With nature's inconsistent behaviour what will happen to food production?

With nature's inconsistent behaviour what will happen to food production?
No doubt environmentalists blame man for the global warming resulting in nature behaving in a rather inconsistent manner affecting predominantly the farmer. Just when the farmer gets geared up to harvest their produce there will be unconventional heavy showers or in some countries heavy snow. When the farmer expects rain there will be drought. This is a disturbing trend and there is little that one can do to change the mind set of nature. I have seen fruit trees yielding at wrong times. And if that happens before the onset of rains those fruits rot causing heavy losses.

Farming is based on a system that cannot be compromised just to please nature. This has a cascading effect on everything that has to do with crops. There will be no food, no raw materials for the food industry – the list is endless.

Can science intervene and order nature to behave the way they want to? Is this ever possible? Is it true that man is the cause of global warming or does pollution cause this change. So many questions remain unanswered but the fact of the matter is this situation is of great concern and something urgent needs to be done to see that man does not starve.

A thought arises on the need to create artificial food grains, vegetables and fruits so that the farmer does not have worry about climate change. So many farmers atleast in India commit suicide when their efforts go waste and in some cases they do not even have a square meal to feed their family.

Or could man just live on supplements that one gets in the form or tablets and syrups? Perhaps the future generations could live on what earth produces. Homoeopathy is one such discipline that is based on such elements. Can a study be conducted to provide man sustenance created from earth elements? It is time some research is undertaken as the way nature behaves it cannot be relied upon to guarantee smooth sailing with regard to growing food.

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This is a critical question that cannot be answered fully until we actually get to that point in the world. I have actually watched some movies where the earth vegetation dies off and man was forced to improvise in order to survive by depending on supplements. I seriously hope that the global warming does make us get to this point when we aren't prepared for it.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-16-2018
Gee that is a scary prediction that we would be surviving on supplements. I know that it is only a movie but it can happen because the climate change is pointing towards that. In the recent California fire where so many had dies and countless of houses burned, isn’t that a clear writing on the wall of things to come? Most of the food we eat are raised with chemicals that are disguised as vitamins and antibiotics. Without those chemicals we would have the luxury of meat and vegetables.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
At one point in the future, we may rely on certain supplements to take the necessary nutrients needed. While climate change is a natural event that is a constant as the earth ages throughout the years, it is without a doubt accelerated by man's actions, which makes it more difficult for us to adapt for food production. Steps should be done to reduce our negative impact on nature and so that the weather patterns will be more predictable and we can base food production schedule off of it.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-19-2018
I always have that feeling to ask this sort of question about how we see the changes that global warming is bringing to our society and the worse of it all has got to be that people are not even doing all expected of them to protect nature. The reason I said so is that people always do those things such as busy burning that was reported to be one of the things that cause global warming and to see people living around here do such means that they don't care what happens in life in general. Food production is one we have to put hands together or ensure that it is on the rise and not on decline.
Posted by Barida on 02-19-2018
farming is my side business. I farm rice, corn, lentils and vegetables. I don't buy cereal and about 80 percent of vegetable consumption comes from my own produce. Over the years I have witnessed the decline in food production. The mocdern farming method can help to increase food production however, it is not only costly but also bad for the hea;th because we have to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Posted by vinaya on 02-21-2018
I also fear for the future of agriculture. Since nowadays farmers have been doing everything they can to make their produce more appealing. To the extent that they do not take into consideration the health of those who will consume their produce. Their are some farmers who have been using strong pesticide to keep worms away since consumers only prefer those which are not infested by it. Therefore, this makes eating them very hazardous especially to the frail and weak, The very young and the very old who do not have a strong immunity against this foreign and deadly chemicals.
Posted by anahbello1206 on 02-22-2018
We have some fruit trees here and we have noticed the changed onset of seasons that the trees are confused. Like the sugar apple which normally have good fruits during the month of July to October, it now bears fruits from January to March. But the fruits are not that good anymore, fine with the taste but the size is small. The mango tree which bears fruit twice a year in May and December, now bears fruit in March. Only the dragon fruit is not affected by the climate change.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-23-2018
People have survived famines. I don't so much worry about climate change. But I don't ignore it either. However, I've already seen people growing foods in greenhouses, using hydroponics, etc. I am more concerned about contamination and pollution; about poisonous chemicals that seep into the soil and water. That is far more dangerous than global warming or climate change. Don't you think so? The dirty water crisis in Flint Michigan didn't have anything to do with climate change. http://www.foxnews.com...er-three-years-later.html
Posted by foxchannel on 03-14-2018
I think it's possible. I remember watching movies and cartoons that made it look fun. It's a curious thought. How would food taste like if it were simply based on a pill? But I hope that we won't be forced to do it. It's a fun concept. Just not like dystopian societies.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-17-2018
Nature has always been inconsistent in some parts of the world but people have managed so far with the constantly fluctuating supply and prices. Time will come, though, when the bounties of the earth will no longer be enough to satisfy the ever growing population. I find it amusing to imagine pills as food substitute. For huge eaters like me, it will never satisfy my need for food. Thankfully, there are ways to grow plants in places where their production and growth will not be affected significantly by climate change. Urban farming techniques, hydroponics, and greenhouses are alternative methods to grow plants and they are gaining popularity among urban and suburban residents.
Posted by chatbox on 09-27-2018
Climate chmge is a serious problem that is having an adverese effect on all the spheres of life. The ever increasing menance of pollution is making us vulnerable to natural calamities which are happening on a recurring basis these days. Vehicular pollution is responsible for the deaths of many people around the World. Climate cahnge has definitely having an impact on the soil productivity and thetre is a considerable decrease in the yield of the different crops all throughout the World. If no preventive steps ae taken , we surely will be having a disaster coming in the future.
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-08-2018