Woman's Christmas Tree Leggings

Woman's Christmas Tree Leggings
Within the past year or so, leggings have really made a huge comeback. And rightfully so! They are comfortable to wear, look great on a variety of body types, and come in so many different colors and patterns that it is easy to jazz up a wardrobe with a few pairs. So why not have a pair for the upcoming Christmas season. For $5.99 with $1.99 shipping, this Woman's Christmas Tree Leggings can be ordered off Amazon. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. These leggings are polyester. They have Christmas trees on them and feature other patterns from red snowflakes to different line patterns.

These leggings would be cute to wear to the office with a pair of knee high boots and a long shirt. Dress the leggings up with a cute sweater! They can be worn with ballet flats as well.

  • soft silky material
  • great for those that love Christmas or leggings
  • comfortable
  • casual
  • cute
  • nice price
  • just as pictured
  • very roomy
  • lightweight

  • on the short side
  • see through
  • very thin
  • color was ligther then pictured
  • leggings are not matte like pictured- they are very shiny
  • cheaply made
  • come up to the chest
  • not worth the money *not attractive




These leggings are lovely. I like the shade of green and the Christmas Tree design. They are perfect to get in the Holiday Spirit while still being very fashionable and classy. This print is very modern and fashion forward. I like them a lot and would definitely wear them with a shirt-dress. Leggings are incredibly comfortable and versatile clothing.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-19-2017

I choose these

I think that the Christmas tree leggings are the best. They are so cute and festive. I would love tnese. Tney are so cute and I woyld love to have a pair. I am definitely going to look into these.
Posted by Sue on 11-18-2017

They look great

I love these Woman's Christmas Tree Leggings. I actually have a similar pair that I have recently bought but the motive is slightly different.

They look way better than the other leggings and far more comfortable. The theme is right on time since Christmas is fastly approaching and this could be an amazing gift for your girlfriend/wife.

Posted by Mehano on 11-18-2017
Jonathan Solomon


Well, both are very affordable. In my opinion though, the Christmas Tree Leggings look better overall compared to the Christmas Santa Claus Print Leggings. They appear very comfortable and the soft silky material sells the rest! I’d probably gift these to someone I like for the holidays.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 11-19-2017

Christmas tree leggings

I support these because I think they look a bit better. They cost less and I would feel more comfortable wearing them. I just think the Santa Claus leggings are better and more comfortable to wear.
Posted by kgord on 11-18-2017


I prefer the patterns and color of this legging. I think that it will be perfect to wear for Christmas. There are also positive reviews about this product on Amazon. Moreover, it is not that expensive. I don't really like the color of the other legging. It's way too bright.
Posted by Pixie on 11-18-2017

Comfortable leggings

I'd probably only wear festival leggings like this when I'm hanging around the house and I think I would prefer these. They seem a little more suitable for relaxing then the other pair.
Posted by anna on 11-20-2017

cute, cute, cute!

I prefer this one, I like the colors better and I found it more flattering than the pink-red one. I always go for darker colors since I don't like bright ones in my clothing so this is the choice for me, Woman's christmas tree leggings please!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 11-24-2017

These are better

These leggins are just overall better. The look, the price, everything about them is great. I'm pretty sure they would look amazing on the right figure and they look a lot more Christmas themed than the other ones, who in my opinion look a little bit generic and not Christmas related.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-18-2017


Pink Queen Woman's Christmas Santa Claus Print Leggings

Pink Queen Woman's Christmas Santa Claus Print Leggings
Looking for a great pair of leggings to wear this holiday season? Look no further. Amazon is offering these Pink Queen Woman's Christmas Santa Claus Print Leggings starting at $12.99. These adorable leggings are 90%polyester and 10% spandex. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. They are ankle length leggings with elastic that sits on the hip.
These leggings are a bright red with a Santa Claus pattern on them. Trees are also featured, as are some snow flakes. These pants would look adorable with a longer sweater or a long sleeved dressy blouse. Super cute to wear to the office, a holiday party, or for shopping!

  • adorable
  • on the shiny side
  • receives many compliments
  • perfect for a jingle bell run
  • do not show panty lines
  • fits perfectly
  • comfortable
  • festive
  • fun
  • great design
  • arrived on time
  • decent value
  • nice quality fabric
  • true to size
  • vibrant colors

  • not very warm
  • very thin
  • was sent the wrong size
  • were labeled as dry clean only
  • not made for plus sized gals
  • color was faded on one leg
  • tight material
  • material was too slick
  • sizing was way off
  • small elastic band for the waist



red looks better

I like red a lot better so I'm choosing this one. Both can be nice as long as they match the outfit well enough, but just on their own, anything red will automatically attract me a lot easier. It looks good to me and the green just looks a bit too boring to me.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-19-2017


I like the womans Christmas leggings because it is very cute, comfortable to wear and it is lighter and cheaper to afford for those that love smart leggings wear.
Posted by babyright on 11-18-2017
From the review and description I will go for the pink lady Santa leggings,I will live to have one of those for my Christmas really befitting of the period I love the design and the color,it will nr a perfect fit for me especially if it just exactly like the image depict.I believe it will be comfortable and coxy for the body.
Posted by lovely on 11-19-2017
Christmas is gone, however, I think these leggings can be worn any time of the year. Christmas symbold do not fade, do they? I will have to go with Christmas Tree Leggings because of the price and color combination. The selling price for Santa Claus Print Leggings starts from $12 which I think is expensive.
Posted by vinaya on 01-17-2018
This reminds me of the leggings that my husband gave me a few years back for my birthday. He said that the leggings he gave me was called jeggings because it was designed to hide my bulging tummy. However, it is sad that it did not fit my size so I was not able to wear it that until now, it is still in the package where it came with and probably will stay there for long until I lose a lot of weight.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018
Both a horrible choices. Both are cool to wear during the Christmas season. If I had to pick I would pick the pink queen woman's christmas santa claus print leggings. The problem with both these choices are that you can only wear them during the Christmas season or at home. Off course if you are crazy you could wear them all year round. When I buy clothes I make sure that I can wear them multiple times, I find this an economical way of buying clothes.
Posted by jaymish on 12-08-2018