What would you do if there was a global black out (power cut)?

What would you do if there was a global black out (power cut)?
Imagine this scenario, if you will. The power (electricity) in your neighbourhood goes out, you think it's just a temporary, regional power cut and they'll get it back on ASAP. It shouldn't be too long. These sorts of things usually sort themself out after a few hours. But what if, instead of just being your neighbourhood that's effected, it's the whole country? And what if the power does come back on after a day? Two days... Three days... A week passes and still, there is no electricity.

Can you imagine living a week without any electricity? How will you be able to do things like; charge your mobile phone? Put the heating on and take a hot bath or shower? Cook your food (for people without a gas cooker)? What about two weeks? Three weeks? A month? Can you imagine living for a month without electricity? Have you ever considered it? Have you prepared for it? How will you be able to survive? How will you store and cook food? Where will you be able to buy food from when all the shops are shut since they have no power to run the tills or the freezers that keep food in? How will you be able to stay warm when it's constantly snowing and the country is fast turning into another ice age?

There is a growing number of people all around the world right now that are preparing for a global blackout. Call them mad, but they believe it's only a matter of time to when we see it happen. And they know that when it does, there will be widespread panic. A pandemic. People will be scrambling around looking for food, possibly even looting stores, and even shooting and killing each other other the last bottle of water or loaf of bread or last packet of tinned fruit. And this panic will likely start take place after only a few days up to a weeks time.

Imagine what it would be like after just two weeks of no power. People would fast start running out of food and need to find a way to get more food just to stay alive. But if all the stores had been depleted and there was no new deliveries. How and where would you get food from to support yourself, or your family just to stay alive with?

Would you go out hunting? What if you have no hunting skills or experience? Would you go fishing? Start growing vegetables? How would you protect that from other people who are starving and looking for food to it? Install high wire fences with barbed wire? Plant land mines? Build a moat and fill it with crocodiles?

Some people believe that it's possible that a scenario like this (like something from the movies), could take place. That a global EMP could knock out all power and communications devices. Or through a possible, coordinated terrorist attack on all the countries main power stations. Thus, effectively disabling all power output and communication on a country wide or even global wide scale. Some people say that it could even happen due to the sun natural "solar flares" which are powerful enough to disable all electronic devices and even power stations too.

No matter what the cause may be, a world where electricity is disabled would be a world that would quickly turn into panic and madness. A world where desperate people who are just looking for food to survive and stay alive with would likely turn on their neighbor and anyone else they didn't know in a desperate bid to just stay alive.

This just goes to show how much, we as a species, rely on this thing we call electricity, just to survive and stay alive.

But without it, we are reduced to near animals and barbarians.

We are reduced to that of cavemen.

So ask yourself, if there was a global power cut (black out), what would you do?

How would you survive?



Scary, hard to imagine

I cannot really get myself to imagine this. It would be a disaster, even considering having to survive one day without internet lol, let alone without basic necessities such as fridges to preserve food, heating or cooling in case of excessive cold or heat, and having light during the night. It is indeed scary. We tend to focus only on superficial stuff such as the internet, playing a game on a computer or playstation, watching tv. But come to think of it there is survival deep within such an occurrence. I do hope this would never occur but if it does I think the first thing would be to get as much food as possible and to remain indoors for safety.
Posted by sspi on 01-18-2017

Blackout Chaos

I remember when I was a kid we would have power cuts quite frequently that would last all night in some cases, back then though we never relied on the internet and tablet or mobile devices as much as we do now. I guess if there was a global blackout I would find things to keep me occupied such as taking up a hobby, playing board games, anything that helped pass the time. It would be a lot more difficult if something like that happened nowadays as we rely so much on the internet to find out what is going on we would probably miss that with no power.
Posted by Shortie on 03-20-2017

Can't imagine

I'll never pray for such, it could mean the beginning of Doom's day. No light? Wow. Light is a necessity for human survival, without light plants and trees won't grow, now imagine life without food. I can't really figure out what will happen, but I guess we pray it won't occur anytime soon.
Posted by Jeshurun on 01-08-2017
There would still be night and day. I'm only talking about a global power cut. Not something that blocked out the sun like volcano erupting or something lol. Just if there was a power cut. Either way we'd be wrapped helically around an inclined plane.

black out ?

A global blackout , like all lights shutting down and everywhere goes boom, that means life has gone signed , sealed , and delivered. To share and share alike in this issue I think I shout and cry deeply, because for me that means the end has come. How far can people grope in darkness. How long will it take before all the trees dry up and things begin to unfold. I'll rather leave this as an untold story, it's better imagined than felt.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017

Can't even think of it

I can't even think of living a month without electricity,it would be a kind of a torture.....How can I charge my mobile,watch TV,play the computer?????? OMG it is one of the worst things to happen. But I don't think people would starve to death or become savage cavemen,a power cut won't affect the growth of vegetables,cereals,fruits and people can still cook food with gas cookers.So it would be a terrible thing to happen,but i don't think people would act like that.....
Posted by achi007 on 04-30-2017



Humans are Very Good at Surviving!

I grew up in Miami, Florida where we did go without electricity. I can't remember if the power outage was for a week. But it seemed like forever that we were burning candles and kerosene lamps. Somehow we managed without having electricity. But not having running water was awful!! Man! The toilets stank!!

I did watch the"Twilight Zone" episode where the people from another planet observed that the best way to set humans crazy and against each other was to take away their cars and to play with the electricity. It was fiction!

Without electricity, we are reduced to near animals and barbarians. … cavemen. (???)

Cavemen? You say that like it's a bad thing. :)
I think the cavemen might take insult to that.

Animals and barbarians?

The animal kingdom has survived quite well without the use of electricity.

Barbarians? So are you saying that pre-19th century, we were barbarians because we didn't have electricity?

Just for the record, we've always had electricity. But it wasn't until the 1800s, thanks to people like Thomas Edison, that we figured out to harness the power and use it practically.

For the record, I don't think the scenario you described is an impossibility. I think it could happen. But I don't think our level of humanity would be reduced. You may find quite a few whiners complaining about the inconvenience. But I'm pretty sure we could adapt. We are intelligent beings. We modify the world we live in, by making use of what is available, so that we can survive.

REF: http://www.thehistoric...f-electricity-a-timeline/

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-12-2017

Human Resilience

If an EMP fried all the circuitry of every electronic and digital system and equipment in the world then it would be like the 18th century, that would be fun for a change. People nowadays rely too much on electronics and computers and. Sometimes it's best to let people have a taste of what it's like living without all the modern necessities but just for a little while.

If that happens I'll live off the grid and relocate in the province where there's a well or a fresh water river to get potable water from. Food is a big concern so I have to stock up on canned goods, rice and spices before food shortage hits.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-18-2018


Blackout could just mean freezing up, the sun helps in maintaining warmth in the world, if blackout should occur then the temperature is certain to rise unbearably. Wow, its just like letting off a time bomb. All living things will have their time counting , because it's just a question of time before they pass out.
Posted by Jeshurun on 01-09-2017
When there is a global blackout, the world will stand still. There will be no communication, everything will be dead. If there is a global blackout, the sun will be the primary source of light for us. We can generate solar energy and light our homes and run electrical appliances.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
I f there is a global blackout, I guess it would be scary but I'll somewhat feel a kind of excitement. Humans know how to survive, we are created with a brain to think and a common sense. I believe blackout wouldn't be as hard as we imagined it to be.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-10-2017
Imagine, we used to drink a cold glass of water, use an aircon or an electric fan whenever we feel hot, watch TV, always using our desktop/laptop or smartphones, and much more and then suddenly there's a blackout that's gonna last for several days. Having a hard time getting to sleep because it's too hot to handle. That would really be a hassle and irritating for us. I know that we can survive on this but imagine all the things that you mostly do and then suddenly, gone. That would really take several days for us to get used to it and of course, that's gonna be a waste of foods that are being stored in our refrigerator. I've experienced a blackout for several days and believe me, that's a completely frustrating thing to experience.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-05-2017
I don't know how it will go if we have no electricity for a week, but I remember there was once my country was totally blackout, just for a few hours, if I am not mistaken. Nowadays we also still experience blackout on and off for a few hours or even up to a day, I didn't find it scary but just perhaps not so convenient. It's still a good time for us to stay together as a family, without looking at the computer or sitting in the room, but all of us sit together either in the yard, enjoying the wind blow, lighting up a candle, chit chatting or telling stories, and I actually think it's quite fun. My kids enjoy that too. There are certain things we can't do without electricity, but I still think we can survive, and we will be good too. I think this might bring us closer to each other.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-16-2017
If there to is a total global blackout of power then it will be very bad and difficult for lots of people to survive easily without light,, though in my area we will get generator but the disadvantage with it is that it causes noise pollution with it fumes coming out and spend you a lot on fuel to power it.
Posted by babyright on 12-22-2017
This is really hard to imagine for me because the longest that I have ever experienced a total blackout was probably something like 2-3 hours or even less. Usually, our electricity restores itself rather fast and I feel blessed for it. If I just think about how dependent we are on it... it's really scary being without it for weeks. I guess I would just try my best to adapt.
Posted by Mehano on 12-22-2017
It might seem like a difficult situation to picture especially those from the western part of the world, well, it ain't difficult for people living in my country to piture. In fact we live and have been living with such conditions for generations now. Believe it or not, there are folks in my country who have lived with power outage for morethan two years. Some remote places do not even have electricity to stary with.

In the event of a global power shutdown,a lot of chaos will surely ensue. But not as bad as people think. Off course a lot of things will go wrong which means technology will be taken morethan a million steps back since almost everything depends on electricity now adays.

I'll probably bring out the native man instinct in me if ever the world is faced with the said above. I gues hunting won't be a bad idea. I probably won't be on this thread as cell phones will be almost forgotten. There's a lot that will go wrong. I just hope we never get to that point someday.
Posted by Rumu on 12-28-2017
I can't imagine this, it will be very scary.but the good thing is that humans can always survive in any situation.There will always be a way out and we will still survive it.But I don't ever see the whole world experiencing any blackout because he has gone too far, more advanced or too knowledgeable to experience that.
Posted by lovely on 01-12-2018
This reminds me of the typhoon Yoling that hit our country when I was in grade school. It was a very strong typhoon that razed Metro Manila. So many houses were left with no roof and countless of electric posts were down. Would you believe that classes were suspended for a month because we didn’t have electricity that long. That’s why if that would happen again, we know what to do with that experience. Candlelight dinner every night and no appliances to speak of.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018
Well nothing, I think it's good to our environment, I don't care if there's some energy shortage, and actually in our country before during 90s, the block out is part of our life during that time. I remembered that we used to play hide and seek during black out, because we were just a kid during that time, and it's fun. And right now if that scenario happen again. It's still alright.
Posted by ion on 03-11-2018