Wired Peripherals

Wired Peripherals
Wired computer accessories are often the go to devices when it comes to gaming and general computing. Many people believe that they are superior to their wireless counterparts, and this has led to them becoming extremely popular.

Wired peripherals have a faster response time, and that makes them ideal for fast paced things like gaming. They also do not require batteries, so you can get ones with lights, as well as USB pass-throughs.

The cables/ chords are usually fairly short and they require you to stay near the device they are connected to at all times, which can be a issue if you like to move arround




I get frustrated with wireless devices. Keyboards and mice especially. They seem to randomly disconnect, not connect at all and when they do connect, have lag. I also dislike charging wireless devices or replacing their batteries. They always die at the worst time.
Posted by Lop on 07-28-2016

Wired with the exception of a headset

I tend to prefer wired peripherals for several reasons. When gaming I find that wired peripherals give a faster response time than wireless ones do. Mice for instance, tend to be less accurate pixel wise - at least so was my experience with several ones. Although I must admit that wireless peripherals do provide some degree of comfort, I'd rather attach a cord to my device once than having to charge the battery several times a week. I would hate it especially when I'm gaming and my mouse just wouldn't move due to its charge getting depleted. I would definitely not want that!
Posted by sspi on 07-24-2016

Wired for president!

Wired for president! - I've always used wired keyboards, mice and headphones. I'm a former "semi-professional" Counterstrike player and I think that's the biggest reason for it. I've never liked to play any games using wireless things and I probably never will like it.. With that being said, I do like the possibilities with wireless things and I believe it truly is the "future" so to speak, but I don't know.. Perhaps I'm just too old fashioned on this one.. :D

On a side note: It's awful with all the cables/cords.. So... well, perhaps I'll go with wireless in the future :D

Posted by hitmeasap on 07-24-2016


I prefer wired peripherals because I don't always want to worry about running out of batteries and needed to charge again in order for me to us that certain device. It's still better if it's on wired because the response is in real time, unlike in wireless that the response is noticeable. It also lasts longer when it comes to durability so I prefer to have wired devices than wireless.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-19-2017


Wireless Peripherals

Wireless Peripherals
Wireless peripherals have more uses and they can be used with much more freedom. Unlike wired accessories, they do not constrict the user to a small area, and they can instead be used with relative freedom.

Because there are no wires involved, you can move freely around your device, which is very helpful in a working environment. It also means there is no need to have a maze of cables sprawled over your desk, so having a wireless device can de-clutter your working environment.

There are no cables, so the devices often run off re-chargeable batteries. This means that you will have to charge your devices regularly, and this can become a pain and a chore



Wireless is Simpler

Having a wireless device makes things so much simpler. I have found countless times that once you plug a few things into your computer such as a hard drive, perhaps an external DVD drive (if you are on a Macbook like me) you begin to get overrun with wires.

Having a wireless mouse and keyboard greatly reduces the clutter and, especially in a more commercial environment, it can make things so much faster and allow you to spend less time worrying about how to organise all your wires and give you more time to get work done.

Posted by Natty on 07-28-2016

Gonna go with Wireless

I'm going to cast my vote for wireless because I prefer wireless but I have some issues with it. For example, bluetooth mice and keyboards will sometimes randomly disconnect and have a lag of about 32ms. You can get 2.4 signal devices to reduce both of these though. Keyboards also bug me because they aren't detected at boot (on my custom build) so I have to hook a USB keyboard up if I want to mess with the BIOS.
Posted by FindingJay on 07-24-2016


The fact that you can avoid having all that mess with wires everywhere, and most of them getting all tangled up with one another is just awesome. I currently own a wireless headset and mouse. These are quite good, in comparison to previous ones I owned. So I can say that wireless peripherals can be just great as long as you choose reputable brands.
Posted by EliteWriter on 08-10-2016

Wireless FTW!

Let me tell you, I cannot wait until everything is wireless! I hope someday they manage to make even electricity wireless. In fact they are already able to do that now but the technology isn't quite there yet to roll it out mainstream but it's coming! When that happens things will be a lot more, well, tidier! No wires to hide, no cords to trip up on! I believe that the wireless generation (and I'm not talking about Wi-Fi) will look back and laugh at our old school self and all the wires we used to use to get electricity. Because in the future everything will be wireless. It's good to have some things "plugged in" because that way you don't loose them! Such as when you misplace your mouse or say something else that would normally be plugged into the wall into a power socket. But I'm fine with that if the upside to it is no wires. Also think about it, this could be very good for the environment too. It would mean less electrical cable needing to be made which would mean less plastic ending up disposed in some garbage dump site where it doesn't biodegrade and break down for about 1000 years. They'll probably be digging up our power leads in about 1000 years time and putting them in a museum. Hey look kids, and this is called a power cord. They used to use them to get power to their devices. And all the kids will laugh really loud like HAHAHAHA they were so primitive back then. So yeah, wireless FTW!
Posted by idealmikey on 07-24-2016

Wireless are the future!

10 Years from now, I'm pretty sure peripherals with a wire will become museum pieces. Just look at how many wireless technologies we have at the moment. The thing I want the most to be developed is wireless mobile charging, but not like a pad or something, I want to work into a room with my phone in the pocket and start charging it, like wifi!
Posted by Cristian on 07-25-2016

Wireless Rocks

I think the wired goodies work better and longer, but I just detest wires so I don't care.

I want wireless everything because it is just nicer. It would be great if they didn't have to be charged so often and for so long though but I am sure this will be sorted out in the future as technology evolves.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-25-2016

One Of The Few Times....

This is one of the few times I like the newer thing I am familiar with more than the older version. Wired things are just a pain usually, I hate having them run all over the place. On top of this, I have so many wired devices that are just impractical because of the length of the wire. It seems like it is always the opposite of what I'd expect. Power cords always being too short, random wires like keyboard wires end up being 10 feet long and just getting into a tangled mess. This is a pain, and is much of why I like the simplicity of wireless technology. I do understand the gripes that some people may have though. It does seem possible that they will be randomly disconnected or have other issues arise with them. But for me this is rarely an issue I have ever seen occur yet. I think I will continue to choose wireless peripherals. Anytime where technology makes something easier and it is something that has practical use I am in favor of it, and I think this is one of those occasions and not just some fast way for someone to make an extra buck.
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 08-13-2016


Welcome the new school-wireless. Wires lead clutter to clutter.. They are not as versatile as wireless because it movability depends on the length of the cable of the appliance, this limitation causes most wired appliances to be left stationary. Risk of electrocution is high with wired appliances. Wires limit the number of users who can use said appliance for example a printer in an office set-up. Wires increase the risk of having an accident. If someone trips on an appliance cable they risk both injury and loss by destroying the appliance. Wireless appliances are just versatile and fun.
Posted by Mambombaya on 08-03-2016

Most of the time

As long as the connection is not compromised, I will always prefer wireless devices. I especially love wireless headphones. The only issue I do have with them is that the battery runs out from time to time. Other than that, the convenience is well worth having to recharge it once in a while. For important devices, I would consider sticking with wired versions of the same device. This would only go for devices that I need a reliable connection for.
Posted by flc735 on 08-19-2016


I prefer wireless peripherals because sometimes if I forget there are wires I move and pull them and it messes up my table and it's also just easy to trip over them in general. For some items it's not such a big problem to have a wire but if I can have the wireless version of the item I would definitely prefer it more often than not just because it's a lot more convenient.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-16-2018


I go for wireless peripherals. It is not not complicated because there are no cables. It is more convenient.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-30-2018


On the fence scenarios where both devices are concerned will permit the use or withdrawal of either within specific applications. In the office for example, it's best to have wired devices particularly when several people share an office. The wireless devices tend to wander off in some cases disappear resulting in unnecessary and costly replacement. Also because of the fact that wireless interference can cause reduced and limited data transmission plus pose as a potential security risk, it's best to have wired devices that reduce these risks in the office. Wireless devices are very convenient and we can freely move in our homes or just be mobile which is often a very liberating experience. They're like love and marriage sometimes that go together like a horse and carriage and fairly in situations the more over, we can't have one without the other!
Posted by Joteque on 07-13-2017
Our computer system used to be wired until the keyboard gave up. Some keys wouldn’t work anymore due to wear and tear. We bought a new keyboard and because it was cheap at only $5 so I was lured to that wireless keyboard that is made in China. Well, it’s been more than 3 years now and it’s still working good. The advantage of wireless is that there is no wire that tangles and disturbs you when you are on the computer. By the way, there’s also a wireless mouse that comes with that keyboard but it’s not very efficient. Maybe there’s a problem with the remote transceiver.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-22-2018
I use a laptop which means I use inbuilt touch pad and keyboard. I once tried using an external mouse and it was wired, however, later I stopped using it because it was more of a nuisance. I sometimes use a headphone with my laptop and it is wired headphone. I guess I like wired peripherals. I have avoided using wireless because of the cost involved.
Posted by vinaya on 01-27-2018
I love wireless peripherals because one don't need to connect any wire and get it entangle everywhere in the home or office because wires are not involved and one can move around with any peripheral or device without moving with wires and because of this, there wouldn't be any cluttering of wires which can cause any little shock through any negative wire or bare wire.
Posted by lovely on 02-10-2018
Wireless ones are good, especially when you are going outside, so you don't need to fix any wires anymore.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-15-2018
You may mean by wireless is the wifi. The wireless peripheral is a device that is not physically connected to the computer like the wireless mouse or wireless keyboard and that also includes the wireless connection by Bluetooth. Anyway, I don’t use wireless device on my laptop because it is not very efficient and sometimes there is a lag unlike the corded mouse that is very quick in reaction.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-30-2018
I choose wireless peripherals. It is so easy to use. It makes me more comfortable using my gadgets.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-30-2018