What's on the Menu? Glorious Purple Veggies!

What's on the Menu?  Glorious Purple Veggies!
The diet experts and nutritionists are singing the praises of purple veggies. Evidently, they work miracles and can do everything except walk on water. Which is good because if I saw a veggie walking toward me, I'd run for my life. Remember the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

Jokes aside, when it comes to eating my veggies, I've never really needed any convincing. But when I was growing up certain vegetables were regulars on my mom's menu while others were not. Love my mom. I'm sure she meant to feed us healthy food. But purple veggies were just not something that we ate.

Fortunately, after I grew up, I was exposed to a lot of marvelous foods and one purple veggie, in particular, was introduced to me by some friends. The glorious eggplant.

I always knew about purple cabbage but only had small strips of it in a coleslaw salad with most the slaw being made out of the green cabbage. I never knew you could just eat it all by itself!

Then there were beets. The one purple vegetable my mom did have in the house. She loved them! A food that I had decided, at a very young age, not to eat because it looked like something that was suspiciously inedible. Through the eyes of a child. One day, as an adult, I tasted beets with a salad. How wrong can a person be? I repented. Now I learn that you can even make beet juice!

There are all kinds of purple vegetables: cauliflower, potato and even purple bell peppers! I am excited to try them all. What about you?


  • Love purple veggies.

  • Purple veggies? Uumm? What else you got?

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I love purple veggies as well. Why not? I have had the purple cabbage many, many times but ours tends to be sweeter compared to the normal cabbage.

And the beetroot is delicious. You can buy it in jars and simply eat that as a salad!

Both vegetables mentioned above have so many great properties and are extremely beneficial for our overall health.

Posted by Mehano on 11-10-2017

Would like more of them.

Well I can't deny that purple fruits and vegetables are in fact very healthy for you. It is definitely a proven fact that the deeper the color a vegetable has the more antioxidants it contains, which have an incredible amount of benefits. They also support a healthy heart, fight ulcers, are good for your liver, and prevent urinary tract infections. That being said, in my country I don't really have that much access to purple vegetables. I think I've seen red onions and that’s about it. I'd like to include more of them in my diet, but I suppose I'll be sticking to the standard colors until I can get my hands on some seeds and grow them myself.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-10-2017
The deeper the color of the veggies the more antioxidants? I did not know that!
gata montes

Purple veg - are the best !

As we grow well over 40 different varieties of purple vegetables and fruits where I live and therefore they are not just extremely common here - but have been a regular part of our daily diet for centuries - no doubt about it - not only are these nutrient dense purple vegetables an excellent addition to the average diet - but they taste good, look good on the plate and add a welcome splash of color to the garden too.
Posted by gata montes on 11-11-2017
I do agree that they are a welcome splash of color. I love colors, especially pretty food colors.

I agree

I love purple cabbage. i especially love cole slaw with purple cabbage mixed into it. I love to eat this almost like a condiment on a pulled pork barbecue sandwich or as a garnish, I guess. I guess that eggplants are also ok, but I have only really eaten them as eggplant parmesan or in a stir fry, so by the time they are processed in that way, they are not really "purple" looking anymore. In any case, a "purple food" is such a vibrant edition to a plate, and it provides something appealing to the eye and to the palate.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-13-2017
Purple cabbage and pulled pork? My mouth is watering.


I love beets and purple oninons. They are so tasty and healthy and provide you with a healthy addition to your diet.
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-15-2017
Purple onions have an amazing flavor! You can imagine my surprise when one of my kids told me not to put any of them in his salad. Shocking!


I was not especially sure, what we count as purple vegetables, however if potatoes are in, then I am for it. Of course, I can think of other purple veggies, but potatoes are the best. Eggplant is also pretty nice, I guess a lot of the purple ones can be healthy. They don't really have the best taste, however that just shows how much healthier they can be.
Posted by manmad on 11-11-2017
Have heard about the purple potato. Just haven't tried one yet.

I like them

I like beets if they aren't too bitter. You can make a good soup out of them. Purple cabbage is my favorite but I always eat it straight out of a jar, there's that one kind of crispy purple cabbage that comes in a jar and I really like the texture of it.
Posted by felabruno on 11-10-2017
I do love red cabbage and have eaten it raw and cooked. I have yet to try beet soup. I'll bet the flavor is interesting.

I love most veggies including purple ones!

I’m a fan of most veggies and purple ones are on that list. I enjoy red cabbage in salads, beetroot is tasty on burgers, and eggplant is great in stir fries. Gimme all the purple veg!
Posted by amelia88 on 11-25-2018



Not for me

I am quite fussy with some food and most of the purple veggies are a huge no for me. I just don't like them especially beetroot. I ate the look, the smell and the taste. Maybe it's the purple colour as well that contributes to me not liking them (but that's just for vegetables, I love grapes).
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-11-2017
What can I say? Some people are fussy eaters. Particularly when it comes to eating veggies. My son-in-law doesn't like any veggies!


Purple cabbage is expensive in malaysia. So, I would buy purple cabbages only when they are on sale, 50% off the normal price. Yes, these purple cabbages are great with burgers and salads, the only thing is it is a bit hard and tasted raw.
Posted by peachpurple on 11-10-2017
I don't like eating eggplants. I have tried to cook them in so many ways but I realized that this food is not for me. As for the other purple veggies like beetroot and purple cabbage I quite like eating them. I mostly use them in salads. My family loves those salads that I prepare. Fortunately, we grow beetroots in our field as we can eat as much as we can. Beetroots are quite expensive over here and growing them helps in saving some money.
Posted by Pixie on 11-10-2017
I love on kind of veggie on my menu too especially now that I'm taking my weight loss journey seriously.I have totally cut away all starchy and fatty foods off my menu.It bot green and fresh veggie on my menu now but since you have come up with purple veggie, I will also include them in my menu now, it will do a whole lot of good.
Posted by lovely on 11-10-2017
This is one of the things that I like to try. It I have had a few purple veggies. Mos of the veggies I like to use are eggplants. these are the types of things that I might want to use in my salads, in cooking this is one of the things that you can have on a regular this one of the things that you might need to eat for appropriate nutrtrition. this is just one of the choices if you are in a veggie diet.
Posted by kgord on 11-10-2017
I don't like beets much, but... Here in my country they are very popular in the preparation of juices (especially mixed with orange and carrots... by the way, it's an extremely nutritional type of juice) and in the preparation of sauces for sweet and salty recipes.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-10-2017
I haven't tried to eat purple cabbage and any other purple veggies except eggplant which is one of my favorite vegetables to eat. Apart from it's very delicious, it's also very nutritious and good to our health. There is also one purple vegetable I loved to eat even in raw, I just forgot the name but you can eat it raw just dipping it on a vinegar and it's very nutritious too and has lots of iron content which is good in the production of our red blood cells.
Posted by rage35 on 11-11-2017
Purple vegetables might be good for others but the color is an odd color i am mostly used to red vegetables which is also very good.
Posted by babyright on 11-11-2017
I do like purple veggies. My favorite being beets. I eat those on a regular basis. They are a favorite in our home. Very few meals go by without having beets. Beet juice is also very tasty and so good for you. Another favorite is purple cabbage. It is so good in coleslaw or fried. I was introduced to these purple veggies at a very young age. I do not like eggplant though. It is just not my thing.
Posted by Sue on 11-11-2017
Purple cabbage is not my favorite one, but still is included on my diet. I rather have eggplants, purple potatoes, or radish. But my favorite one is red onion or shallots. Specially when I cook onion soup, that is super delicious, all that onion there, strong flavor, seriously one of my favorite foods. The one that I can't tolerate is beet, honestly I can't stand its taste, I feel that I'm eating a piece of soil... I can taste all the soil flavor. I know that it contains a lot of vitamins, but those are the ones that I'm going to avoid as long as I can.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-11-2017
Some of the purple veggies I eat regularly are beetroot, eggplant, purple cabbage, kidney beans etc. I don't like the taste of beetroot but I eat beet root because it is rich with iron, if you have anemia, your hemoglobin level will increase just in a week of having beetroots. I like eggplant and kidney beans very much.
Posted by vinaya on 11-11-2017
I have come across a news article about the hype on purple cabbage. Oh my, that cabbage is very expensive here maybe owing to the hype. With the nutritional facts, I’m sure there are no conclusive studies and some enterprising farm traders have invented that myth. For me, any vegetable is good to eat, good for our health, as long as it is clean.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-15-2017
Incidentally never seen purple cauliflower!Interesting! Love love sweet potatoes, but too many carbs for me, so I have them only once in a while. I love my red/purple cabbage. It's amazing when mixed with apples and mayo.My best vegetables are red/purple onions. I love them raw, as they add a lot of flavor to food. Ever had chips and raw onion.Yum! My worst vegetable I'm sorry to announce is beets. Yuck! I loathe loathe loathe beets! They taste horrible. They test as bitter as panadol. They make me sick. I know the benefits you don't have to tell me! My doctor even recommended them to me when I was anemic. I still have them though!
Posted by jaymish on 11-15-2017
None of the purple veggies are very expensive here in America, so it would not be difficult for us to add them to our diet. We could come up with other excuses for not eating them, but we can't blame the grocery store manager for setting the price too high. LOL.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-15-2017
I love eating vegetables and I don't mind what color it is as long as it's healthy and delicious for me. I don't recall having purple veggies before but I'm willing to try and taste it. Vegetables are healthy for your body since it contains a lot of benefits so you better clean your plate. :)
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-16-2018
You are like my elder brother whose motto in life is to eat if it is edible and not to eat if it is not edible. That’s why my mother had no problem with him when we were young because he would be eating the vegetables that were served to us while me and my sister would hesitate especially with the cabbage and the vegetable salad. What’s good in that attitude is that you are not choosy and easy to please.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-23-2018
The only purple veggies that I tried to eat is the eggplant. I love veggies and I think the other purple veggies will be great for my taste. The purple color of veggies is attractive to eat. I hope I can find more purple veggies at the grocery store.
Posted by superlicca on 11-20-2018