What's the best way of treating eczema?

What's the best way of treating eczema?
I just recently discovered eczema spots growing all over the back of my cousin brother who is around 17 years old. This is the very first time someone in our family have experienced such skin problems and we are at loss in how to tackle the skin problem.

I would like to know what are the best home remedies for treating this skin disease eczema before taking him to the hospital.


Eczema can be triggered by many things like genetics, food and the environment. A friend of mine gets it whenever she eats shellfish and seafoods. What's crazy about this disease is no one really knows it's exact cause. But often steroidal anti allergies and corticosteroids are being used by doctors to limit and minimize it's symptoms.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-11-2018
Eczema may be caused by an allergy. Some are caused by cold or pollen. If we take anti-allergy then they will soon disappear
Posted by stbrians on 12-11-2018
Eczema remedies can be as simple as changing your laundry detergent because it can be an allergic reaction caused by some chemicals found in the detergent. Now to prevent dry skin you can you can take a lukewarm no longer than 10-15mins and also avoid wearing tight-fitting, rough or scratchy clothing and also avoid any activity that can cause sweating.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-11-2018
This will hp eczema. It is only when we use the correct detergent is when you can cure it. Also, you should bathe with lukewarm water and cover in warm clothes.
Posted by stbrians on 12-11-2018
This is transferable too, some get it from sharing bed, towels and other bodily effects. It good to stay away a bit with one worth ezecma and try to tell them about the different spots on the body in case they're not aware.
Posted by Frank on 12-11-2018
My aunt use to apply coconut oil to the infected areas. I didn't know why in specific so I looked it up. It turns out, it is still because coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. You can more in this link from medical news today. Disclaimer: I just found them on google. ( https://www.medicalnew...y.com/articles/323154.php)
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-11-2018
Yea, coconut oil is medicinal and can be very helpful with skin infections. My granny used to do the oil herself to use on our bodies, she said the ones sold at the market are adulterated.
Posted by Frank on 12-11-2018
I never knew coconut oil helps. This is new. Thanks for the link
Posted by stbrians on 12-11-2018
Coconut oil helps a lot preventing dry skin which can cause eczema.Also some other medical products can be found on the Internet to treat eczema.
Posted by MittensFX on 12-11-2018
I think coconut oil can be definitely be helping in many ways for the cleaning and patchups. So those who are into this for cleaning they can consider for the cleaning the skin in such case.
Posted by overcast on 12-11-2018
I always see eczema as a skin disease that one must try to treat as urgent as possible to avoid it spreading to other parts of the body. I think tube creams like funbact A which is an antifungal cream can be very useful.
Posted by Frank on 12-11-2018
I always see eczema as a skin disease that one must try to treat as urgent as possible to avoid it spreading to other parts of the body. I think tube creams like funbact A which is an antifungal cream can be very useful.
Posted by Frank on 12-11-2018
I think there are some skin specific treatment. Which may vary from one person to another based on his blood level. And also it can be different for each skin. Considering the skin irritation can be a bit harder in that context. So you should consider taking the option of the professional medication in consideration.
Posted by overcast on 12-11-2018
I have seen some cream or ointment in Television that can cure eczema but I haven't tried that because I haven't had eczema. If ever I would go for the organic way of treating that. This forum is very helpful and interesting.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-11-2018
I think it's an allergy that can be from food, surroundings and clothes. Mostly it's from food. I have an allergic reaction to shrimp and crabs but not likely large eczema. It's really itchy and there are spots coming out from my body but it is not hurt. Remember my mother bought some royal softdrink and 2 eggs. She mixed it all and I have to drink that one. I think the effect would be the allergy will all come out but after that it will slowly fade as soon as you drink that one. You can just consult to a doctor for more safety.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-11-2018
My husband is suffering from an eczema breakout. Right now he's just using creams for it. But the fact is, it's much more than that which is causing this ailment. But he won't go to the doctor for the treatment he really needs.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-11-2018
Hi. I also had an experience on treating eczema for my father-in-law. He is now treated. I want to share these things that we did for his treatment.

  1. We consulted a doctor to check what is really happening to his skin and to properly diagnose it so we will make sure that the treatment is accurate and ensure effectivity of medications. The doctor was able to diagnose it based on the signs and symptoms specially on the characteristics of the affected skin. He was really had an eczema. Remember that it is better to treat as early as possible so consulting the doctor as soon as there is something wrong in your skin is essential.

  2. He underwent to medications such as antibiotics. In our case, the doctor gave an oral and cream antibiotics. He was also given a corticosteroid cream for itching and oral corticosteroid for inflammation. There was also cream for skin moisturizer.

  3. We did some interventions or therapies to help treat the eczema. First, the doctor advise him to be free from stress or avoid stress. Stress is a major contributor for this skin disease to occur. He was also advise to avoid frustration with his skin condition and how to deal with people around him. He was given health teachings to further understand the disease and how to deal with it positively. He was advised to have direct sunlight exposure in early morning. The doctor told to avoid scratching the area, take a warm bath and wear comfortable, cool and smooth textured clothing.
Everyday, it gets better but it took a few months to see the major improvement on his skin.
Posted by rubeth1726 on 12-11-2018
So stress can also triggered eczema? Good thing your father-in law consult a doctor and he takes some medications for the condition.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-14-2018
Eczema is the worst disorder. It is better to consult a doctor straight away. Do not self medicate for serious ailments. It may backfire and give you even more trouble. Do not try to rub your hands on the itchy areas as it will cause bleeding and even more pain and itching.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-12-2018
You do need to have it checked out with a doctor. A professional input is better than asking around. It needs to be checked so that the doctor can gauge how severe it is. That way, proper medication can be given.
Posted by knnon on 12-12-2018
It can be triggered if you have an allergy from the food you eat or it genetics. I think the best way to treat eczema is to consult a dermatologist rather than self medicating.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-12-2018
My friend who has eczema used over the counter hydrocortisone steroids as it can quickly relieve itching and reduce the inflammation but sometimes uses stronger prescription medicines for certain periods of time. He also mentioned putting salt, baking soda and vinegar to his bath water can soothe you temporarily.
Posted by pencilneckgeek on 12-12-2018
I’d always check something like this with a medical professional. Some people need medication or special creams to deal with eczema and I think knowing how to best deal with the symptoms is really important.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-12-2018
If you are planning to go to the hospital at some point, why don't you go now? You can never be sure what is causing the eczema. It could be an allergic reaction to something that does not agree with your cousin. It could be poor hygiene conditions. It could be something else altogether. Why not visit a doctor to be sure and get it properly treated?
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-12-2018
A large number of eccemas are caused by stress or anxiety. Yes, for sure something that you eat or apply may cause it, but there's an influence of stress, because it tends to affect our defenses, and that will make us show eccema. Some may say that's like an allergic response, but in the end it's a weak immune system the one that leads into eccema.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-12-2018
There is an ointment in the olden times that old folks use on the skin problems. It is a Chinese ointment that they say was very effective. I have forgotten the name but if there is a Chinese drug store in your area you can ask for it. With skin diseases like eczema the cleanliness is paramount. You should not go to dirty places like the forest or in garbage dump area because the skin gets irritated and easily infected.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-13-2018
Try applying aloe vera gel to the infected area. It may help in soothing and hydrating the part. On that way, he won't feel itchiness that much. You can also apply some ointments like canesten although I am not sure if it is available in your country.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-14-2018
Try applying aloe vera gel to the infected area. It may help in soothing and hydrating the part. On that way, he won't feel itchiness that much. You can also apply some ointments like canesten although I am not sure if it is available in your country.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-14-2018
What's the best way of treating eczema: I will suggest the very firrst thing you should do is to have a check up to a doctor because your not realky sure whether it is eczema or it only looks like eczema and do wait to wait is the prescribed oinment that well apply it is really an sczema to avoid any additional problem. I also experience having a red spots growing in my whole body after I drink an alcoholic drinks, untill now if i will try some of drinks it will suddenly appear but I don't take any medication in my case because i just need to make the alcoholoc drinks that i take to make it out of my body by simple drink a lot of water and don't make any scratch on it.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-14-2018
Well, i think that it is better to take the advice of a doctor in this regard. Once you start taking the prescribed medications, you can also think of using somr natural remedies to treat this problem.Eczema can be treated naturally by alternative therapies like Acupressure and Acupunture. Massage therapy is also benefitial to treat this problem. Coconut oil and Sunflower oils can be used on the affected part and that does help in fighting the spread of bacteria on the skin.
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-15-2018
First things first you have low vitamin d levels go to your dermatologist or doctor and ask for a vitamin deficiency test specifically vitamin D they will give u vitamin d3 tablets for 30 days and in 2-3 weeks you will be cured make sure u get enough sunlight i had it on my fingers palms and toes im completely healed
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-16-2018