Which drink is more beneficial between Coffee and Tea?

Which drink is more beneficial between Coffee and Tea?
Coffee and Tea are the most commonly taken drinks recommended to everyone. They both have good benefits and negative benefits as well. It all depends on how much you consume either of them on daily basis.

Some of the benefits of drinking coffee is as follows ;

It reduces liver cancer risk. It gives longevity and improve heart health. Coffee drinking prevents retinal damage. Black coffee prevents cavities. It reduces heart attack mortality rate.

Some of tea benefits are as follows ;

Tea serves as antioxidants. It adds less caffeine to one's system. It may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Tea helps with weight loss. Some tea helps to boost immune system.

So, in your opinion between tea and coffee, which one do you think is more beneficial for drinking?




I've been drinking coffee since I was 8 years old and it's what I drink daily at breakfast. I believe that it helps in protecting the liver and it also stimulates the brain and body with its caffeine content. I also drink medicinal teas but I like the taste of coffee better.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-24-2018


I started drinking coffee when I was young. I liked the taste of it specially when it has sugar. I have realized lately that coffee has many beneficial in our body. It helps in our digestion and as well as other helpful benefits. I still drinking coffee but no sugar anymore.
Posted by mark86 on 11-25-2018

Half a Decade Coffee Drinker

I know some people think that coffee is harmful to the body. Stuff like rapid heart palpitations and increased irritability. However, I've been drinking coffee for 5 years now and I haven't had any health related issues due to coffee. In fact, it's an energy booster for me in the morning and when I start to do my night work. I can still sleep soundly at midnight mind you.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 11-28-2018


I always take one or two tumblers of coffee every day.

When I say tumbler, what I do is I take a twin pack and pour it in a 1-liter container that has cold water in it. Helps me to stay alert and awake for hours.

Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-27-2018

I Agree

Whether it's tea or coffee, we can't deny that it really helps our health. Of course, the intake should be moderated. I love coffee so much, but I don't drink like a caffeine-dependent person.
Posted by theresajane on 11-24-2018

Coffee for me

Well personally, I am a coffee lover and so far the benefits mentioned above, I have personally experienced. But when I tried out taking tea for a week, I feel a little tired than usual. Maybe it is because I am more accustomed to taking coffee. Or maybe it is an indication that Tea is not as much beneficial than coffee.
Posted by emiaj55 on 11-25-2018


I am biased. Growing up in a country where coffee is the most popular morning drink. I believe coffee has substance that are good and beneficial to our body. It also contains antioxidants that our body needs. However, just like any other things, too much coffee can be harmful to our body.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 11-24-2018

Coffee Everyday!!!

Coffee is more beneficial for me than tea because it keeps me alert, awake, and happy all throughout the day. Whenever I drink tea, I don't feel or see any effects on me.
Posted by clarisseblogs on 12-05-2018

Bitter sweet

Can't go on the entire day without coffee. I'ts aroma is just so sweet thought taste bitter.
Posted by LuckyKing on 11-30-2018

I'm a Coffee-Lover!

Though both coffee and tea have certain benefits to your body. I still vote for coffee because obviously, I'm a coffee-lover. I couldn't live a day without my coffee. No, I just can't! Coffee is my go-to drink. It gives me satisfaction I can't understand. :)
Posted by jessie271 on 12-07-2018




I guess it is tea? Well I'm not entirely sure of the facts and science behind which is better but if I'm basing m answer with my knowledge I would pick tea because tea has no side effects . re specifically, bad side effects, that is all
Posted by Anonymous on 11-25-2018

Tea is better

You can have tea for weight loss. You cant have coffee for weight loss. Coffee has more problem with insomnia and few other brain issues may happen. So it's better with the tea. So considering that part I'd say tea is always better.
Posted by overcast on 11-26-2018


I'm not too sure but I think tea is a bit healthier even though they are both probably almost equally healthy. I'm just guessing this way because tea seems to be at least less processed and there might be something to the natural way tea is prepared as compared to coffee beans which need to be roasted first.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-24-2018

Tea is better

I think that I have come to enjoy tea better than coffee. This is something that I have been taking since I was a kid and that has been one of the ways that I remained fine and good.
Posted by Barida on 12-09-2018

Zero caffeine

Personally, I'm a fan of coffee drinks more than tea but for the fact that there is too caffeine intake with too much drinking of coffee, I would say that tea is better. People do get addicted to caffeine and it's not good in my opinion.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-27-2018


I think that tea is more beneficial than coffee. I am a coffee drinker and I really love all sorts of coffee. Coffee is my comfort drink but tea on the other hand calms me. Tea particularly green tea is loaded with antioxidants. It has components which can help us lose fat and can improve brain functions. Tea is a great drink to prevent more serious diseases like cancer.
Posted by Vinsanity on 11-25-2018


Its more healthier in every way depending if you are drinking natural tea.Coffe isn't really good for your hearth.Tea can be beneficial and help you get rid of sickness or other health problems.
Posted by MittensFX on 12-11-2018

Tea is Healthier

Both of these beverages are beneficial but I would say that tea is healthier because it doesn't have any bad effects or any side effects so yeah , I love the taste of coffee but hate the taste of tea but i still think that tea is much much healthier.
Posted by tophgreg on 12-09-2018


We drink tea like water. We get headaches if we do not drink tea. Tea adds spice to life.
Posted by stbrians on 11-25-2018

less bone loss

I read that some research shows that tea drinkers have higher bone density levels and slower rate of bone loss so in this regard tea is better than coffee.
Posted by iambeth on 11-25-2018


I know some of the benefits of both coffee and tea, and you have equally heightened my knowledge of there individual benefits. But, for the presence of caffeine in coffes, they are a no no for me.
Posted by mosesoscar on 11-27-2018


Although I do use coffee once in a while, I love tea and find it more beneficial. I can stay without coffee but not tea.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 12-08-2018


In my opinion it's tea that has more healthy benefits. Some tea can help with your digestion, some can help you sleep. There's tea that acts as antioxidants. There's tea for everything :p
Posted by knnon on 12-07-2018

Tea time!

Which drink is more beneficial between Coffee and Tea? Both are amazing in their own way there are a lot of health benefits in drinking coffee and the same goes for tea, but for me personally, I would prefer tea and the main reason is that when I drink coffee I become bloated. Maybe I am allergic to coffee?
Posted by antonToledo on 12-07-2018


I think it’s hard to say. Both seem to have quite a number of health benefits and I enjoy drinking both. I don’t know that I’d want to choose one over the other! I’ll just drink both and get the health benefits from both, hopefully!
Posted by amelia88 on 11-24-2018
Well, I feel exactly just like you. I've seen the multiple benefits of tea, from losing extra weight to improve colon health. And talking about coffee, well there's people who really need a caffeine shot daily. I love the smell of coffee especially in the morning, and I feel really relaxed with a cup of hot tea, so drinking both of them is ok for me. Is more personal decision than a benefic issue.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-30-2018
A cup of hot coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start a day and this is a theory that I have proven true. You want to disagree? try it for a month and see for yourself.
Posted by Martin on 11-30-2018
I also have some form of Flexibility and there is none that I really cannot take although whenever there is a choice I will always go for the coffee first.
Posted by Martin on 11-30-2018
Questions like what do you prefer: white or black chocolate, Coca-Cola or Fanta, or who is your favorite between dad and mom, are almost as common as the eternal doubt between whether it is healthier to have tea or coffee. I prefer both!
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-09-2018
Both coffee and tea are beneficial to our health. They have their own taste, smell and effect to our bodies though. That's the only time you would consider choosing between the two. Sometimes they are not healthy to take for some cases like when you have acid reflux or ulcer so it really depends. Otherwise, they have been part of our daily lives from many years ago so it's really beneficial but choosing one just depends on one's reference.
Posted by gutzman on 11-24-2018
I am not sure which one is beneficial but I am a coffee and tea lover. I drink both everyday and I think the health benefits that you will get will depend on the type of coffee and tea.
Posted by superlicca on 11-24-2018
Whether it's coffee or tea, I'm sure that its beneficial to the body if the person drinks moderately.
Posted by theresajane on 11-24-2018
Coffee has been proven to help avoid the risk of developing some types of cancer such as breast, prostate, skin or liver.

Its consumption helps improve short-term memory and increases the effectiveness of analgesics in the body. In addition, it helps prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-09-2018
I'm siding with tea. I drink coffee just for the kick it gives when I need to stay awake, otherwise I would limit my coffee intake to a minimum since I experience a lot of side effects (e.g. palpitations and anxiety). Tea, on the other hand, is lighter and much more refreshing. It is not sugary and does not cause any side effect.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-24-2018
What about when you are starting the day and you need to give your head that kick that makes you alert for the rest of the day. Coffee is just the best during any occasion.
Posted by Martin on 11-30-2018
That's similar to what I experience when drinking coffee. Although coffee consumption is more common in countries such as Spain and the US, the number of tea followers is increasing considerably and consumption has continued to increase in the last 20 years, and I believe it's because of such high-energy side effects on people.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-09-2018
I personally prefer tea rather than coffee. I don't hate coffee but I only drink it once in a while unlike tea which is 3 times a week or so. It is true that they both have good benefits like they both have antioxidants but coffee has lower concentrations of it compared to tea which is associated with antioxidants. Coffee makes us more hyper and tea gives us a feeling of relaxation.
Posted by Marako0406 on 11-24-2018
I like both of them. Both of them were giving our body good benefits that can make us healthy. I like coffee as it can make me feel awake and alive that on the same time, it also reduces liver cancer risk which is good to know. I don't usually drink tea but I also appreciate its benefit.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-24-2018
I don't drink both but I like the taste of the coffee although coffee is more savoring and tasty but tea is more healthier so It would be nice if I choose both.
Posted by nekonieden on 11-24-2018
Well I prefer tea personally. I drink coffee once in awhile. I've heard coffee is bad for your bones in the long run, so I think tea is better for your health.
Posted by NickJ on 11-24-2018
Coffee is a staple in our breakfast table. Sometimes we drink tea in the evening especially when it's cold. Drinking both in moderation, I think, is the best way to enjoy both their taste and their advantages in one's health.
Posted by iambeth on 11-24-2018
I will try having g some tea later during the day as I have become too accustomed to coffee. I take it during any time of the day and as such can take several cups per day
Posted by Martin on 11-30-2018
Although I prefer the taste of coffee over tea, I can't really agree that it is more beneficial than tea. Coffee does keep me alert and awake much longer but its touted benefits like protection against liver cancer and retinal damage are just potential benefits that coffee and even tea may have. Green tea is said to be the healthiest beverage we can have and it is loaded with far more antioxidants as well as cancer-protective and fat burning substances.
Posted by chatbox on 11-24-2018
I used to be a coffee lover but I already drinking it because it made my panic attacks worst than the usual, my heartbeats became faster, I sweat a lot and I had a hard time breathing. Coffee also dehydrates me that's why I switched to drinking tea. What I do is I do my own tea, mostly ginger tea. It helps me relieve my constipation and decrease my stress.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-25-2018
I'd never thought that coffee can reduce liver cancer and reduces heart mortality. I'have been drinking coffee and tea and I can say tea can be a lot beneficial compared to coffee. All I know about coffee is that it has a caffeine component and it can make you alert and awake but never heard of its beneficial components.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-25-2018
Coffee is one of the popular morning drink of every people. It has many benefits and of course it is good in our body too. We must know that too much is not good so we must drink it moderately too.
Posted by mark86 on 11-25-2018
Hahahaha this caught me a bit off guard as I am one of those people that ardently love coffee and rarely get out of the kitchen in the morning without having taken a hot cup of it. Will tone down my consumption nonetheless.
Posted by Martin on 11-30-2018
I have both the drinks every day. I have freshly brewed coffee in the morning as soon as I get up and have tea in the afternoon. While both of these have their own benefits, I feel having both these at different time intervals really helps me a lot. Coffee in the morning gives me the motivation in the day and tea in the afternoon calms down the nerves and helps me to focus on work better. Also, the right proportion of milk in both these drinks is most important. I cannot imagine drinking plain black coffee without milk.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-25-2018
Both coffee and tea have their own distinct health benefits although tea is something generic. There's a lot of tree and plant varieties that can be made into tea. But when it comes to coffee, there are only a handful of varieties. Even though tea outshines coffee in the popularity department, I like coffee more.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-25-2018
I am a coffee drinker. Tea always seems herby to me. Coffee gives me the proper jolt to wake me up in the morning. But I think tea is healthier. They almost have the same benefits but coffee contains more caffeine. To much caffeine can be harmful to our body. Coffee is a diuretic too. It can flash out the water in our body. Generally I think coffee suits my taste more but tea is healthier.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-25-2018
I have found that people who drink the most coffee tend to have more health problems. They have sleep issues. And they have other stomach issues. So on that note it'd be reasonable on that part that needs to be taken care of. So considering that part you can understand how the tea and coffee can be consumed with taste.
Posted by overcast on 11-26-2018
yea, this is why I don't like coffee because of its caffeine content which has health problems for drinkers. So I stick to my tea which just gives me the satisfaction I need at the moment.
Posted by lovely on 11-28-2018
Drinking Coffee makes me feel good, awake and alive, unlike tea which oftentimes makes me sleepy. Both Coffee and Tea has Caffeine but coffee being a lot more concentrated has the most caffeine while tea which has a lighter drinking concentration has lesser caffeine. But if you drink tea with the same concentration than coffee then tea wins because tea leaves contains a lot more caffeine than coffee.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-26-2018
Personally, I am a tea lover. I loved tea since I was small. Tea has a lot of amazing benefits. From detoxifying the body to beautifying the skin, its benefits are truly amazing. Coffee also has benefits but I am just not a coffee lover. Also, coffee has its disadvantages. Too much of it is not good for the body.
Posted by Alymae on 11-27-2018
I'm not a TEA guy. I never grew up drinking it. I guess my perception of it could change once I try some but I'd still prefer coffee because of the caffeine. Helps me to stay alert and awake during sleepy times.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-27-2018
I discover that tea is advanced for me in my opinion, not only due to the huge variety of teas to be had. At the same time as coffee is mainly available in one of a kind varieties of roasts and beans, teas range a lot more, from Earl gray to peppermint, rooibos on your bog-standard.
Posted by jetselle on 11-27-2018
Coffee, particularly the dark roast variety, is known for having a lot of benefits. However, I don’t remember exactly why, but I do know that coffee is known to be healthier and more beneficial to women than it is to men. I think it has something to do with hormones, but as I said, I don’t remember the details. Tea, on the other hand, is beneficial to everyone. Its benefits know no bounds, and the lack of caffeine is also a plus in my opinion. I have a caffeine sensitivity so I’ll take a nice cup of green tea over coffee any day.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-28-2018
Both Coffee and tea have their own benefits. It is very difficult to point out one. My personal opinion is that Tea is beneficial as it contains less caffeine compared to coffee and is healthy for bones and helps to keep you hydrated.
Posted by csk81 on 11-28-2018
I like to take tea than coffee because of coffee contains caffeine which I don't think is really healthy for me because of my BP level, so I do more of tea with a very little cream or sugar to go with.
Posted by lovely on 11-28-2018
I see no reason why to prefer one over the other (since they're both delicious), so I say "Why not both?" Both provide beneficial health effects and are not so unhealthy in large amounts compared to other drinks. Just remember to eat and drink moderately.
Posted by axl2468 on 11-29-2018
Some people just rather have tea instead of coffee, because it has been shown that coffee increase gastritis on people. Also, there's people that really consider themselves addicted to coffee, and they even manifest headaches or any other discomfort, if they don't have at least a cup of coffee daily. However, just like you say, it depends more on the moderate drinking of them, we all tend to abuse when we see something give us benefits, and tea and coffee are not an exception.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-30-2018
I agree with you. Both drinks have health benefits and good for our body. I think it depends on your taste and on which country you are living. Some countries prefer coffee over tea while other contries more of tea than coffee. When it comes to health issues, I think it depends on the lifestyle and discipline of a person.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 11-29-2018
I'm a coffee addict. I need to have at least three cups of coffee a day to get through the day. I think find no use of tea, and only drink it when I'm thirsty in the night. Drinking coffee in the night stops me from sleeping early, so when I'm thirsty I have tea. I love coffee but I think its addictive.When I do intermittent fasting and eat once a day, I have black coffee twice a day. If I don't have it 'm really hungry and can't seem to get through the day.
Posted by jaymish on 11-29-2018
Well, i am both a tea and a coffe guy , so i dont think i will be able to choose one. I usually like to have a cup of hot ginger tea in the morning , especially during the winters. I also like to have Green tea which is considered to be very benefitial for your health. In the evenings or at the night time i will always prefer to have a cup of coffee. However i guess tea is the more healthier option in between the two.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-29-2018
Tea is more beneficial because it is naturally made from herbs that cause us to relax and sometimes reduce body pain. But coffee is more delicious and addictive to drink that makes you ask for more. It also makes you relax and concentrate on your task. There's a lot of coffee addict like to drink all kind of coffee and enjoy it.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-29-2018
Tea is more beneficial to our body but just like most of us, I drink coffee more often than tea. Most people drink coffee or tea not because of the health benefits it would give to the body but the pleasure and satisfaction it provides.
Posted by vhinz on 11-30-2018
I am a coffee addict. I drink coffee 7 to 10 times a day. In fact I am drinking coffee while making this comment. I can't get enough of coffee. One cup of coffee does not satisfy me. Also for tea, I think it's for people who wants to relax. Coffee is the best than tea cause coffee makes you awake especially when its black and tea kinda makes people sleepy.
Posted by LuckyKing on 11-30-2018
Which drink is more beneficial between coffee and tea: Tea is more beneficial drink. It made from different herbal leaves or tree trunk. Tea can cleanse the inside part of your body such as your liver and kidney. It also gives an additional energy to the one who always drink it. Tea also maintain your body shape.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-30-2018
To be honest, I am not a drinker of either coffee or tea although I drink any once in a while when I am in a restaurant and there is no other choice. There are restaurants here that offer free iced tea or coffee when you order a meal. With the benefit of the drink I guess coffee can make you alert and that is already a good benefit particularly when you lack sleep and you have to work. I don’t know what benefit we can get from tea.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-30-2018
I think of it are beneficial depending on its property. Coffee helps us to stay awake, while tea helps to cleanse our body.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-01-2018
Both of which have health benefits to its drinkers. Now, lets talk about the harmful effects of each drink. Following are the harmful effects of coffee towards the body. It was linked to early death if consumed more than four cups a day, may raise blood pressure, increase risks in heart attacks, may cause gout, could cause incontinence, insomnia and indigestion, and many more while the harmful effects of tea are as follows; may increase risk of esophageal cancer, may cause osteoporosis, may increase risk of prostate cancer. Looking at the harmful effects of each. I could say that everything taken excessively is bad for our health. That is the golden rule. To take everything in moderation.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 12-02-2018
I love both coffee and tea! I think tea is more beneficial to the health compared to coffee. Having too much coffee can cause serious problems to your blood pressure and nervous system, and it can also lead to weight gain especially if you mix it with sugar and creamer. I do intermittent fasting, and I can't really stand black coffee (I do drink it sometimes but I would still prefer other types of coffee over it), so I always resort to tea. Tea is guilt-free because it has no calories, and this is a winning factor to me.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with drinking coffee, as long as you do it in moderation.
Posted by teremisuu on 12-03-2018
Coffee and tea each contain a unique variety of components, some of which are healthy, and some of which have the potential to pose a risk.
Posted by amosgwapo on 12-05-2018
Both are beneficial, but I prefer tea to coffee because coffee makes my blood pressure to increase. Nonetheless, you should take both in moderate amounts to avoid negative effects.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 12-06-2018
Both coffee and tea have certain benefits. I am a coffee lover myself. But drinking too much coffee is not good as well. Anything should be taken moderately. It also applies to food and other drinks of any kind. Coffee boost your energy within the day. It helps you be more active in work. It also has benefits to your body like it reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Tea, on the other hand, refreshes you. It contains less caffeine than coffee. Tea also helps in your digestive system and helps with weight loss. It helps soothe the digestive system. If you want to boost your energy, go for coffee. if you want to feel refreshed and relaxed, treat yourself a cup of tea. Both drinks are good and beneficial. Drink each at the right time during the day.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-07-2018
I agree that it is hard to say which one has more benefit. It seems like there are new studies coming out all the time that say one is better than the other. I drink both. I love both as well. My doctor was just telling my husband how good coffee is for the body. Which is good because he does drink quite a bit of it. However, I just read an article today that one cup a day will prevent Alzheimer's but drinking more then one may have the opposite effect.
Posted by angie828 on 12-07-2018
A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found a relationship between coffee consumption and a reduction in the development of type 2 diabetes in 35% of the cases analyzed.

For its part, science has shown that, like coffee, tea can prevent the development of diabetes, although studies have shown greater influence on type 1, as well as some types of cancer and to prevent osteoporosis.

Both have good and bad, but I drink them moderately.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-09-2018
Tea. Green is preferred, but I will drink others. I take my tea straight, unless I'm having bubble tea. I'd say I started drinking tea when I was 16. No sugar, it alters the taste. I prefer loose over bag, but I will drink whatever is available. I boil water on the stove and I use a thermometer to ensure the water is at the right temperature.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-15-2018