Which is your favorite treat to get on Halloween?

Even if you do not go trick or treating because you are an adult, it is still perfectly fine to have a favorite Halloween candy. Maybe that candy is a candy that you loved receiving as a child when you said the famous words "Trick or Treat". Or perhaps this is a candy that was never handed out when you were little but you have always loved. Or maybe even this was a candy that you hated when you were younger, but now you love it. Please vote and comment what your favorite Halloween treat is.

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  Snickers Candy Bar Vote
22.73% voted this
  Popcorn ball Vote
  Candy Corn Vote
  M&Ms Vote
31.82% voted this
  Suckers/lollipops Vote
  Skittles Vote
4.55% voted this
  Reeces Peanut Butter cups Vote
9.09% voted this
  Mounds/Almond Joys Vote
  Butterfingers Vote
4.55% voted this
  Dots Vote
  Milky Ways Vote
9.09% voted this
  Licorice Vote
  Oh Henry Bars Vote
  gum Vote
  Smarties Vote
4.55% voted this
  Tootsie Rolls Vote
9.09% voted this
  Milk Duds Vote
  Kit Kats Vote
  Starbursts Vote
4.55% voted this
  other (please specify below) Vote
Total Votes: 22


I love M & M mini chocolates since young. It melts n the mouth , chocolate taste just melts any children heart easily. I hate jello or gums. Get stuck to the teeth easily. The assorted colors on the mini chocolates are captivating. Kids love to exchange with each other for their favorite colors. Great for adding into cookies and muffins too
Posted by peachpurple on 09-13-2017
Of course m&m are the best in this category it simply perfect on our taste buds
Posted by Flipppy on 09-13-2017
It's really not for me but for the kids in the block who go on trick-or-treating. What we prepare are candies and coins. For special children who we know personally, we give them the mini Milky Way. They really love it especially when the treat is in a sort of loot bag. Those kids would instantly check what's in the loot bag and exclaim when they notice the milky way bar. We give 3 to 5 small bars depending on the children's closeness to us. We receive about 100 trick-or-treaters that include adults. And it's lots of fun because even the adults are overjoyed with the treats that we give. Not to forget, the main attraction aside from the sweets are the fruits that we give and the chocolate drink too in tetra packs.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-13-2017
I always love snickers, it's my all time favorite chocolate. So I would love to receive a treat of snickers to get on the Haloween and be happy celebrating it.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-13-2017
Hi, we have the same favorite to eat. I love to eat chocolate, because it's really tasty. The smell of it makes my head up to heaven looking. When it comes in Halloween, I just let other people enter my house, and join me eating with it. I find it useful to the children caroling outside my house with smiling. I also do some necessary tasks like creating giant Halloween squash, for decorations.

In my case, I set aside all my problems, and join to the people just to enjoy myself, as well. My relatives from far places come to my home just to witness my favorite decoration, or we just simply drink a lot of beer while chatting. I love those moment in my life, and I will cherish all of it.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 09-13-2017
I am no longer young to receive treats in Halloween season yet I would pick M&Ms because it is one of my favorite sweets. I always buy M&Ms at supermarket when we go for shopping to buy our monthly groceries.
Posted by rogel on 09-13-2017
Oh man, I'm getting a sugar rush just thinking about all the candy I used to eat on Halloween as a kid. I would have to say that without a doubt, my favorite of all was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. My mom used to buy me multiple jumbo packs of the stuff because it was super cheap around Halloween, and I would eat an absolutely sinful amount of them in one sitting. She always tried to remind me to spread it out throughout my week, but I'd eat 90% of them within an hour. I regret nothing, mostly because I thankfully didn't get diabetes.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-13-2017
Any! The more the better. I remember as a child I honestly didn't care much what sort of candy I have gotten. I just liked seeing tons of it inside my bag.

Many of the listed candy wasn't even available in my country back then we mainly had just the plain candies. Nothing too fancy. I guess if I have to pick my all time favorite it would have to be M&Ms peanut kinds or the Snickers candy bar. Those two are the most delicious and I could eat them all day even now that I am an adult.
Posted by Mehano on 09-13-2017
I'm not into those super sweet chocolates and the only ones that i really like in the choices are m&m's and kitkat. But if ever i have the chance to go on trick or treats i would love to receive m&m's. I always like it specially the ones with nuts. Whenever i crave for chocolates i always buy m&m's in supermarket.
Posted by zheh on 09-13-2017
I like the candies than the chocolates to give chocolates is so sweet it might cause tonsillitis to kids but for candies its much less i think and more convenient to give a candies. i tried giving candies on the halloween and the children likes it.
Posted by tophew on 09-13-2017
Although these days I really don't have too much of a sweet tooth, I do remember as a kid loving it when I found a few of my favorite candies, Snickers bars, in my trick or treat bag or plastic pumpkin pail when I got home. I had to rush and eat them all before my dad could get to them, however, because he loved these candies as well. I guess a close second would be a Kit Kat or a Reeses peanut butter cup, but I never really liked salt water taffies or fruity candies. I always gravitated towards chocolate, nuts, and caramel.
Posted by JoeMilford on 09-13-2017
I really love most of the candy that I received on Halloween, but I think my favorite was butterfingers. It wasn't that it was my favorite candy bar or anything, it was just this old lady that lived down the street gave me lots of them on Halloween. She was a nice old lady that made the neighborhood a place I will always remember and so Butterfingers were just linked to that memory of her and kindness. RIP Mrs. Hamilton
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-13-2017
There are just so many good candy to choose from. Back when I was young my grandmother and my aunts always had homemade fudge for us when we stopped by their houses on Halloween. My mom used to make the rice crispy balls and another neighbor use to have candy apples. I liked it back then because the homemade treats were always the best.
Posted by Sue on 09-13-2017
"I got a rock". Not really, but it's always a nice quote from such a classic series. From the list you posted, I wasn't sure what to choose between two of my favorite treats: smarties and kitkat. I went with the first, since they are both candies and chocolate (sort of...) and they are pretty and colorful. They are good to see and good to eat, and are good in every season not just Halloween. Now, where is my life supply of sweetiness?
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-13-2017
I love the tootsie rolls and I am lucky that my daughter doesn't like them. I get to eat them all! I also like Butterfingers and the Kit Kats. I will grab Starbursts or Twizlers if I see them in the bag. Wait a second! I love all of the Halloween Candy! How can we even choose one?
Posted by BigDreamer on 09-13-2017
I like to have milky ways. Because it had a flavor makes me so pleasure to eat on it. The feeling to eat such thing makes me happy all the time. It was my favorite to eat milky way, and it's chocolate makes me comfortable all the time. It's my happiness to eat chocolate, and fortunately the taste of this milky way made me realized how to create one in Halloween feast.

I did my part when party Halloween come every year. I feel more comfortable when someone ask candy from me, and I will my favorite chocolate to them. It's simple occasion, yet meaningful event of party in November.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 09-13-2017
There are quite a few things on that list that I like quite a lot but I voted for M&Ms because those would have to be my favourite. I just love them. I don't think I have a favourite type of M&Ms either because they are all amazing. The crispy ones are great, the peanut ones are great and the chocolate ones are great. I think, my second favourite from that list would have to be snickers. It's just such a good chocolate.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-13-2017
Reece's Peanut butter is one thing in the world that has such an odor which makes one hungry no matter what the circumstances are. I love others like M&M and Snickers but PEanut butter, in general, attracts me a lot. I believe Reece's chocolate has the highest quality of peanut butter as it never feels just a flavor additive.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-13-2017
We don't celebrate Halloween in my country, it's not tradition here but I would looove to receive some milky ways! they are delicious, I love chocolate with my soul and the caramel inside it's just so so yummy. Since it's not make here in Venezuela -that chocolate- it's pretty expensive and no all the people can buy it but if they give it away for free maybe it's a nice tradition. I would like to experience it at some point.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 09-13-2017
rose thornes
Same here, trick or treat is not popular here. Kids don't go house to house to get candies, its mostly happens in mall.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-14-2017
rose thornes
I didn't vote because I can't just choose one. I have sweet tooth and I love chocolates. I like m&m, snickers, kitkats, butter fingers and everything sweet, chewy and crunchy.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-14-2017
Why would you want to choose Candies over M&Ms! C'mon! ha ha If I see M&Ms on a trick or treat party I wouldn't mind getting more and it would obviously the first to run out. Our Company is having another Trick or Treat party again this year, and I am gonna train my kids to get the most expensive candies first. This is going to be fun!
Posted by geloi on 09-15-2017
When I was a kid and I was having fun with my friends in this day, I was the only one who always wanted the snickers candy bars. It was an unusual choice, but apart from being my favorite I always had the guarantee that practically nobody would dispute them wit me, haha!
Posted by wiseagent on 09-15-2017
Peanut butter definitely! I love peanut in all forms and sizes. I think it's a healthy snack. It contains protein, fats, and lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants. In that sense, peantub butter is one of my favorite dishes to eat with whole wheat bread
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-15-2017
I'm into cookies. Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked cookies on your Halloween basket. It is also much healthier than commercial chocolates and other candies.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-16-2017
I am not a fan of chocolates that is why during the trick or Treats, I just have to leave it all to my daughter and have all the skittles, though there are only rare angels who would give skittles during the Halloween yet I'm still hopeful that next Halloween, there would be a lot of them or I was thinking I just have to give skittles to the kiddos myself.
Posted by Istine on 09-21-2017
I love the Snickers Candy Bar but I also really like the Skittles, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Milky ways and anything related with Peanut Butter. Although I don't go out Trick-or-Treating around my neighboorhood my Halloween would be perfect for those candies!
Posted by Rebelssis on 09-30-2017
I love Milky Ways the most because I hate nuts in my chocolate or desserts and this one is the one without them. I also like caramel a lot which makes this the prime candidate. I like the other variations a lot more though especially the dark chocolate one as the regular kind is just a little too sweet for me at this point. I think when I was younger I enjoyed that a lot more but now I am not as into sweets anymore so I like the one that has a bit more toned down flavor.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-30-2017