Which religion is popular in your community?

Which religion is popular in your community?
Religion is definitely a way that people connect with their maker and creator. In Nigeria, the most popular religion has got to be Christianity and Islam. What religion is popular in your community?


Christianity, no doubt. I live in Europe so that is pretty much normal, you know. The majority of European population believes in Christianity, although Christianity is divided. Most of the countries from Western Europe are Catholics whereas most of the countries from Eastern Europe are Ortodox.
Posted by NikSuks on 12-19-2018
Christianity. It was brought by the spaniards during the war. After then it was the one we used in our country. They are still some muslim in the southern islands but majority believes in Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit.
Posted by Carrascoshiela on 12-19-2018
Christianity, of course. Catholicism is most dominant in the country I am from. Although Islamic beliefs are also present just as the person above me says. Honestly though, most people here are not as religious as they say that they are. Simply hypocrites.. Though, I cannot say that I am not one too...
Posted by Yumyan on 12-20-2018
In our country, there are many different religions but the most dominant is Catholic. I was born as a Catholic but have been converted to other religion when I was in the second grade. Most of my relatives and friends are Catholic.
Posted by vhinz on 12-24-2018
From where I am currently based, Islam is the most popular religion. Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism are the major religion in our community. It is really amazing to see everyone getting along with each other without any problems. Though we have different beliefs, we still treat each other with respect.
Posted by clarisseblogs on 01-07-2019
I am from India . As you know our country is the place where world's most religious peoples stay together. Currently there are 9 Major religions in India . There are 100 more . Most Popular is Hinduism as 79% people are Hindu. Then there are Muslim[ 14.2%] and then Christianity and other [ 6%] . There are 30+ millions Christians in India so far. We live in a proper harmony. Everyone love and respect other's religion.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-20-2019