Which is the best online paying site from your experience?

Which is the best online paying site from your experience?
I have been on several sites and although Bubblews paid me well it had to close down without notice so to say. LiteracyBase - a blogging site paid well but at the moment they are facing issues. iwriter is yet another site that pays well but there is a lot of hard work. Many sites come and go and as of now myLot has stayed on but they do not pay well. At the moment I find postloop has great prospects as being the best paid site on the Net.


Hands down, the most money I've made is from captioning videos for Rev. They're a transcription and captioning company that pay you per minute of audio or video that you complete for them. Otherwise, it seems like Treasuretrooper has potential to be very profitable if you're willing to sit through several surveys a day.
Posted by TheArticulate on 05-19-2017
If one has the time these could be real money spinners. The survey sites sometimes exclude some countries. I have come across some where India is not included and this one comes to know after filling up all the details.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-20-2017
The best online paying site from my experience would have to be Swagbucks. As I speak now I have accumulated over 89,500 Swagbucks in about a year and a half. This can be converted into 895$ USD. The highest I could make each month was about 70$ when the sponsored videos offer would often appear and the lowest was around 20$ when the offer wouldn't appear. I would recommend this site to mostly teenagers who wants to make a little income for their personal needs or buy a new game before its release date. Swagbucks is a great site and I am grateful to have discovered it.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-19-2017
I have registered with swagbucks but have not taken it seriously. Going by your statistics it seems quite a place to make some quick money. I am on myLot and there I get to hear users talking about this site ever so often.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-20-2017
Of course, you will hear a lot about Swagbucks since it is a big money making company after all. I would advise you to register to the site because I can promise you that you will not be disappointed by their offers to earn money. I personally use the sponsored video section which comes and goes every day. Though I do make around 3$-5$ a day depending if it is a good day on that website (which is also in SB 300 to 400). I wish you luck on your experience on trying the site and hopefully, you can start earning passively like I did.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-20-2017
I don't use it any more because I'm no longer in a supported country, but the best site for me is Swagbucks. I've earned the most on that site while doing the least amount of work. They've been around for a long, have a great reptuation, and they pay fairly. I really wish they'd open to international users, but I can also understand why they don't. It's not profitable for them and it'd make the site harder to manage. Hopefully they'll continue to stick around though. I'd love to join them again when I go back to the U.S.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-20-2017
Not just swagbucks there are quite a few survey sites that exclude many countries. We get offers at myLot and there I see not all are for countries like India where I come from.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-20-2017
Yes, there are many sites that are unavailable to international users. It's because they won't profit enough from the offers if international users complete them. The closest thing to Swagbucks for international users would probably be Grabpoints or irazoo.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-20-2017
What is my- lot? Also, exactly how much would you say I can earn on that website and please be realistic about it. I looked up some videos on youtube, but there aren't as much information on it and plus it seems like it was designed for mostly people who live in India. Hopefully, I can make at least 10$ a week then I like to try it out, but that depends if I can make that much from the limited time I have every day. So please reply and tell me so, so I can add this to my money making routine.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-20-2017
I personally don't recommend it. I didn't enjoy the site and they didn't have a friendly community back when I was with them. It's basically a discussion forum, but if you say anything that is "different", people will attack you. There are also tons of spam and it's not an organized site, in my opinion.

As for how much you can earn, that depends entirely on how much time you spend on the site. If you participate in active discussions and people reply to you, you might do well and $10 a week might be possible. But I wouldn't count on it. Very few people can make $10 a week on mylot.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-21-2017
$10 a week is not likely on mylot unless you are on there all day long every day. You would have to put a lot of time in and the just isn't possible. Most people consider themselves lucky if they reach the payout of $5 a month.

I never had any problem with the people. They were all great and very supportive of all my discussions. I had no problem fitting in and being part of the community. Spam wasn't an issue for me either. I just found that the pay is really low and if you are on there to make money then it isn't the best site for that.
Posted by Sue on 05-27-2017
Jonathan Solomon
For the everyday lazy person, Swagbucks is probably the easiest way to earn a quick buck. Mainly due to the fact that there are various ways to earn. From watching videos, completing services, short audio transcriptions, using their search engine. Cash payouts are in the form of Paypal gift cards. As a note, you may have to receive a physical postage verification through the may for proof of residency. But once you get past that, you're good to go.

GrandBux is probably the best Paid to Click (PTC) website out there nowadays. Sufficient amount of ads, minimum and fast payouts. Personally, I'm just not a fan of PTC models. Too much work for too little earnings. With my typing skills, I'm much better off being a blogger.

Surveys vary depending on your geographical location and fields of interest in registering. My most success with surveys come from the website Mobrog. They have $6.25 cashouts; survey earnings vary between $.30-$2.00 in earnings. Every week, you receive several surveys that take only 10-15 minutes of your time MAX.

...In my opinion, these are the three easiest, most consistent payouts for the everyday person.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-20-2017
Seems like swagbucks would win the vote here had I written this post under that category. I am so tempted to get back there and try my luck. I used to play around some paid to click sites and neo bux comes to mind. I have given up on these sites as I am too involved with writing sites which I prefer to ptc sites I have not heard of the survey site Mobrog. Could be India may not be included there.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-20-2017
I have made the most money from Prolific Academic. I notice many people are saying Swagbucks but I thought this was a really low paying site especially for the UK. Our goals were set the same as the US but we don't have so many earning opportunities so it was hard to meet them. Even though ForumCoin is quite a low paying site I've made quite a bit there because I visit every day and have been with them for almost 2 years.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-20-2017
I been working with serval companies and I am registered as an affiliate with some good ones. Working online and getting paid a good amount is always good. One of the best paying is Swagbucks and even I have blogs on Tech Niches so even products related to my niche helps to build alot of money online. PTC are the next in the list.
Posted by Rutpan on 05-20-2017
I have to agree with others on Swagbucks. I think it has the best earning opportunities out there. Although, they have changed a bit after the first of the year and the earning was quite a bit lower for me. I can still make $25 a month to cash out to PayPal without too much effort though. I also earn good through ClixSense even though they have went through some very drastic changes. Definitely, not as much as last year, but still enough for me to keep at it. Most of the sites that I used to work on, I have dropped because I just do not have the time to work on them for the meager earnings from them.
Posted by morgoodie on 05-20-2017
From my experience InboxDollars is the best online paying site. I still use Swagbucks but its starting to become a slower process and I like to get paid faster and easier. It usually takes me a month to earn 2500 Swagbucks just to cash out and it just wasn't cutting it for me. InboxDollars is a website and app that I just recently found that basically does the same activities as Swagbucks provides but you get a bigger and better payout. You can run videos, participate in surveys, complete offers, play games and more. There is something for everyone and I enjoy it a lot better than Swagbucks at the moment. Another quick site would be Perk, which has endless methods of earning but you can get more money by running videos all day.
Posted by dejah0987 on 05-20-2017
I can't imagine Inboxdollars being faster or better than Swagbucks. Maybe when you first join, it's good, but it'll start to go downhill after a while. Earnings will slow very, very fast.

I wish you the best of luck though.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-22-2017
It would have to be Swagbucks. I just recently cashed out a $20 Steam gift card just from doing surveys. I recommend it because you can make some nice money with it.
Posted by AidenBear on 05-20-2017
Swagbucks seems to be the choice of many on here. I have an account but I could never really get into it. I have tried it a number of times but it just isn't for me. I use to enjoy Slice The Pie a few years back. They use to pay really good at one time but now writing a review isn't really worth the effort. Online jobs are new to me so I haven't tried many but I am always looking for new suggestions. Topic like this are very interesting and very informative.
Posted by Sue on 05-21-2017
Yes, I agree, and I always read these kinds of topics too. I'm always looking for more legit ways to make money online. The captioning for Rev sounds interesting.

I'm surprised that so many are behind Swagbucks, because like you, I could never really get into it. It seemed like a really slow earner to me. Maybe I should give it another shot. It has been a while since I've been on there. I'm not a big fan of surveys or offer walls though, so maybe that's why I didn't do as well as some.

I really just want to get some blogs up and running and try earning for myself.
Posted by Zyni on 05-23-2017
Swagbucks seems a winner hands down. I am now so tempted to revive my account and see if I can make a buck or two. The only concern is being from India if I will receive as many offers as those from the US. I have not seen any Indian here talking about Swagbucks. I have a good internet connectio and that should also help
Posted by iamawriter on 05-22-2017
But Swagbucks is available to Indian users, right? If so, then you should get some decent offers. If not, at least you can use SBTV and earn some SB.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-27-2017
I would have to say Swagbucks just like the majority of the people on here saying it. It's safe and trustworthy and if you actually keep at it you can earn quite a lot of money just from doing surveys.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-24-2017
I currently use Postloop and Clixsense. These are the best sites to have an extra monthly income. However, I'm looking for other options. Swagbucks is not released to my country (which is a shame).
Posted by hermessantos on 07-15-2017
I currently use Postloop and Clixsense. These are the best sites to have an extra monthly income. However, I'm looking for other options. Swagbucks is not released to my country (which is a shame).
Posted by hermessantos on 07-15-2017
I was also on Bubblews. When I was on Bubblews, I was earning around $400 every month. I wrote 10 posts, I had 6k followers. However, I gave up Bubblews when the payment began going "forever pending." Currently, I am on Postloop. Every day I spend 2-3 hours on Postloop forums and make around $5. So far Postloop is my best earning site.
Posted by vinaya on 09-19-2017
I'm in a disadvantage location and this is affecting my earning capacity online because most good paying sites exclude my location so I forced to remain with low paying sites. But for now post loop is for me.
Posted by lovely on 11-15-2017
For me, the best sites I found so far were Crowdflower and Postloop. Those were the most reliable and that had the lesser amount of BS. Still I am rather new to the online working universe and there could be more out there
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-16-2017
I had great experience from writing for Factoidz and Knoji back in 2010. They paid an average of $10 per written article plus a % of the views that the article gets. I was averaging about $600 a month from the site. But now, they no longer accept writers. For now, I'm focusing on my websites. I personally create the content for my sites and I hope to get a decent return someday for the work that I'm doing. Also, I supplement my online activity with postloop. They are a very dependable online site to write for. Payment is via PayPal and they process withdrawal requests pretty fast. If you're not a postloop writer yet, you better join now.
Posted by limberg on 11-18-2017
I'm also using Postloop as my source of online income and this site is great. I also do transcription job which is my online job right now. I'm still looking for other online sites that can pay well which I know that I can do also. I've heard about website tester where they're paying you to give critics on the new sites that haven't released yet.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-29-2017