017
I read a story online about a woman who killed her two young children by putting them in the oven. They were two boys ages 1 and 2. How terrible it must have been for those children to go that way. She also has a 3 year old who was in the home at the time and a 6 year old who was at a neighbors house. I can't even imagine how anybody could do that to their child. Everybody said that she suffered from mental illness and that she struggled with caring for her kids yet nobody stepped in to get her the help she needed or to protect these children. It was just a heartbreaking story. It was hard to read it and not cry. The poor little darlings.
Posted by Sue on 10-19-2017
Well, in my country, we're living in a communist dictatorship dressed like a socialist dictatorship but in both cases, it's a dictatorship and that is not good at all. Last weekend, we make elections to choose the governors of every state of the country and we lost against the politic party of the dictatorship so, they now have more power over all of us and the chosen to govern all the states are just there to steal money and they are not going to solve all the problems we have because they don't care at all.
Posted by cubo on 10-19-2017
A husband actually killed his wife in my country. It all happened because the husband was pressurizing his wife to give some money to him for gambling. The wife refused and the husband killed her. She was just 25 years old and was pregnant too. It is unbelievable what people can do just for the sake of money.
Posted by Pixie on 10-19-2017
At least once a day I get sad because of some news that I see on TV or the internet. Our world is filling with bad things. Yesterday I heard of a father that died while working for a trucking company. He had two kids and a wife that depended on him. Very sad
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-19-2017
There was this news yesterday about a 79-year old grandmother who got both her eyes scooped out by some brute high on drugs. According to news, the incident started when the poor victim denied the culprit of his request for a massage as she was not feeling well. It triggered the culprit and attacked the victim scooping both eyes out in the process. The culprit, high on drugs was apprehended and took a lot of beating from the angry mob before being sent to jail. Unfortunately for the poor grandmother, the incident caused her permanent blindness.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 10-19-2017
That's really sad. I got depressed just reading through that if I'm honest and this is why I don't like watching the news. I do it few times per week but not regularly anymore because I feel like shows only the bad side of our world. If anything big happens, it's all over anyway so I wouldn't miss it. I remember in the past when news wasn't just filled with bad things, tragedies, and natural disasters.
Posted by Mehano on 10-19-2017
So much happenings in my country as at yesterday, a new disease just emerge and it already claiming life,corruption in high places and the masses are left in penury and hunger.Things are just moving from bad to worse.Today is not even good we are hoping for a better tomorrow.
Posted by lovely on 10-19-2017
Most of the news is sad. I would rather concentrate on happy news. I think the worst thing I heard was a woman killing two of her children by putting them in an oven. That is really a horrible thing to think about. What a psychotic evil person.
Posted by kgord on 10-19-2017
Although we cannot escape the reality of sad news, and we must maintain awareness of what is happening in the world, the fact is sad news sells. More than likely sad news will propagate the papers and sad news usually spread faster than any other news. I think it's embedded into our psyche to have gravitated towards the grey. Just recently I thought to myself there will always be an occurrence of issues be it sad or greatness or otherwise. We need to accentuate the positive, acknowledge the sad news but don't let it get to us and look forward with a positive thinking irrespective of whatever comes our way to the now and future of prosperity.
Posted by Joteque on 10-19-2017
The saddest news that I heard yesterday is the aftermath of the war against the terrorists in Marawi, here in the Philippines. The entire city was devastated and it becomes a ghost town. There are lots of innocent people that have died. Hope this will be the last. I really don't understand why those terrorists are doing this.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-19-2017
We haven't had too many sad stories in the news recently thankfully but there was one a few days ago about a guy who killed his daughter who he had just adopted. That was awful to read about and it was extremely sad because of how cute and small the baby was. We are currently living in an extremely cruel world and it's a shame that we have to hear these types of news reports every day really. Hopefully the world will become a better place one day
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-19-2017
Yesterday wasn't that of a sad day to me and I didn't read any sad news as well.
Posted by Barida on 10-19-2017
Well Pakistan hockey team lost to Malaysia yesterday. It was a close match though but it ended up being 3-2. Well now pakistan team has to defeat India tommorow in order to make ot to the finals of Asia Cup.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-19-2017
I only watch news when I'm in my sister's house or with a friend, I don't watch the news because it depresses me fro no reason, that's why I'm relatively happier than my peers, they watch the news every day.
Posted by joey98 on 10-19-2017
What a coincidence. I had a bad day yesterday. Early in the morning, I had read in Facebook the post of a cousin saying my mother’s sister in Australia is dying. That her doctor had told the family that my aunt’s body is refusing the medications. Arriving from work last night, there was this news that a family friend died of lung cancer. We didn’t know that he was that sick. He is actually the first Filipino rapper and for sure his fans are also saddened. I hope I do not get such bad news anymore.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-20-2017
I hate watching the news these days because they transmit only bad news. There were a few news that made me really sad, one news was a boy that had 17 years old and he got suicide from love reason, another sad story was with a family, both parents and their kids a girl of 5 years old and a boy of 7 years old fall in the Danube and all of them died. There was much more news as these ones but I stopped my TV and came to PC.
Posted by wallet on 10-20-2017
I was not sad yesterday, I was not a sad day before yesterday and I am sure I will not be sad today. In the last five days, we are celebrating a Hindu festival of Diwali. Diwali is a time when family gather and have fun. I could have been sad had I heard such things, but I am too busy with a festive celebration.
Posted by vinaya on 10-20-2017
The news that has been bringing sadness to us in this part of the world are the workers that are being owned several months salaries without being paid by the government and people committing suicide because of the difficult economic situation in the country.
Posted by babyright on 10-28-2017
The state of the world makes me very sad. But the last couple of days I have been terribly sad to hear about the family in California who had all their 13 children shut up in a room with some of them tied to their beds. They are seriously malnourished but one of them managed to escape and raise the alarm.
Posted by JMS on 01-17-2018
Nothing new, same old sad news like Killing, corruption, and poverty. I am dreaming of waking up one day with all good news on everybody's television or our medium of news. Sad to think that our world is surrounded by bad people and there's seemingly no way for us to change that. That is the is the news that is making me sad every day. I hope there's a way for us to have the same belief in the same definition of good and bad so nobody will have any conflict with anybody.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-22-2018
What brought me sadness yesterday was the stock market as a whole. The whole index is red and it is still in a downtrend. On second thought, it could also mean good news because it is another opportunity to invest. I can rack up more profits if I average down now.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-24-2018
Pardon me for saying this – the stock market is like gambling because you get to win and you get to lose. There were many opportunities that were offered to me about stock exchange but I refused because I don’t want to gamble with my money. I was born and raised from a family of horse racing personalities – 3 brothers were jockeys and my father was a horse trainer. That’s why I know the joys and sadness of gambling. Anyway, I wish you luck in your next stock selling.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-05-2018
Electoral malpractice in the just concluded election in my country Nigeria, the state governorship election was rigged by the federal government to put a candidate of his party in power so he can win majority of the vote that is coming from that state in the next election, which is bad and its increasing the level of corrupt practices in the country.

We claim to practice democracy but in reality we practice dictatorship, the federal government who is so powerful and autocratic in nature uses his power to place his party in a better position to continue their cruel leadership of the nation.

We want justice, rule of law and freedom of speech which is accorded to the people according to sections of the constitution which our government no longer take as a supreme law of the land, God help us all.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-15-2018
I get sad everyday when I hear a news about accidents and innocent people that's been killed or arrested. The crime rate in our country has increased and it is sad and terrifying to think about.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-22-2018
The one that got me today was about a Russian whale prison that is housing 11 orcas and something like 90 beluga whales in tiny cages. It's vile, and the conditions these poor animals are in is atrocious. Humans can do some really awful things to other humans and animals alike. We don't deserve the intelligence we have.
Posted by slugsinthai on 11-08-2018
It was so sad to think that there were a lot of folks lost their lives when the storm came to hit the Northern Luzon area in Philippines because of landslide. A lot of bodies were lost in the midst of landslide and I feel sorry for the families who lost their loved ones.
Posted by nekonieden on 11-08-2018
Pollution and corruption is the saddest news I'm hearing nowadays, and I feel sad about it.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-12-2018