Which car would you rather buy?

I have always bought used cars because I can't afford a new car and I prefer to pay up front. Many people like new cars and get a car loan to help spread the cost of the payment. Admittedly with a used car you can end up paying out more in repairs but at least you don't have a debt hanging over you although there is nothing to beat the reliability of a new car.

Which option would you choose?

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I don't drive but my hubby does. He always buy new car. He never trust on 2nd hand car. Hence, he will take at least 1-2 years to research on the latest car model or the next new face lift of the car model . He is willing to wait until the new series are out, wait for the 1st batch to be released because he knows that there are "Bugs" where drivers will comment on forums or Facebook. So, he will know the pros and cons of the new car before he buys it.

Initially he bought a local made car and drove it for 8 years before he sold it to the 2nd hand car shop. Then, he bought a new car . a Japan brand, had been driving for 8 years too. He doesn't change his car often because he knows that car depreciation is very high.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-18-2017
I like used cars. But you have to be very careful when buying it to get the best deal.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-18-2017
I prefer buying a used car to a new one. The phrase used covers a wide coverage of quality and conditions. The only problem with used cars is when an owner is a shady person that lets you find out what is wrong with the car instead of telling you himself. If you are decent at scoping out diamonds in the rough then you will find it a lot cheaper to do so. Some people enjoy finding old used cars and fixing them up, but that's not for anyone. The only real problem with new cars may be license plates and prices. There isn't much else I have against buying new cars.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-18-2017
I'm into used car because it's more practical for me. I use my car when its needed like trips with the family or need to go to the groceries. That is the only time use my car. If can go to my work using my bike, I'd definitely do that. We have lots of PUV in my place so it's cheaper to use them rather than driving.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-18-2017
I think the era where everybody bought brand new cars is long gone. The majority of people nowadays definitely prefer buying the cheaper option which is the used cars. I voted for it because the last two cars that we've bought have fit that category. The current car that we are still using is almost 10 years old since we've bought it and it still works normally. No extra repairs, no breakdowns or anything at all. I don't know if we've got lucky purchasing it but it is such a good car.

I just think that buying a new car doesn't have many benefits over the used kind anymore. Maybe twenty years ago it did but not anymore.
Posted by Mehano on 06-18-2017
If I had money to buy a car, I would definitely buy a new car. But I also do not mind buying a used car as long as it is in good condition. I really like 4x4 models and my dream of being able to buy a Pajero Sport in silver or black color.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-18-2017
Never buy a new car even if you can afford it. New cars are the biggest rip off racket in the world, seriously. The value of a new car halves by the time you drive it off the lot. A lightly used car or even moderately used will give you more bang for your buck and you can haggle the price easier, because the want the things off the lot, so they can move other more expensive cars in. Seriously never buy used, it's a suckers bet.
Posted by kooch on 06-18-2017
In our household, we always opt for brand new cars but not ones that will break the bank either. Brands that are reliable and know that will last at least 10-15 years, or more that is easy to maintain and long lasting. The brands we typically purchase are Honda and Toyota. I like being the original owner and knowing that I am getting all the maintenance done properly so the car can last long.

My fiancé used to purchase used cars in the past and some cars are a hit and miss. Some cars required more repairs and it was not worth it. Now, he will not go back to purchasing used plus you come across a lot of dishonest sellers too.
Posted by simplym on 06-18-2017
I prefer a used car. You can get a good deal with low mileage. Paying thousands for a depreciating asset, and a liability as a car is a no-no for me.
Posted by Deen on 06-18-2017
I've always purchased used cars and never had an issue of purchasing a "lemon" as they call it. These days you can get the history and find out things like if it's been in an accident or how many previous owners it has had. I don't think I would purchase a brand new car unless I had a lot of money to throw away. It doesn't make sense to put so much money into something that depreciates as soon as you leave the lot.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-18-2017
I always prefer buying new cars rather than old cars. The main reason why I like to buy new car is, mileage. New cars will have good mileage than old cars. New car will be in a perfect condition. But if we buy old car we have to spend a lots of money in repairing it if it has internal parts problem. Used car don't give good mileage.
Posted by milan009 on 06-18-2017
I 'm so much in support of buying new cars. When you buy a new car, you're the boss. You can consider a wide variety of vehicles in the size and price class you want. You can test-drive them all. You can select your favorite color. You can equip it with whatever features you need and want. You can choose between leather and cloth upholstery. You can upgrade the audio system. You can add high-tech gizmos such as a communication, entertainment or navigation system. It's just the best option.
Posted by tonyval on 06-19-2017
I usually prefer to buy a new car if I am financially stable enough to buy one. I understand that people believe you don’t have to be rich at the time because of the loan but I believe you do as you should need that extra money at dispose just in case if anything happens, you will have this money for that emergency. So I only get a new car if I have money at disposal.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-19-2017
Our first car is a 20-year old Gemini (I think it is a GM) and it didn't last long because we sold it after one year due to many issues. Our second car was a Honda Civic which was 2 years old and very pretty. People would mistake it for a brand new car. It served us for almost 20 years before we bought a brand new car. Now that we have tasted a brand new car, I don't think we would buy a used car again because a brand new car gives us peace of mind. A used car can be a lemon and you wouldn't know it until it breaks down.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-19-2017
If finances allow for it, I'd almost always rather go for a new car. This is simply due to the amount of negative experiences I've seen as a result of buying used cars. I've had friends and family members buy used cars thinking they were getting a great deal, only to have one part after another start giving out on them, resulting in repair costs that might add up to the amount they paid for the car itself. It's even worse with very modern cars that have complicated parts and need special attention from mechanics.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-19-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I prefer buying a new car, though I don't mind both. My financial situation does play a huge factor in that decision. For example, if I'm looking to save, I'll purchase a used car within my budget. I don't, however, just buy any used car. I take pride in looking after my vehicle, so I look for the same essence in the previous owner selling when purchasing a used car. Generally speaking, I don't like creating a car loan to pay off with interest. Seems like more work than anything, which ultimately takes the enjoyment out of purchasing a new vehicle, to begin with. I have, however, done a bi-annual payment before. I was working with a good dealership that offered me two payments to pay it off.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-19-2017
If I were to buy a car, I would rather buy a new car than to buy a used car because you are the first owner of the car and it wasn't used by anyone so you ill definitely know that the car's quality you bought is indeed good. Though we get a much cheaper price when buying used cars but the cost of repair if there are damages can be more expensive.
Posted by rage35 on 06-19-2017
Not all new cars are reliable. When I was a child my Dad got a new car and within 24 hours of getting it the whole brake system burnt out and he got stuck far from home. He was really lucky that such a serious problem didn't cause him to have an accident.
Posted by Gina145 on 06-20-2017
I'd definitely go with the new car. The reason being most of the people who try to sell the used car in our place, don't really make use of the proper guidelines. And so buying the used stuff is not really useful in that case. It'd be better to buy new and also make sure to verify if the new car is worth the amount. I have found that cars in my place are not worth that cost. You should definitely take a look at that price.
Posted by overcast on 06-19-2017
I would buy new if there was a good deal, and used if it was lightly used and from someone I knew. I had a used care before and it was fine, but cars lose value quickly, so it has to be something that suits your lifestyle and budget. These days new cars have easy payment plans and a warranty which can make it easier to buy.
Posted by Alexa on 06-19-2017
We have always bought used vehicles, but only because we wanted to avoid the debt of having to finance a new vehicle. With a used one, you can save up enough money to pay cash for the car and not have a monthly payment. However, the question was which would I prefer, and if I had enough income to actually purchase a new vehicle , either with cash or by making payments, then I certainly would prefer to do that. We have an old "clunker" of a car right now, and it scares me to drive it very far; but I can't afford to get a new one since I only have a very small SS pension check to live on. My car is almost 20 years old and has over 200,000 miles on it. It is a Ford stationwagon, so it does a good job of hauling anything that we need to carry in it; but the gas mileage is not very good, and I am always worrying that it might break down whenever I go anywhere. So, yes, it would be totally awesome to be able to afford a brand new car, and something that I have never had in my life.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 06-19-2017
I would not buy a new car because it depreciates so fast when its driven off the lot. Its unfair and its robbery. A good used car can get you far. I am into the Prius cars and any type of cute little hybrid. I work far and I can't do a gas guzzler. Large SUVS are silly. Unless you have a huge family, that much space is a waste. Sometimes on the freeway I see a young kid with a big SUV on big tires. I always roll my eyes at that. Anyway, go used! New cars are nice but there is nothing wrong with a nice, gently used car. My advice though would be to not buy a used car from a rental place. We all know how people treat rental cars!
Posted by working3 on 06-19-2017
EJ Burg
Well I prefer to buy a car new. I think it's better when buying a car that it Should be in top shape and to know that all parts are new and safe.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-19-2017
My car was about two years old when I bought it and it hasn't given me much trouble though I've been driving it for over a decade now. When it's time to replace it I'd probably do the same thing. I don't believe in getting into debt so I would never buy a car I couldn't afford to pay for up front. As long as it's safe and reliable, I don't need anything flashy.
Posted by Gina145 on 06-20-2017
I brought a car last year. It was a second hand car. In fact i never had money to buy a new one. This is my dream, to buy a new car. I had to buy my own house and rebuilt a room or two so i had to give up to my dream for a while....but who knows, a dream may come true right?
Posted by wallet on 06-20-2017
I prefer to buy a new car especially if I have the money for it, I will enjoy it better than a used car.A new car would depreciate gradually and it durability will be a lot higher than a car that has been used for more 4-5 years.If one happens to buy a used car that is bad it can leave one drained financially and otherwise.So buying a new car is better.
Posted by lovely on 01-19-2018
New car unless the used car is only very slightly used. Most of the time I don't trust what the product has been through when I'm purchasing it second hand. It's why I don't really tend to go for used items even for smaller or more inexpensive goods because I don't like not knowing where the products I'm buying have been. Even with clothes I'm a bit hesitant to buy something second hand, so I'm especially wary when it comes to something big and expensive like a car because that has even more things that could go wrong with it down the line.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-05-2018
Well of course much better to buy a new car. It's really hard to buy a second hand or used car because you don't know what possible problem you might be encounter for buying second hand, and most of the time, instead of saving a lot of money, you will spend it by fixing your second hand car. After one to three months, I'm sure all the problem in the used cars will come up. Leasing cars is also good, this is your chance to drive some luxury cars. So for me, If I can't afford to buy new car, much better to lease than to buy a second hand.
Posted by ion on 04-23-2018