What's up with WhatsApp?

What's  up with WhatsApp?
I have not downloaded the WhatsApp App. My mobile has no facility for that. Just as well as I have been getting a stream of requests to become a member of their group. There are atleast six groups that want me to be a part of their group.

Going by what I hear from those who have the misfortune (lol) of owning the WhatsApp App they keep telling me their memory gets loaded in no time at all with so many sharing what their group members think they should also watch. Sometimes the same video is shared by all the groups. They are busy deleting than watching those videos.

What is your experience?


I have the Whatsapp app on my device and used to be very active on various groups while I was at the college. Anyways, since I left college, coupled with the type of work I do now, I don't have time to be that active on the social media platform anymore.

All I do is to chat with few friends there when the need arises. The loads of messages that pop out of those groups is also a discouragement for you have to be very active to partake in those group discussions.
Posted by Barida on 08-25-2017
The only benefit seems that you get free calls. Going by each one's lifestyle there are many who just do not use that facility as they may have nothing to talk about or may not be interested in wasting their time talking and chatting. Anything that is available free will be grabbed by many not realising they hardly make use of it.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-26-2017
I used to rely on WhatsApp when it comes to communications because it is expensive to send a text to people living abroad. With WhatsApp there is no added expense as long as you have internet connection. Those were the good old days before the Facebook messenger became popular. Now it is the messaging of Facebook that is used for chatting and there’s a video chat too.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-04-2018
I think the best thing to do will be not to join any of those groups. I had joined about three groups in the past and then left all three of them as I was not really interested in the topics they were discussing and also sometimes the same things were being discussed over an over again. I have disabled the media auto-download on Whats App meaning that pictures and videos won't get downloaded automatically. This prevents my phone memory from getting loaded and I don't have to delete anything.
Posted by Pixie on 08-25-2017
The very essence of whatsapp is formation of groups are created and information exchanged. There are some rowdy elements, taking advantage of this facility have formed groups passing destructive information and appeals for bad activity. Groups keep away others from you. as is happening among family and friends creating bad blood and misunderstanding.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-26-2017
WhatsApp is awesome! I've been using it for years now and I have never had any problem with it. I can understand if someone doesn't like WhatsApp aesthetically, but as far as its functionality goes it is fantastic.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-25-2017
As long as you do not have groups which is the main purpose of this App it should not cause you any problem but you are missing out on what this App is meant for. Free calls are available on Skype as well and there your mobile never gets loaded with data. What use do you have make of this software?
Posted by iamawriter on 08-26-2017
I have Whatsapp app on my mobile phone and I must say that this app is one of the best that exists on the Internet. It is true that sometimes the memory of my phone is full and I need to delete some items from Whatsapp app, but this it is worth the effort because this app it helps us to share, speak and even have free calls from our mobile....there is no other app on the Internet to offer free calls.
Posted by wallet on 08-25-2017
Skype provides free calls and even some ISPs for local calls if both ends use them. this sharing option can mess up as there are times when the same event is shared by all the groups of which you could be a member. One would have to just sit and delete as much as possible for which one needs time and time is so precious these days.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-26-2017
Whatsapp is in my opinion the fastest app for texting.Also it's vert user friendly but i would not suggest joining any groups because they can create a lot of annoying having that many messages on your dashboard. It's just annoying but it's really useful for talking to the people you know.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-25-2017
You will land yourself in trouble if a friend or family member has started a group and you are not willing to be a part of it. Also it can create problems if some are purposely left out. Who wants trouble. The less issues one has in one's life the better it is and if whatsapp is the creator of issues it is best that one does not download it.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-26-2017
I'm lucky that I don't have that problem because that sounds awful. What kind of trouble do you get yourself into if you don't reply/don't want to be a part of a group? I am in quite a few different group chats but I don't really reply to them of them (one is a family one and the other is another friend one). No one has ever complained about me not posting much in it.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-26-2017
Why even join any of the groups if you don't know the members? Just use Whatsapp for texting free of charge and staying in contact with your friends.

Whatsapp is actually one of my favorite and most used apps on my phone. I use it every single day. I text and call for hours and it is superb. I am surprised that you have a negative opinion about it because most people absolutely love Whatsapp because it is high-quality and extremely convenient. They even made it completely free ages ago. I couldn't ask for anything else.
Posted by Mehano on 08-25-2017
There's is always two sides to a coin.Good and bad but when the good sides outweigh the bad side, I think the thing is not doing badly.So for whatapps I think the good sides outweigh the negatives.Whatapps is the main app for my daily interaction.It quite fast,you chat,video,call and all of that within a split second.So no matter it disadvantages,it still the best app for communication for me.
Posted by lovely on 08-25-2017
I used Whatsapp since my freshman years,what I like about this sapp is it's easy to use and doesn't have any complicated functions.My friends and I use it more better than other communication app because it doesn't need a strong internet/data connection to work although I must say it is true that my memory and ram gets full so it's a bit hassle to delete some items from my phone.Still it's still great.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-25-2017
I have not downloaded WhatsApp app on any of my devices yet, though I might consider doing it some time. I have nothing against WhatsApp or any Messaging App in particular. It's nice that people are able to connect better and faster with the help of the many Instant Messaging App available today. This is one of the beauty of modern technology and I hope it could also promote peace among us despite of our ethnicity, color, religion, gender and beliefs.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-25-2017
whatsApp is jut like Viber they offer same purpose but some different functionality for me whatsapp is nice also to use this faster interface and for me more attractive style :)
Posted by tophew on 08-25-2017
I prefer Viber and Kakao cause they are easy to use. I also heard a lot of my friends having a lot of issues when it comes to their data storage. Good thing I don't use it at the first place.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-25-2017
I love WhatsApp. It's amazing and it's great if you need to communicate quickly with someone. I think WhatsApp is the application that has helped to kill text messages slightly because almost everyone that has data tends to just use WhatsApp (well this is the case in the United Kingdom, not sure about other countries). I have never had any problems with memory to be honest, it might just be that those people don't have large amounts of memory on their phones.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-25-2017
I don't have WhatsApp on my phone because I don't have to use it. I'm contented with my facebook messenger. but I think WhatsApp is a great thing because many people said it was a very useful application.
Posted by jayken on 08-25-2017
I heard that the whatapp involves downloading an app before you can use it. When the application becomes outdated then you have to download another version which is a disadvantage. I think Facebook social media is still far better than whats app.
Posted by babyright on 08-25-2017
Whatsapp is very cool in the real sense. it's fast and easy to use with well structured user interface but there are better messengers out there. for example, I prefer Telegram to whatsapp because it has more functionalities. It's not as restricted as whatsapp. it gives you opportunity to create channels which has capacity of up 5000 members whereas Whatsapp's is restricted to 256. Groups on whatsapp are not publicly found under the search but that is handled in telegram. Many things actually but i use Whatsapp more frequently because many of my friends use it. The issue of many files being downloaded can be set by simply deactivating the auto-download of media.
Posted by wiiky28 on 08-25-2017
Whatsapp is great and you can solve the issue of too many photos by deactivating auto download. I did that a lot of time ago and I enjoy the app as it is. It has become an everyday tool for me, I basically talk to everyone on there and since they added the call option I now speak on the phone wih the app too. You should try that, it's a great way to get in contact with everyone.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-25-2017
I have WhatsApp, but I rarely logged in and used this app. I preferably prefer using Messenger or Viber. Whatsapp is an app which is easy to use, and I had a lot of acquaintances who use this app.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-25-2017
In my country most people use WhatsApp. It is an amazing app you can set a profile picture and can see if the person who you are talking to is online or The last seen when he or she was connected. I have a lot of groups on WhatsApp because not all my friends have iPhone so they can not talk through iMessage. Also, you can make calls or video calls using wifi you won't have an extra charge for that, How awesome is that?.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-25-2017
An application such as WhatsApp is definitely good, however I think that it has died out since the release, there are a lot of software out there right now that you can replace it with, more people are using Viber and now we even have things such as Telegram, which allows you to communicate at least a little bit more secure, so there's that. WhatsApp isn't really that bad and comes with most smartphones nowadays and if you're circle of friends is using it, then sure why not use it yourself.
Posted by manmad on 08-25-2017
This is pretty much true. It can happen and it most likely will. Still, you can easily avoid this by quitting potentially problematic groups and deleting contacts. Overall WP is a great tool for any purpose be it social, family or work
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-25-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Well, as an American, you don't really focus on Whatsapp till you leave the country. It's not really popular over here (or at least where I am). Personally, I didn't even know about the app till I traveled abroad. As far as conversations on the app. I prefer one on one messaging. I've never really had any good group chats, they all either fizzle out or start sharing information that's pointless or doesn't need to be shared.

Overall it's a good messaging app, but far from my favorite when it comes to staying in communication with my friends.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-25-2017
This is one of the apps I use daily. It's very efficient in its functions and always fast in its executions. Occupies virtually no memory on the smartphone and serves as a bridge to keep in touch with people (family members, friends and / or clients).
Posted by wiseagent on 08-25-2017
My experience with WhatsApp has been good enough so far and I've been using it for a very long time. I mostly have it for video chats because it is the app that works the best with this feature, even if you don't have the greatest internet connection. I have tried video chatting with Facebook messenger and it has been a nightmare, that's why and the main reason to keep WhatsApp.
Posted by felabruno on 08-25-2017
rose thornes
I used whatsapp but I never joined group chat. I used it to call and chat with friends since most of them used it. My only problem with it is the photos and videos automatically saves in my phone which eat a lot of memory which I need to delete manually. Beside from that I still like to used whatssap.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-25-2017
If an app is free then you are the product. I'm not saying that's necessarily how it should be, but that's how capitalism works. WhatsApp is an advertisement delivery platform first, and everything else second. There are better alternatives anyway. Google offers free VOIP services which give you local phone numbers people can text and call out to. You can be assured they're collecting data, but at least it won't clog up your phone with pointless mountains of cached files.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-26-2017
I have that problem. Memory gets full with people sharing fake stuff, videos, and text. I think whatsapp specific phones gets loaded pretty quickly. You can see that it is not good for the phones with low memory. I think this is one more reason people get out of the groups too. I think it is reasonable to say that whatsapp based groups and the too much sharing causes issues from what I have seen.
Posted by overcast on 08-26-2017
I have Whatsapp and I find it nice and useful, you don't wast SMS if you have them limited, and with a WIFI or limitless Internet you basically can communicate as long as you want with your friends and family. I can understand that videos, images and even audio files can be a pain for your memory phone (and the memory of my phone is indeed always very low!) but I don't find annoying to delete it when I need to. You also have a option to not download them automatically. Anyway I like the app, is cool and useful - expecially when you move abroad in other countries and the phone costs might change. Just find a wifi and you can tell your friends that you're fine and you're having fun (or not, sorry in that case).
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-26-2017
I don't have that problem of getting reshared the same video in different groups. The different groups I am in are in no relation to each other at all. One group is my squad and the other is my colleagues from work everything else is a private chat. You should probably get WhatsApp it's pretty useful for sending documents, pictures, and sharing music with others.
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-26-2017
Whatsapp has been great for me. I choose which group I want to be a part of and I can remove any content I want or any group for that matter. I've never had a problem with the app and I think it's a plus to communicate with friends when I want to send a quick message without engaging in loaded conversations while embracing our daily travails. The app has come a long way and the added features along the way have enhanced the experience. It is ultimately up to the end user to decide how they want the app to work for them as with everything else and perhaps find alternatives that would better suit their needs and preference.
Posted by Joteque on 08-26-2017
I don't use whats app because I already have facebook messenger on my phone. But I think whats app is a great app to keep on the phone. Many people are using this thing and help them a lot for everyday life.
Posted by jayken on 08-26-2017
I dob't see the point of having whatsapp when I already have Facebook Messenger. I think both apps are similar when it comes to basic functions like having the ability to chat with others, make phone calls for free using a wifi connection or your internet data, and perform video calls. When it comes to additional features, I think that FB messenger has the edge. When you want to send a photo to somebody, the camera on the FB messenger provides you with numerous masks and filters and frames in order to unleash your creativity. Aside from that, you can also play a lot of different games on messenger which is quite fun especially if you have friends that you can compete with.

To be honest, I tried WhatsApp in the past but I didn't like its features. Also, I only had a few friends with WhatsApp installed. That's why I uninstalled the app and never looked back.
Posted by limberg on 08-26-2017
I think this is a messenger app that many people use, but I see no benefit in using it personally. I already communicate with the people I want to communicate with using a variety of other methods so this method is not really beneficial for me to use. You can even chat online via a Yahoo app so why do I need something like WhatsApp? It just isn't that useful in my opinion.
Posted by kgord on 08-26-2017
Sorry to say this, but i think your friends are noobs , professional noobs :D, for making the statement of their memory being filled up with videos and then they started deleting instead of watching, is a pathetic display of ignorance on a universal scale. because they is a Whatsapp option to turn off downloads of anything you don't need, while on mobile data or on WiFi. and that's what i have been using to discard unwanted stuffs, and that's give me the choice to download stuffs i want to download, on those multi-groups i get added on. Whatsapp is a very great app, tell you friends to get updated and clear their ignorance, it's embracing in this 21century
Posted by Authord on 08-26-2017
I can't see what's so good with Whatsapp. Besides the multichat feature.. there's nothing really interesting. I used to have it on my old phone but hardly ever used it. Not only because I didn't have much friends that used this app (or just "didn't have much friends"), but also because I was mainly using SMS as this is the best way to communicate with someone by text on mobile.
Posted by Wyvh on 08-27-2017
I think Whatsapp is the fastest growing social media communication messenger. The reason I think why people prefer Whatsapp messenger is because of the operating nature of the media platform. It's very easy to operate, there is no much stress in its registration. What is just required to be on the social platform is just one's phone number after downloading it.

The interesting thing about Whatsapp application is that it's almost compatible with most phone devices. It is not that confusing to use unlike snapchat. Once you have good internet connection, sending and receiving messages is very quick.

What are you still waiting for? Go get a compatible phone device and download Whatsapp messenger so you enjoy the most upcoming trending communication application.
Posted by Heatman on 09-06-2017
I have been using Whatsapp for a long time already, 5 years or more maybe. It is such a very good app that I can call people using the internet. What more, it can be used for chatting simultaneously with several people. I think they call that group chat. But I haven’t used Whatsapp for group chat since I am a very person and I have no time for such casual chats with no substance.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-18-2018
The only social media that I have ever used is Facebook. I've never actually used Whatsapp at all and I have never bothered to get a phone that supports it. It seems though, that as the years have gone by that it is becoming less popular. I think they will close completely very shortly and I would have missed the chance to use it completely.
Posted by JMS on 03-08-2018