Which web hosting provider you like most ?

Which web  hosting provider you like most ?
I think nowadays everybody like high speed and quick loading websites. So web hosting is an important part of a website. If you will choose a slow hosting or if your site will get too much downtime then this will disappoint your visitors and members. I know there are thousands web hosting provider available and you will need to choose the best one from them. However, for my website I have my own server where I have hosted my all sites and also I am selling web hosting. So I don't buy web hosting from other web hosting provider. I will like to know about the best web hosting provider from your opinion ? Share your feedback about your favorite web hosting provider and let us know about their service quality.


I remember when I first started out, GoDaddy was the hosting I went for and I quickly realised that was a bad idea on my part. The amount of downtime and slow loading I had using GoDaddy was awful and even when I contacted customer support they were slow at responding and never a lot of help. I was happy to move away from GoDaddy and have moved from one hosting to another over the years. One I was with was BigWetFish and as much as they were good and their customer service was good there uptime wasn't great and I would often find my site down. I am now with HawkHost and I can't say I have any problems yet, so as of right now I would say HawkHost is my most liked at this moment.
Posted by Shortie on 03-31-2017
Wow. It's a good thing that I didn't choose GoDaddy. I was looking for a webhost to replace JustHost since I could no longer afford their services and GoDaddy came to mind. Fortunately, I came across 1&1 web hosting and they're great! I've never experienced any down time so far. My websites load up pretty fast. And their service is also extremely cheap! If you're still looking for a webhost service provider to migrate to and you're primarily using WordPress, you might want to consider 1&1 Web Hosting.
Posted by limberg on 11-18-2017
For me I been using Namecheap , It is brilliant and brill tech support with Live chat open 24/7. They offer great hosting plans with a domain and also they offer the choice so you can be a hosting reseller. I did use to be on fasthosts which are expensive and lack of support , actually I also have a domain with 123-reg which they recently been doing a shared hosting plan for £12 for the Full year.
Posted by reviews4you on 04-05-2017
Hello Have a wonderful day.

On my opinion hostgator is the best web hosting company in this world. I have been watching that company for the long time like a 10 years. Now they bave a huge facility. They have powerful web hosting affordable service. Now as a lowest rate $3.95/month. Additionally have cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and transfer from another hosting facility. I always suggest client this hosting service. You can check full details on here :


Thanks Centurion
Posted by centjoseph01 on 04-06-2017
Onesite hosting. I so much love these hosting service because of the speed at which they respond to customer issues. Apart from other essential features a host should have, this attribute sets them apart. You can check out their free hosting, which has no ads, unlimited storage, and impeccable up time.
Posted by HarrySung on 05-22-2017
I use Hawkhost and that hosting is good enough for my usage. I have probably used their around 8Gb of bandwidth. And it is increasing every now and then. But you can get the idea that such host with low cost can be good enough. And you are getting good deal. You can also make use of the cheap VPS services. And that also can help get some good stuff out of the hosting plans. You may want to use the Amazon Web services hosting. As they have low cost.
Posted by overcast on 06-17-2017
I have already tested Hostgator, 2and2 and bluehost. All of these options were simply disappointing to me. I have been using a VPS on Digital Ocean for over 1 year and it is currently the best hosting service I have ever used.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-15-2017
I am with namecheap and I will never consider switching my host because I am very happy with my host. First of all, hosting is really cheap, secondly, uptime is very reliable, thirdly suport is really great.
Posted by vinaya on 08-14-2017
I have been with Stable Host (https://www.stablehost.com) since 2014 and I haven't had a single problem with them. They are rock solid and stable and my websites are always online. And support is top notch too. I haven't had any support tickets about their service and its always been about my websites. And they are always quick to answer (15 minutes or less) and they usually fix what ever problem that I have on the first reply.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-22-2017
Namecheap has always the best offers, and the registration process is seamless, I liked domain name registration, so I have chosen their hosting service also, although a lot of web master don't recommend it.
Posted by joey98 on 09-18-2017
Bluehost has been my favorite web hosting company ever. The reason is that it enables me to set up a website properly and get it hosted even on a free hosting plan. It makes the File Transfer Protocol process easy for anyone, even for newbies who are just starting out online with web design without having the knowledge of HTML or programming. It has a feature that is compatible with my best FTP software.
Posted by potentialwriter on 11-10-2017
I actually do not know the webhosting provider of our company but I know that there are several because of our several networks and thousands of users. But for our main network that services the public, I guess it is the biggest hosting provider because our company is the biggest bank in the country and it will not settle with small hosting providers. That is the reason why there is a regular benchmarking of the speed. Our boss said that when your network is a service website then speed of access is paramount.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-16-2018