Who was the best President of the United States ever?

Who was the best President of the United States ever?
Well the US will be voting for another leader of the 'free world' in November and so it got me thinking about who most people see as the best ever President that there has been. Is it George Washington who was the first? Is it Lincoln who kept the states together? Is it JFK who seems to have been really popular? ... or someone else. My vote actually goes to someone else but I don't think he was that popular during his time ... Jimmy Carter. He was the only president who did not fire another shot against another country, he tried to bring some peace to the Middle East with the Camp David agreement and when I have heard him speak his humanity comes through.


Overall, Bill Clinton has my vote for this.

Most people will unfortunately remember American Pres Bill Clinton for the tawdry affair he had with one of his young interns and the resulting impeachment for the lies told. But, with all that, he accomplished such an amazing amount of good things. And, having lived through that eight years, I can say it was actually a pretty sweet time. Financially speaking, my family enjoyed prosperity during the Clinton administration. Though i'm not really a Democrat or Republican, I can see how he did a much better job than any Democrat before or since. One of the biggest things he did was decrease the deficit by at least $600 billion. Which unfortunately was squandered when G.W.Bush got into Presidential office and declared a huge decade long war on terror. :/

Clinton helped facilitate the peace between Israelis and Palestinians via the Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles while domestically cutting federal bureaucracy and putting the emphasis back on education and safety in schools.

So far as I remember, no major wars for eight years during his Presidency! That's gotta be some kind of record. Maybe Reagan, before him? I was too young at that time to really pay attention, but Clinton will always stick in my mind for the good things he did for the country.

You can read more about the Clinton accomplishments here: http://clinton1.nara.g...ts/html/accomp-plain.html

Not really sure how his wife will do as President or if I would even vote for her, but Clinton 1.0 did pretty good at the job. :D
Posted by Beverly on 08-27-2016
Well as a non-American, I don't have much to say, but I've heard a lot about George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They are probably the three best presidents so far. I think Obama too did a great job. Many people call him a weak president, but one day they'll realise how good he was
Posted by abkr08 on 08-27-2016
There is a lot of controversy with 2 of those 3 you mentioned as George Washington wasn't the first president of the US. In Fact he was the 8th. Mr Lincoln was also quoted to have said that he would have kept slavery if war were not about to break out.
Posted by neilbhabuta on 08-27-2016
George Washington was the first president of the United States. The 8th president was Martin Van Buren.
Posted by angie828 on 08-29-2016
As an African that has been following the world's record of the different presidents in the US and from history about the rulership of some past presidents, I could vote for President Obama, maybe I'm a bit bias since he had an African root but truthfully he did well during his terms.But wouldn't forget great rulers like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
Posted by lovely on 12-07-2017
I don't think terrorist groups like Al Qaeda or Isil or Boko Haram would take a diplomatic president like Jimmy Carter serious. Well, I am not really familiar with US presidents but using the index of security to choose might be quite controversial but watching Bush speak after 9/11, I think he represents the kind of serious president a nation needs after suffering that kind of disaster. Jimmy Carter of course would be the best president for the circumstance under which he led the US. Nice write one monab
Posted by Boladale93 on 08-28-2016
I guess there are many criteria in choosing the best president of any country because the job of the president is the widest and most varied. Even in minor problems like the proliferation of mosquitoes that could cause dengue fever can sometimes reach the president when there is a clamor for him to solve. Maybe the best president would be the choices that people make and not just one president.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-21-2018
IN my opinion it was definately JFK He stood up for the rights of the people and acknowledged that he wasnt fully in control and that there is a secret body pulling the strings. It is funny how he was shot in the heart of intelligence in America with the specific area being state headquarters to the CIA, FBI and secret Service
Posted by neilbhabuta on 08-28-2016
Abraham Lincoln is the man, though assassinated and was really hated by some people, I regard him the best because he really tried uniting the United States and putting an end to slavery and racism.
Posted by Selfrevealing on 08-29-2016
Abraham Lincoln was not as clean as the image sometimes indicated by history. At the time of the Civil war he was quite happy for some states to remain as Slave States if they committed themselves to the Union.
Posted by monab on 08-31-2016
For me i really appreciate President Barrack Obama, He has been a very talented strong man to withstand the problems in America and in return give them a good governance, he has opened a lot of minds and also has created a lot of work for the poor, I think he has my vote , One thing in mind is that no one is perfect that is to say that every good thing has a side effect or rather a bad side but the good he has done is far better than his equals and the fact that he is the first African American president makes it more understanding that it was really a difficult thing and time for him as the president and also for the fact that he has giving a mouth to the blacks also counts on a good side that is giving them a hope of home.
Posted by prosperevergreen on 09-01-2016
Bill Clinton. I think this is one man we should look up too, even though he served for a short while he was one president who had an act for the people. President Obama on the other hand is my most dissapointing.
Posted by Mambombaya on 09-01-2016
Well I am not an American so I don't follow the US politics too closely, but I quite like Barrack Obama. He seems like a very strong leader and there is just something about him that appeals to me.
Posted by LynneHuysamen on 09-01-2016
I liked JFK, unfortunately he was assasinated before he could've made this country better. That's the thing though, even if you're a president you don't run your country, you are simply a puppet for the 1%. Everything is about money, and no president really has the power, money talks.
Posted by Everett on 09-08-2016
Hello. Have a wonderful day. By my opinion its George W Bush junior. I heard that he had gave a great honour to the soldiers of the USA which were assigned at that time to Afghanistan war. I heard that George W Bush Junior said that if total country economic value went for the soldiers but also he is agree to give the full country value to the soldiers of United States of America. On his time USA was well. Now at this time of Sir Donald J Trump USA will stay well.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 05-03-2017
My favorite is John Kennedy, was a real president and my role model, he was someone who set the frame work for the moon exploration and was a president who made Americans put efforts in winning the quest to space, he gave US a mission, a goal and determination. His inaugural address sent a big shock to Americans and the whole world, where he said, and I quote "ask not what your country can do for you,but ask what you can do for your country", but he was not alive to complete his set objectives but his legacy lives on. I also recognize Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Posted by EarlAlexander on 05-22-2017
Lincoln is the best President the Ubited States ever had. He not only united North and South but also abolished slavery. Slavery is the worst thing to happen in the US.
Posted by vinaya on 08-19-2017
I think that I would recommend Abraham Lincoln for his heroics in getting rid of slave trade and giving man freedom and liberty. United States of America is called a free Country today because of the works of one man in the name of Abraham Lincoln, he is the best president to me that America has ever had.
Posted by Heatman on 10-01-2017
I've always been impressed by American presidents who made it through two terms as the second term is almost always a confirmation of their performance. It's difficult to say who's the best president ever as they each made an impact on different fields in and out of their country. My sentimental favorite, however, is John F. Kennedy, who I believed would have made it to a second term if he was not assassinated. He was a good orator who knew how to stir his audience. His 'We choose to go to the moon..." speech still reverberates to this day. It also helped that he has a young and lovely behind him.
Posted by chatbox on 10-21-2017
I am not an American but my vote for the best president of the US is JFK. He is a charismatic leader and I believe that he could have done more if he was not killed by the assassin’s bullet. For me, John F. Kennedy was the spark plug of NASA that sent man to the moon in 1969. Maybe if he is president today, he will do something about the climate change issue and also the wars around us. Add to that his beautiful wife Jackie, they are a great team in the White House.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-20-2018
Abraham Lincoln to me is the best president of the U.S.A since he helped to unite the country and also helped to finally abolish slave trade.
Posted by babyright on 01-23-2018
I'm not American so my view might be skewed but so far it seems like the current president, Trump, is doing a fine job and actually doing a lot of things that the average politician would not dare to do, which is to challenge the press which really has become blatantly biased. Probably, there are also many others that would be favored a bit more to be considered as much better than the current president, but I think they all had something unique to offer and operated at very different eras from each other so there's really not much of a debate to be had in terms of being the best, in my opinion.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-15-2018