Why should others care how many pets you have?

Why should others care how many pets you have?
Do you think that it is anyone else's business as to how many pets you have? Should the city be able to tell you what amount you can have? Or should a friend or family member tell you that X amount is too many?

I know that I have a lot of pets. But the thing is they are not hurting anyone. They are inside cats, who never are let outside. They are well taken care of inside. When they are sick, they go to the vet. They have fresh food daily, get treats, have fresh water daily, have toys, beds, litter boxes that are scooped daily, and even have their own room. These little guys and gals are family to me and my husband . One even has diabetes and gets shots twice daily for it. He never misses a shot and if we are out of town, we find someone to give him the shot so he never misses.

I have had many turn up their nose when they ask how many cats we have and once they find out, they are like do;t you think that is too many? Or what are you doing...collecting cats? To be honest I could care less what they think. My house is clean and they are well taken care of. They are loved and have a better life then they would if they had not been rescued by us.

I do not feel that anyone should have the right to tell me what amount of pets I can have as long as I give them the love and care they need. What do you think?


It's no one's business how many pets you have. You're free to do whatever you want in your house and if you're an animal lover just go for it. You're also saving these poor cats from dying on an abandoned corner in the streets. People will always have something negative to say about something you like to do, just ignore them.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-05-2018
People should never meddle into other people's life that also includes how many pets someone can own. However, sometimes meddling becomes necessity, especially when the pets begin to make a lot of noise or the owner does not care the pets properly.
Posted by vinaya on 01-05-2018
You are right with the issue of meddling. As long as we don’t bother the neighbors or the community then there should be no issue when it comes to pets. However, I know that some dogs are so noisy that they will bark incessantly at night when they see another animal, be it a dog or a cat. Sometimes our neighbor’s dog does that and it’s really disturbing our peace. Can you imagine if they have dogs like that?
Posted by Corzhens on 04-23-2018
As long as your pets don't disturb others or hurt anyone, then it is your choice to keep them or add more. In my estate, people are allowed to complain if a neighbor's domestic animal trespasses. For example, we had a neighbor with many chickens. They always chased their chickens away during the day. So the chickens would spend time on our verandah and make it dirty everyday. We could wash more than two times a day and everyday. It was tiring and time wasting. Although we never bothered to report them, other people did.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-05-2018
The best thing to do is to ignore those people. From your post, I can see that you are taking good care of those pets and they are like your family. I can totally understand your feelings because I have five pets myself and there are people who have told me that I am wasting so much money by keeping so many pets. I can't understand what their problems are. I don't like it when people poke their noses in my business. I prefer to stay away from such people. As it is my pets are not disturbing them or causing any harm.
Posted by Pixie on 01-06-2018
I think people care the way pets are kept. Because others are trained to see how the pets should be cared or behaved. And that way they want to control the outcome for others too. And I know that can be seriously bad approach. But I have seen some of the time it can be something we have to notice in that regard. I would say if you are into pets then do think about it.
Posted by overcast on 01-07-2018
Yeah, why should other people care how many pets you keep inside your home? If you can care for them and treat them as family, the world should thank you for taking some animals off the streets and giving them a good life. At least one city in our country issued an ordinance limiting the number of dogs, pets, and pet fishes a household can care for - 4 dogs/cats and 30 fishes. It sounds funny to be limiting the number of fishes a house can have. Violators will be fined. Those who exceeds the maximum number should ask for a permit and pay a minimal fee. As in most cases, it's difficult to implement ordinances like this one. An animal welfare organization has already voiced its opposition to it because it promotes abandonment of animals which is a violation of the country's animal welfare act. Why should the city care how many pets a household should have if the pets are not allowed to roam the streets and bring havoc to the public?
Posted by chatbox on 01-07-2018
I am a dog lover and I do care for the pets of other people. Just in our neighborhood, there are countless of stray cats which are owned by one neighbor. She said that she has a total of 14 cats, all loose and roaming around the roof of our houses. We also have stray dogs and from my count, there were at least 5 stray dogs roaming in our street. I care for those animals which are obviously neglected by their owners. I have 3 dogs that stay inside our house, fed well and taken care of like a part of the family. That’s why I care about other people’s pets because I pity those neglected animals.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-07-2018
I know people always poke-nose into what doesn't concern them, why would it bother anyone the number of pets one has.For the mere fact that one can care and provide for his or her no matter, the numbers shouldn't be a problem to nosing neighbors. I love pets and I can have any numbers I want.
Posted by lovely on 01-08-2018
We should care about things involve us and if necessary even those not involve in us still we should care those things. So far we have dogs, cat, chickens, goats, cows, horse, and others. Sound great write? Yeah we have that all animals and we treats there as our pets because we love and care animals. :)
Posted by mar06 on 01-11-2018
As long as you take proper care of each one of them nobody should get in the way! There are many people who love pets, and there are many people who would live all alone in solitude were it not for the company of their pets. So it is not a matter of number as long as one truly loves them as members of the family.
Posted by EliteWriter on 01-11-2018
I don't think the city should be able to put a limit to your desired amount of pets but they may have to put some regulations as to how many one household can have depending on their ability to take care of the animals. The same goes for family and friends in my opinion and whatever restrictions or judgement comes out of that it should only be for the comfort and quality of life of the animals and not really for the control.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-11-2018
It's nobody else's business how many pets you own, so long as they aren't causing a disturbance or injury to others. If you have people who are rooming with you or living in the same house, then I think it's absolutely necessary to take their opinions into consideration, since you're sharing a house. However, someone who's just visiting? None of their business.
Posted by TheArticulate on 01-15-2018
Maybe only because they're worried that you won't take care of them because of your schedule or you might won't have time to other things since most of your time is being spent to your pets. Never put your mind that if they just die, you can simply bury it. If you're gonna have a pet, make sure that you should treat them like having a real kid where you should never miss feeding them and you should also pay attention to them and you also need to walk them at least often to exercise.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-17-2018
If anyone tried to tell me how many pets I was allowed I would tell them to get knotted! It is not only my business how many and what type of pets I have but it is my decision as an adult how many and what type of pets I have. Our household had a lot of pets growing up. Two dogs, three cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, hamsters, mice, budgies, canaries, fish and goldfish. It was great to learn how to care for them and know them. However, rules should be in place, like the RSPCA checking on those pets and making sure that they are cared for properly. If an animal is not being cared for properly then it should be taken away for it's own best interest and the person prosecuted.
Posted by JMS on 01-28-2018
Well! Maybe they shouldn't tell YOU because maybe YOU'RE a sensible and reasonable person.

But I was watching a program on television about people who are hoarders. This one lady kept a lot of cats. Lots and lots and lots and lots. Her house was beyond filthy and she wasn't taking care of those animals. It was clearly a case of animal cruelty. She kept whining about her favorite cat. One day it left. She didn't know where it had gone or what had happened to it. Cleaners came in her house. They found her cat. DEAD!! Underneath her sofa.

If you are taking care of the animals, then fine. I won't say anything. You're an adult and it's your business. But if it's a health hazard and cruelty to the animals? I'm sorry but you should be arrested. Those animals need to be rescued.
Posted by foxchannel on 02-01-2018
I love Pet specially dog. We have currently one dog but we gonna have new one so soon. I cant wait to see and take care that dog. I love taking care dog because they are so loving and very loyal.
Posted by mark86 on 11-02-2018
I have a lot of pets and I think it's okay to have it more than less.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-12-2018
One can have as many pets as they wish. Pets are what makes a person. There are people who leave a big inheritance to pets.
Posted by stbrians on 11-30-2018
I have read in the news about a woman who left all her wealth to her cat. The last will was complete with the administrator who will take care of the cat with the use of her money. It is not right to limit the number of pets for an owner but there should be a responsibility that comes with it. Like the owner of the stray dogs in the streets here and the stray cats that make unsavory noises at night, they should be sanctioned.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018
I don’t think it’s a big deal provided you can care for the pets adequately. If you take on a lot of pets I think people assume the workload is going to be pretty significant and as a result they worry about whether or not the animals are getting appropriate care.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-17-2018