Working alone

Working alone
You're assigned a solo project at school or work. Which means you are solely responsible for the outcome of the project. No one to relay information off of, however, independent minds with a craving for research will excel quite quickly.

Working at your own pace, while simultaneously reviewing and proofing your own work, you can move forward as fast or slow as your own effort/time/resources and talent allow. No think tank to consult for decision making.

You alone will determine if this project is a success or failure, by the work you put in.

  • You're the project leader
  • Your thoughts and say-so goes
  • Work at your own flow and pace
  • Grade your own work without the criticism of others

  • No one to share labor with
  • NNo one to outsource jobs to. You are in charge of every facet whether writing, research, execution
  • No one to bounce ideas off or receive critical feedback from
  • More work must be put out individually for the project to be done
  • You are solely responsible for the overall grade of the project
  • Success or failure of your project rides on your shoulders/effort
  • No one to blame but yourself if the project fails




I can work in a team if every member has something unique to contribute which combined creates a wonderful result; much more than what an individual can create or imagine. But this is rarely how teams are built or organized.

In most places, teams are created for the sake of a specific business objective or milestone; it doesn't matter (to the superiors) whether the team is cohesive. As a result, the individual 'star' contributors get over-burdened and end up losing morale in the Project.

For this reason, I feel rather than living in a bad marriage and continue to suffer, its better to Work Solo and bear the solitary pangs on & off.

Posted by Anonymous on 04-06-2018


I do feel alone is best for me not just that I seem to concentrate alot more when working alone. Even tho team works great but I work alot faster on my own as with a team as well there are many disagreements
Posted by moneybags82 on 06-20-2017

I work better alone

I have always enjoyed working alone. I prefer to work at my own pace and in my own way without having to stop and collaborate with others. I understand the benefits of working in a group - which is having multiple perspectives and more ideas. However, I still find that it's really hard for me to offer my best work in a group. I like to have complete ownership of a task or project. It gives me more motivation to make sure I do my job well. I have always been this way, even since I was in Elementary school I always dreaded group projects.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 06-19-2017

Love to do work alone

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I shall love to do work with singly first. If necessity I take the help of group but by online only. Not in real life. Like I am a freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace.Some times I get large project and at the time I love to take help of online groups. Otherwise I shall take all works singly.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-19-2017

I'm more effective alone

It depends on the kind of person you are, but as a manager and supervisor I am best working alone as I delegate.

Team situations suit some people and jobs, but as a manager you have to be accountable to everyone and everything. I do work well in a team, but only if the team is a good one.

Posted by Alexa on 06-19-2017

I'm a loner

I want to work alone most of the time. When I working on something, I don't want anybody messing up what I'm doing. I usually get by with just myself doing all the work.

Yes, I know how to work with a group, and I think working in a group is productive especially if all of you are friends. But most of the time, there would be one or two persons in a group who wouldn't be working at all. And that pisses me off.

That's why I mostly prefer working by myself than with others.

Posted by limberg on 12-08-2017


I hate working in teams. I can't stand the noise and the lack of focus and people can be shameless when it comes to office politics. So I prefer to work alone where I am assessed through my performance and results rather than having to deal with making false impressions just to look good in front of everybody.
Posted by missionreport on 06-25-2017

Definitely alone

I am a bit of a loner. I like to keep to myself and do my own thing so I always tend to work much better alone. I get a lot more accomplished and I get to be more creative with my thoughts. Sometimes others can slow you down if they aren't are efficient I their work.

Not everybody works the same and not everybody can work together well. I have always done much better on my own.

Posted by Sue on 06-20-2017


I have always preferred and excelled at working alone. Not because I'd hate working with others or that I couldn't work in a group but it is just my personal choice.

I've had so many bad experiences at the university where we've gotten assigned as a group - few people have to work together and make a project. I've always done like 80% of the work alone and other members never wanted to make any effort towards getting a good grade.

This is mainly why I love working alone. I love taking all the responsibility because I have complete faith in myself and I know that the things that I make are good. I feel knowing that I have complete control.

Posted by Mehano on 06-19-2017

The best comes out of me

As long as I am not heading a team I prefer to work alone. I can never be a part of a group unless I am heading it as then I will have the power to veto that which I do not agree on. There is always the fear of compromising on one's own ideas to merge with the thought of the group when one is part of a group. There is a reason for this and that is at the present moment I am with those who are not well exposed.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-20-2017


I'm a very sociable person (just to be clear, haha!), but when it comes to work... Without thinking twice: I really prefer to work alone because I get much more focused and consequently I work better than when I'm working in a group. :)
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-20-2017

Working alone

Honestly I've worked as a group and I confess that I'm not very good at teamwork. Today I work from home with my wife and I am much happier. For me, working alone is the best thing, as there is no charge, there is no misunderstanding or no problem. I'm also not very good at dealing with people, so I believe that working alone is the best option for me.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-20-2017

Solo yolo

I find it difficult working in groups for a couple of different reasons.

The first is I'm a bit of a control freak and I like to be aware of what is going on at all times, especially if the assignment or project is very important. In a group setting, I'm not always the lead and not knowing how things are progressing can be frustrating.

Secondly, and perhaps the biggest reason I prefer working alone, people not carrying their own weight. If I am working alone I am accountable for everything. In a group, people can easily just pass the buck.

Posted by Lizzyib on 06-19-2017

Working Alone is much better

For me, it is much better to work alone than in a group because I can concentrate much of what I am doing. I get easily disturb if there is someone by my side when I am working.
Posted by rage35 on 06-19-2017

Flying solo.

Whether it was while I was in High School or in College, I absolutely hated working in groups. This was especially so when it came to creative projects, because as a highly creative individual I always had my own artistic visions I wanted to get across. If it meant being able to do everything my way and bring my vision to life in its entirety, I would rather work much harder and alone than have to compromise with multiple people.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-20-2017
EJ Burg

Working alone

I get the best results when I work alone. I think the reason might be because when I work alone or do a project alone, every aspect of the project is under my control. I have my own ways to approach a project and love to work at my own pace and all of that results in work that I can feel proud of when done.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-19-2017

Working Alone

I much prefer to work alone when doing work. Why? As when working in a group, it’s usually with someone I don’t know or someone who I don’t like. When it is with someone I’m friends with, we got almost no work done for the time we take. When working alone, I can procrastinate all I want and work at my own pace without anyone having to tell me off, I don’t have to do it at a specific time (when you meet up for group work) and it’s just all my thoughts and marks, not anyone else’s, which is why I prefer to work alone.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-20-2017

All by myself.

I can't stand working with groups, I stress more and tend to do all the working all by myself at the end. I'm not a teamwork fan.
Posted by StolenKid on 07-07-2017

Working alone

I like to work alone. I think is better this way. It is true that working alone will bring more work, but when you work alone you get all credits and critics. Critics are good, it will make you improve yourself.
Posted by wallet on 06-20-2017

Working Alone

I am more comfortable with working alone. When you work with other people, you are responsible for their screw-ups, and they might not understand the goals you have in mind. Recently, I asked everyone to create a group chat via email where we share our ideas. Some of them looked at me like I was crazy. It's also too much hassle to find a partner. I am naturally introverted, so working alone is easier for me.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-20-2017

Bad experiences in group projects

In group projects, I'm always the one doing all the work.

I've tried delegating responsibilities and I've found they don't complete them. I've tried discussion circles and I've discovered they didn't bother to even research. I've tried asking for concrete things and they fail to deliver in time...

I prefer working alone. I want things to be done the right way, and if I will end up being the only one working in group projects, I might as well start the duty on my own from the start.

It's sad, but it's the way it has been.

Posted by VintageRose on 08-06-2017

Lone wolf

I wouldn't say that I don't or can't work well in a group but I definitely work better when I work alone. Most times it's the distraction in the group work that makes me lack more efficiency but when I'm going at the task all by myself, I tend to do exceptionally well.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-26-2018


Working in a group

Working in a group
You're assigned a group project. In this scenario, you have to work with the set of class/work mates given. If everyone is on the same page, the work can be done in no time. Especially if everyone involved is pulling their weight in the project as a whole. The downside is, if someone's work lacks the same quality as yours, overall grade is still affected despite your hard earned efforts.

If the project succeeds, then everyone shares the glory (even if all the work was result of one person's effort) and if the project fails, then all share the blame.

Rise or fall, the project depends on everyone pulling together in united effort, all moving in one direction toward a common goal.

  • Great minds think alike
  • Many hands make easy work
  • Equal individual input equals less individual effort

  • Multiple minds can bump heads with ideas
  • Not everyone contributes equally
  • Not everyone values the project quality equally
  • Picking up for someone's slack within the group may be required




A group is better because you get different perspectives on things and you can bounce ideas around. Being in a group is more fun. Why go at it alone? We are all put on this earth to help each other and to lean on one another so why do anything alone? Be a team player. Yes, there are times when there is a weak link but build that person up and teach him/her things that may help them get faster or better at what their doing.
Posted by working3 on 06-19-2017

Many hands make light work

I don't mind either really, and in my past, I've had to work both on my own and with a team. And even change interoperably between the two as well. Generally, well, it really depends what I'm doing! Or what needs to be done! If it's something I can more than manage doing on myself, then I enjoy the freedom of working on my own. But if it's something I will need some help with (even though I could do it on my own but get it done quicker with the help of others), I would prefer to work as part of a group. But I do usually prefer just to work on my own, at my own pace. Even though while working as and with a group, you can all spur and motivate each other to crack on. But basically, they both have their own pros and cons. They both have their own advantages and benefits to them. But I like having people around me and especially so when those people mean the work I have to do is shared out and made lighter by the group! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 06-20-2017

It depends on what it is

I think working in a group can be valuable but it really depends on what the project is. In a group, the same effort isn't made by everyone. There is always someone who does more. This is one of the problems of group work.
Posted by kgord on 06-19-2017

Share the burden

If I am working, I would prefer to work as a team. Working in a group is better as I am not self motivated and I will be lost where to start.

Working in a group, someone can be the leader who gives out instructions, who is in charge of this and that. Everyone is involved in a project. If that person failed to perform his task, the others would be affected. Hence, team work will link one to another task done.

Furthermore, I don't have to do all the work. Just finish my task will do. For solutions, discussion is the best way to find ideal answer from different people. I can learn the tips from others

Posted by peachpurple on 06-20-2017

Can't Work Alone For The Government

I work well either way. Alone of with a group and I don't really have a preference. I used to work for the federal government. You can do some tasks assignments independently. But for the most part, if you are a civil servant, your efforts are usually the result of team work. It's better that way. Less chance for fraud, waste, abuse and corruption. :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-19-2017

2 heads is better than 1

Im into group work because you can feed each other to motivate and come up with the best outcome to your given task. Also in groups, you can spot the immediate mistake of your work because you have more eyes to scrutinize the progress of your job. And you can designate work to different people and making the completion of the work faster and the work load lesser
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-19-2017

Working In Group Is The Best

Its Better and Best to work in groups as we get new ideas and can innovate properly as well and work load is divided between individuals and that's the main thing about TEAM, we can surely achieve more if we have a good team as work and responsibilities can be divided easily in group of people with great minds.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 06-21-2017

I'm a solo worker but...

I am a solo worker for as long as I've known, but I can't deny the benefits of working in a group. I know that doing things solo means you could do things purely your way without anyone telling you what to do, or anyone slacking off and taking credit for the things you did, in fact my motto used to be "if they can't do it right, do it yourself". But I do know the benefits of being in a group, as I've seen some of my thesis classmates work together as a group very efficiently and I often get jealous. If I was given a decent group to work with every time, I would choose to work with the group.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-20-2017


My personal opinion is mix of both. I like to work with group some of the time. And other times I prefer to work alone. This way I can strike the balance of social and not so social. It just makes you wonder if the working alone feeling that may make you crave for human company. You can see that sometimes you have to find out what works better for you. And then take decisions based on that. That's what I think is a good approach towards this.
Posted by overcast on 06-19-2017
I prefer to work alone, but I like to get opinions from a group. When I work alone there will be do distractions, no suggestions, thus I will be able to complete my work in time. However, when I go to group for opinion, I will have an opportunity to improve my work. Working in group will result in "too many cooks spoil the broth."
Posted by vinaya on 06-19-2017
I enjoy working in both ways. I like to work in a team, where it is more fun, and we can always have discussion among the team members, so it might be easier for us to solve an issue, make a decision or just brainstorm any ideas. It also helps to release stress if we have any. I also get to learn from others more if I work with others. Sometimes I would prefer to work alone, as I can be more concentrating on the work without spending time on meeting or chatting with teammates, also less time spent on communication. I also do not need to wait for others to complete their portions, in order to continue mine, I can just start working on it according to my own schedule. It's more flexible to work alone, but certainly there is more stress and bigger responsibility too.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-19-2017
It depends on the assignment. If it is working in groups during class or school hours, then I am fine with that. However, if it is working in groups after hours and everyones schedule is different than it is complicated. I would rather work by myself if it is after hours.
Posted by simplym on 06-19-2017
Working alone or working in a team, my preference would depend on the project. There are projects that can be handled by one person and a team is assigned just to make it quicker to finish. In those cases, I would prefer to do it alone or just relieve me from the project because the tendency of the team members is to make themselves shine. But if the project requires different expertise then that would be a good one for me. Let's say one engineer and a doctor plus a carpenter, etc. But if there will be 2 engineers, maybe it's not ideal but it's still okay. For more than 2 engineers, it would be confusing already.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-20-2017
Sometimes I like to work alone and some other times I like to work as a team. I prefer to work alone simply because I don't need to argue about anything and finish the project fully with my ideas and no one would disagree. I prefer to work as a team when the project is quite big and quite hard, though I still work alone even when I'm in a team. What I meant by that is usually I have full control of designs and visual, and thus I work alone with my own ideas to beautify the project, just like working alone. But the project itself is by everyone other than me.
Posted by ValX on 06-20-2017
Sometimes I like to work alone and some other times I like to work as a team. I prefer to work alone simply because I don't need to argue about anything and finish the project fully with my ideas and no one would disagree. I prefer to work as a team when the project is quite big and quite hard, though I still work alone even when I'm in a team. What I meant by that is usually I have full control of designs and visual, and thus I work alone with my own ideas to beautify the project, just like working alone. But the project itself is by everyone other than me.
Posted by ValX on 06-20-2017
For me, it's all about what kind of job it is. I honestly despise seeing two people work on a one-person job. It's very triggering and irritates me to my core. Now if it's a job that is supposed to be finished by two or more people then I can work well with others as long as they aren't bigots or extremely clumsy (because everyone is clumsy to some degree or another).
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-20-2017
It depends on the project, I always prefer some help, but if my group causes problems instead of helping, then I'll just finish the project myself.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-20-2017
It depends on the project for me. Some projects are so big that you need other people. It's just too much pressure to have to interact with people all the time and coordinate schedules with one another. Sometimes, you might have a project where you have to end up doing all the work anyway, so why not cut out the middle man?
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-20-2017
I like both teamwork and working on my own. Both are same enjoyable for me. I can coexist as a part of a team because I am a very sociable person and mix well with anyone. Also, I like working alone as it gives me a freedom to organise my schedule in any way I want. In general, I am versatile in this matter.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 06-21-2017
If you are given a project to do and you are to work along with others then working along with others is the best because it will make the work easier and faster with everyone contributing his or her own idea.
Posted by babyright on 01-02-2018
It all depends on the project that I have to complete. Some projects can be successfully completed only by collaborating with others. I love working in teams as different people will share their opinions and we can agree on the best alternative. However, there are some projects which do not require teamwork and I prefer to work on my own to complete these projects as I can work more efficiently and reach the deadline more quickly.
Posted by Pixie on 03-26-2018
Although there are some kind of task that I certainly cannot be able to do alone and in such situations, I would need a capable helping hand with a group of people who are professional in their various fields. It's only with such kind of personnel that getting the job done properly and perfectly would be made possible.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-28-2018