Women's St. Patrick's Day Leggings

Women's St. Patrick's Day Leggings
Looking for a really fun outfit to wear for your St. Patrick's day outing? May I suggest a pair of colorful St. Patty's Day leggings. These leggings are fun and really festive. Amazon has CowCow Women's St. Patrick's Day Leggings starting at just under $9. These leggings come in many different patterns for the green holiday. There are pairs with ladies dancing a St. Patty's day jig on them, pairs done in green plaids, and some that have shamrocks on them. Others feature leprechauns while some have beer and shamrocks on them. So many great patterns to pick from. Sizes available include extra small to size 5X.

What I love about these pants is that they are cute. Perfect for a parade. Wonderful for a 5K St. Patrick's Day run. Great to go bar crawling in. They would look great with a shirt or sweatshirt. Make the outfit as crazy as you can with different shades of green. Or jazz it up with some green beads. Or maybe you do not do crazy, so you will just pair the leggings up with a matching sweater or shirt. The choice is up to you!

These leggings are very soft to the touch and just feel amazing on the skin. If there is one thing that CowCow does correctly, it is leggings. The leggings are stretchy, made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. They are a purchase that is well worth it.

  • inexpensive
  • so many different patterns to pick from
  • soft
  • comfortable
  • amazing fabric
  • goes with t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and more
  • fun for a parade, bar crawl, party and more
  • festive
  • cool looking
  • lots of sizes
  • fit well
  • hold up great in the wash
  • cute print
  • do not give muffin top like some leggings do
  • adorable
  • nice quality
  • hassle free returns
  • beautiful colors
  • great for working out in
  • good material *looks just like image
  • received many compliments
  • true to size
  • unique
  • fantastic
  • nice stitching
  • terrific

  • super slow shipping
  • could see through them
  • thin material
  • slippery material used
  • sewn with white thread which was too visible
  • crappy quality
  • fabric felt strange
  • did not care for them
  • too small



Good leggings

Women's St. Patrick's Day Leggings is very popular around here and most of the women whom I have seen wearing the leggings, it looks very good and fitted on them. So, it's an easy choice to make on picking this Women's St. Patrick's Day Leggings.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-20-2018

If you're going to go for the novelty approach, th

If you're after something cute and quirky then I think these definitely hit the mark for St Patrick's Day. They look fun and if you're only wearing them for one occasion I don't think it's too bad that they're not the best quality if the price is cheap.
Posted by amelia88 on 07-01-2018


HDE Digital Footless Leggings with Shamrock Pattern

 HDE Digital Footless Leggings with Shamrock Pattern
St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it. If you need a fun outfit for a parade you are attending or a party you plan on going to, you may want to consider leggings. Leggings are perfect because they go with a variety of tops and they are so comfortable. And who does not want to be comfortable while they are drinking a glass or two of green beer?

Amazon has these HDE Digital Footless Leggings with Shamrock Pattern starting at just under $4. Sizes available include small, medium, large, extra large and 2X. The leggings are 95% polyester and 5% spandex. These leggings offer a medium thickness and help to keep the body warm.

These pants are bold and fashionable. They are fun and have a cool pattern on them. They are perfect for working out or just relaxing at your leisure.

  • look incredible
  • colors are amazing
  • fun and cute
  • many sizes
  • great to work out in
  • medium thickness
  • bold
    • soft and comfortable
  • stretchy
  • trendy and fashionable
  • adorable
  • great value
  • sewn well- no loose threads
  • just as pictured
  • too shiny
  • arrived quick
  • were not see through
  • highly recommended
  • flattering
  • happy with them

  • slightly high waisted
  • long for shorter gals *not silky enough
  • too clingy of material
  • too tight in the crotch area
  • baggy at the knees
  • print was poor and misaligned
  • fabric is cheap
  • images are blurry
  • lays on the body all wrong
  • arrived ripped in crotch
  • poor customer service


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I love wearing leggings as they make me look more elegant. I prefer the patterns on Digital Footless Legging and it looks more stylish. I like the combination of colors on this legging. I also like to wear clothes that I am comfortable in and this legging seems to be cozy.
Posted by Pixie on 03-08-2018
I choose Shamrock Pattern this design will last longer than St. Patrick's Day design. Once festive season is over, it will look absurd to wear the design related to that festival. However, if you choose a design that is not seasonal, you might use it for a long time. Shamrock Pattern leggings are also cheaper than St. Patrick's Day leggings
Posted by vinaya on 03-08-2018
I don't really like either of these to tell you the truth. Furthermore, in the first picture, the legs look so fat, that really aren't a good example in my opinion. I might wear green on St. Patricks Day but I am not Irish to the best of my knowledge so I am not going to wear those leggings.
Posted by kgord on 03-10-2018