Which gift would you want to receive from your significant other for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. What gift would you like the most from your significant other? Perhaps you have children with your significant other? Maybe you would want them to give you a night soaking in the tub with them taking care of the kids? Or perhaps you would want them to cook you a dinner? Or take you out for a meal? What about going to a movie of your choice? Some may fancy a nice piece of jewelry, such as a pair of diamond earrings or a gorgeous necklace. Others could be happy with just a box of chocolates. Some may like roses or other flower bouquets while others may fancy a bottle of wine.

What gift would you want the most on this list?

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  a night soaking in the tub away from the kids if you have them Vote
  a box of chocolates Vote
  a bottle of wine Vote
  going to a movie Vote
  a piece of jewelry Vote
  dinner cooked by your significant other Vote
8.33% voted this
  a meal at a restaurant of your choice Vote
58.33% voted this
  a spa day/ manicure/pedicure Vote
16.67% voted this
  flowers Vote
16.67% voted this
  other Vote
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I am thinking to give a jewelry for my valentine and I am expecting her to take me to the movie. There is a Bollywood movie called Padmavat showcasing in the town and I want to watch this movie with my Valentine.
Posted by vinaya on 02-11-2018
I know this might be somewhat of a strange choice for a man, but I actually really wouldn't mind receiving a spa day as a Valentine's Day gift. Attending a spa is obviously very therapeutic, and I wouldn't mind going through some relaxing treatment that refreshes both my partner and I. After the spa day we could head home nice and relaxed, loose, and ready to "enjoy each other's company" for the rest of the evening.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-13-2018
Honestly? I don't care what he gives me as long as it's from the heart and with some thought... even if it's one flower, it would make my day and bring me joy. He's very thoughtful throughout the year anyway and he constantly gives me things. Valentine's Day is a commercial day and as much as it's a nice little detail I don't really give it a lot of attention.
Posted by Mehano on 02-13-2018
I love eating so a really nice dinner with your loved one is already a special night out for us, especially because we rarely have time to eat together at a nice place due to the difference in our work schedules.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-13-2018
I honestly do not care much about presents, because the simple fact of being present with my wife, is already a great honor for me. Anyway, if I had to choose from the list, I would probably choose a dinner at some restaurant.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-13-2018
A spa day would be awesome. I have never gotten a gift like that from anyone and I would be into it. However, that is rather expensive so only if my valentine could afford it, would I want it. It is really the thought that counts not so much stuff or things.
Posted by kgord on 03-11-2018
I would choose a lunch or dinner treat to my favorite restaurant, that would be a nice gift. It's something romantic for me and besides we enjoy eating out more so if I would be the one to pick the restaurant. It would also give us some quality time away from the kids.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-13-2018
I probably would like some chocolates. Maybe the expensive kind. It's once a year so I expect some quality in what I receive. But if it's something meaningful and memorable, it would do great as well.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-21-2018
A home cook dinner for 2 meal of my favorite dish without the kids would be a great Valentine's Gift or a a night out watching a movie and going to my favorite Italian restaurant for a candle lit dinner for 2 would be a perfect Valentine gift.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-22-2018
I chose flowers. Flowers represents a lot of meanings for someone who is in love. Not all women have received flowers even once in their lives. When a love partner gave you white flowers, it shows purity, shows how pure his love is. When he gives you red flowers, it shows his deep feelings or love for you. It doesn't matter how many flowers I'll be receiving from him because it's the thought that counts.
Posted by NesMarcos on 07-29-2018
I think dinner cook by my significant is more romantic than dinner outside. I would appreciate the effort. More time with us and less expensive but very romantic.
Posted by mark86 on 08-20-2018
I chose to have dinner at a restaurant. Doesn't matter who chooses the restaurant as long as he will take me out on a date is already a great Valentine's gift. It is very rare for us to have dinner out without bringing the kids with us. So if that will happen on Valentine’s Day I would be very happy.
Posted by mdayrit on 09-01-2018
I choose eating in a restaurant but it is also okay if it is not in a restaurant as long as we will enjoy each other's company while having a good meal. Also, eating is one of my favorite thing to do when going out. I love foods and foods is life. And it is really practical to hang out in a food place if you are going to have a romantic date (not so romantic), but having your partner around is giving you a nice ambiance and happiness right? If you both are on tight budget then try to buy cheap foods and eat them at home instead.
Posted by mitan143 on 09-19-2018
Having a dinner to your love one is one of the best and romantic date ever. I believe that eating somewhere out for sometimes is something really special and something that needs to be treasured and remembered.
Posted by mark86 on 10-11-2018
I do believe in the saying that "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and that's the reason why I want my future girlfriend and I to spend our valentines while eating dinner which she prepared herself. I really admire women who knows how to cook and I appreciate dinners at home with self-cooked dishes instead of going to restaurants. However, if my future girlfriend wants to go out and eat on a restaurant, I would definitely honor her preference, but I will also cook for her at times to make her feel special.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-12-2018
Given a chance, I would like to receive flowers and have dinner in a restaurant. I love flowers than other kinds of stuff. I don't know why but flowers give me a satisfaction that I cannot get from other material things if this is given by someone. Getting flowers and having a dinner with someone special will make my valentine's day special.
Posted by superlicca on 10-21-2018
Given a chance, I would like to receive flowers and have dinner in a restaurant. I love flowers than other kinds of stuff. I don't know why but flowers give me a satisfaction that I cannot get from other material things if this is given by someone. Getting flowers and having a dinner with someone special will make my valentine's day special.
Posted by superlicca on 10-21-2018
A simple date can mean anything to me. As long as our date made him special too then I will treasure our bond together eating at the restaurant. I will treasure every moment of our date as spending time with significant other is much more important as married couple. I would want also to try giving me flowers as I haven't tried it yet.
Posted by nekonieden on 11-09-2018
I don't really believe in Valentine's day simply because I don't believe in relationships. I think you don't need a just one single day to dictate when to buy something for your significant other. You can always buy each other and surprise each other on any given day. I don't know why Valentine's day needs to be so special.
Posted by knnon on 12-11-2018
We don’t really exchange gifts anymore but if I had to choose something I’d probably pick a professional massage or manicure. It’s nice to feel pampered!
Posted by amelia88 on 12-14-2018
We actually do not celebrate Valentine’s day because my husband sees Valentine’s day as a way of commercial benefit for business and not really an occasion that should be observed. But we give gifts on other occasions like birthdays and Christmas. For the gift that I like maybe it would be jewelry like a diamond ring or even a gold bracelet. I am fond of jewelry but my husband had never given me one.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018