Would you want to live in a town that was Halloween all year long?

Imagine a town that celebrated Halloween all year long. Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are always on display. Roads and streets are named Halloween names, such as "Boo Lane", " Jack Street", or " Ghost Drive". Restaurants with the names "Mummy's Home Cooking" or "Frankenstein's Hideaway". Haunted houses that were open every day. Bakery's that made it a point to always serve pumpkin flavored goodies. Houses that are decorated with witches, mummies, monsters, vampires, and more. A movie theater that plays horror movies, such as "Bram Stroker's Dracula" or "Frankenstein" or "The Nightmare on Elm Street". Shops that sold Halloween decorations all year long where the employees dressed up as characters. An amusement park that was strictly Halloween themed.

What would you think of this? Would you be more then willing to live here all year long? Would you find it cool that there is a place like this that you call home?

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  Yes, I would love to live in a town that celebrated Halloween all year long. Vote
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  No, I would not want to live in a town that celebrated Halloween all year long. Vote
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Definitely my answer to this is yes, I would so much love to to live in a town that celebrated Halloween all year long. Halloween celebration gives me so much fun, and to live in a town that gives me a constant reminder of how fun a Halloween celebration can be is actually a plus bonus.

I think there are some who are actually creeped out just with the mentioning of Halloween and not to talk of practically living in a town filled with its history and costumes, I definitely think such person is really going to die of fright. But the likes of myself and others like me are really going to enjoy the experience and all the fun and thrill it comes with.
Posted by Heatman on 10-05-2017
No,when anything becomes excessive then boredom sets in.A celebration should be once in a while or else the whole excitement would die off.It just like when we get excited to celebrate our birthday because it just once a year,if it were to celebrate everyday,sooner or later we will stop celebrating because it will become boring even with this people don't even celebrate it yearly.

The same is applicable to Halloween, if it was to be celebrated daily,a lot of people wouldn't participate after sometimes because it will get tired, no excitement and the whole of Halloween will be defeated.
Posted by lovely on 10-05-2017
I agree that anything excessive will be boring. When I first saw the Christmas house on a tv program, I was really amused because it was a big house that looked like a museum for the occasion. There were countless of Christmas trees with lights, Santa Claus figurines of all sizes and any other decoration that will give the house a Christmassy look. But come to think of it, they live there 365 days in a year with that decoration. I guess it will be boring to live there.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-25-2018
Depends. Where I'm at there's a holiday themed amusement park. One section is all Halloween. If you're the type of person who loves Halloween then I don't see it being an issue for them, but lots of people get bored easily and like variety. Overall I personally would love it but also know tons of people who'd hate it haha.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-05-2017
Definitely! I love the time of the year even though it's not as nearly important here as it is in other countries. It has a gloomy atmosphere where I feel like anything can happen and look out for supernatural activity around each corner. Definitely cool!
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-05-2017
No, it will be boring. I prefer to change the decoration of my house depending on the season because is boring to see every day Halloween decoration. It brings off the special meaning to the season because it will be considered as normal.
Posted by Nico2017 on 10-05-2017
I think that would be a lot of fun actually. I would want to live there. I think it would be amazing actually. Some towns are pretty devoted to Christmas, and celebrate Christmas more or less all year, like Santa Claus Indiana for instance, but it would be a fun thing to live in a town that was happily celebrating holidays all year long. I think it would be very good really.
Posted by kgord on 10-05-2017
No I think people at first be excited and amaze by Halloween design but long year end I think people will get bored. It is better different kind of atmosphere depends of season celebrating that gives more excitement and looking forward to. Halloween all year could be like ghost house hahaha.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-05-2017
I don't think that I would love to live in any one season, one celebration town, be it Halloween or anything else. Halloween in particular with the ghostly costumes and the constant reminders of ghostly terrors would definitely not be on the top 10 of my list. The pumpkin treats do sound tempting though but the season and occasions would have to change before someone gets too comfortable sleeping in a coffin or kids run trick or treat until they start losing teeth or framers run out of pumpkins at the local market because they're being used up to make new jackolanterns ! It would be like a Halloween ground hog's day with no Christmas, no Easter, no summer, just a constant Adam's family rerun that will eventually run everyone out of town!
Posted by Joteque on 10-05-2017
I'm a type of person that easily get scared, so there's no way for me to ever want to live in a town where Halloween is all year long, that's just too scary. Halloween is fun, however, I easily get scared and is something I can't control myself. I can't even watch Horror Movies alone and during night time because this would definitely creep me out and would not let me sleep, how much more when you see people costume in vampire or anything scary walking around the town, I would definitely freak out.
Posted by DanoCath on 10-06-2017
Maybe all year is a bit much, but growing up Halloween was always my favorite holiday. I enjoy so many of the activities surrounding it from pumpkin carving to dressing up and telling scary stories. Naturally gravitating towards a nighttime schedule, I am used to being up in the wee dark hours of the day. I would definitely get some enjoyment out of a Halloween lifestyle, at least for a while.
Posted by JaiGuru on 10-06-2017
Halloween is the time of the year that I love the most. It is an opportunity to meetup with others and do something out of the ordinary. However if something becomes routine then it becomes boring. That's why I think it's better if Halloween is not celebrated throughout the year. I believe that the less routine life is then the less monotonous it is. The joy and excitement we experience on Halloween will definitely not be same if Halloween was to be celebrated all year long.
Posted by Pixie on 10-06-2017
I don't like spending whole year on a Halloween town it just not right for me although i love Halloween events but not all the time Halloween theme it will make people scared going out and so abnormal town if ever happen. so let's just stick on the natural way of living not going into extremely weird Halloween town for all years.
Posted by tophew on 10-06-2017
Well I would like to visit the town for a while, but living there for a whole year or maybe staying there is not a plan for me. Initially, of course it will be the great sensation, but after a month I guess all the decor and Halloween theme will be on my nerves. I guess is just a personal opinion, based on the fact that I'm not a fan of monotony, and this for sure will get repetitive to me. But generally speaking the Halloween town is such a good idea, for a while will be great, and I guess a lot of people for sure will visit it or maybe stay there.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-06-2017
It'd be interesting to live in a town such as this. As the Halloween is going to be year long. And it would be creepy. And everyone being afraid of something. In theory this sounds good. But living in fear always is not a good thing. And nobody wants to live life like that. It'd be just for the sake of discussion. That would be surely bad if you ask me. I have found out if that can be properly said as well. But I don't think it can be good place to live.
Posted by overcast on 10-06-2017
Nope I wouldn't want to live like that, scaring the hell out of wits during the night is as scary as Ghost festival. It is a taboo for Chinese here. Even the Muslims are against the Halloween. Once a year is enough to scare any kids too.
Posted by peachpurple on 10-06-2017
No way, I'm not sure why anyone would want this to be honest. It's like having Christmas all year long. It sounds nice but after a while, it would just be ruined. Imagine having Halloween celebrations up all year round and people in fancy dress walking around all the time. It would get boring after a while and it would just not be a special day when Halloween does finally arrive. People would be scared for a while because of not being sure whether or not someone is truly trying to scare them as part of the Halloween spirit or if they are some sort of serial killer. I can definately see crime increasing because of all the costumes as well.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-06-2017
No I would not. I think living in a place where it was Halloween all year would take the fun out of it. Now it is fun because it only happens once a year. We look forward to it all year and we get to celebrate it. There would be no celebrating if it happened every day. Nobody would ever be the real them because they would always be disguised as somebody or something else. Decorations would become worn and tattered and have to be replaced often. So as much as I love Halloween I would have to say no for the reasons that I listed and so many more.
Posted by Sue on 10-06-2017
I'm sure that it's going to be fun for a while, but like everything else, we'd get accustomed to it and bored of it after a couple of months or so. I mean, it's not a bad idea to live in such a city for a while, maybe like a tourist destination, where people who live there are actually people used to that life and very different from the others, but for a permanent residence, it doesn't sound as good.
Posted by manmad on 10-06-2017
I didn't expect so many users here to vote NO, as I did. I would not like to live in a town was Haloween would last for the whole year. This holiday we have borrowed from the outside and we are not acquainted with it, we are still;l learning what to do and how to act in those costumes. To be honest, i do not even like this event, it is ugly, scary and it has nothing to offer us!
Posted by wallet on 10-06-2017
Haha, well I think that the other users, me included that have voted no was due to the fact that if Halloween was all year long it wouldn't be fun or interesting anymore. If we'd all dress up every single day, we'd get bored of it and we'd want it to end. The whole point of such holidays is that they're short and sweet.
Posted by Mehano on 10-06-2017
I won't like living in a Halloween themed world every single day, it would drive me crazy. I love Halloween and everything that comes with it, but the beauty of it is that it's a single event that you wait for every year, it would lose everything it means if it's always Halloween. Besides, you'll have children running around everyday with their trick or treat.. No thanks.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-06-2017
gata montes
Nope - although the idea does initially sound cool - I actually wouldn't want to live in a place that was Halloween all year round - not because I would be scared or anything like that - but as with all things that are done to excess - not only would it lose its impact and quickly become boring - once the novelty had worn off - but more importantly - taken for granted and not appreciated anymore - which of course would take away the fun aspect altogether.
Posted by gata montes on 10-06-2017
Halloween is a great holiday and what not, but too much exposure to anything makes it a lot less pleasurable to look forward to. I like Halloween, but what about Christmas and Easter those would kind of just disappear if it was always Halloween. I don't know how many of you watched Jimmy Neutron as a kid, but this just reminds me of a lesson I learned from that episode where he made everyday his birthday and having something too often, even something as great as a birthday, is a terrible thing.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-06-2017
Halloween is a great holiday and what not, but too much exposure to anything makes it a lot less pleasurable to look forward to. I like Halloween, but what about Christmas and Easter those would kind of just disappear if it was always Halloween. I don't know how many of you watched Jimmy Neutron as a kid, but this just reminds me of a lesson I learned from that episode where he made everyday his birthday and having something too often, even something as great as a birthday, is a terrible thing.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-06-2017
No. Even though that I do enjoy the Halloween time but just think about it... such holidays and events are special and fun because they happen once per year. If we'd have Halloween or something like Christmas all year long they would lose their appeal and would just be something standard. I don't think that I would enjoy that. I honestly love the way it is right now - once per year and just live it out then. No need to prolong it.
Posted by Mehano on 10-06-2017
No, even though it sounds kind of interesting to live in a place like that, it would lose all its charm after a couple of days. It would turn something that is exciting and funny into an everyday happening, a routine, and that would be boring. Halloween, like many other holidays, is fine as an once per year event. A good night of 'Trick or treat', scary costumes, frightening (some even original) decorations and parties.
Posted by Dkaraly on 10-06-2017
I would like to visit it on halloween but I would hate living on it because it will make halloween less especial since it's every day. Also I don't like getting scare so I would absolutly hate living there where people would enjoy scaring the eyes out of me. I'm not a fam of orange either and I'm guessing that town would be orange as a pumpkin in halloween. To spooky for me.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-06-2017
Not at all (this looks like a horror movie script, haha). Most people are already crazy on normal days... If a town has a Halloween vibe year round what will it be of the rest of the population? This would provide very strange behavior and would facilitate the motivations for unthinking / weird acts.

Just one day to remember Halloween is more than enough, haha!
Posted by wiseagent on 10-07-2017
Halloween is interesting because it comes once in a year and you create Halloween environment for few days. If there is Halloween environment all around the year, it would be very boring. When you are living in the same environment all the time, your life will be no more interesting.
Posted by vinaya on 10-08-2017
Well, I don't really care about the activities of the city or town I live in, because I as person I hardly step out of my house, and I have no friends but family and they know that I'm the type of person that deserves to have my space. So whether Halloween or no Halloween, I will still live my normal lives. Festivals don't affect me.
Posted by Authord on 10-19-2017
It will be good to live in such a town with halloween activities all year long. The town will actually help to eliminate hypertention or high blood pressure from the people there by making to live with joy always.
Posted by babyright on 10-20-2017
I used to live in Salem and it was like Halloween all year round, but what the OP really means is to celebrate Halloween rather than the real meaning of Halloween? It's actually a sacred day and it is forgotten in all the dressing up and parties, because there is a real and more serious reason for the day to be celebrated. It's more of a remembrance but the holiday has become commercial. Even in Salem it's not sustainable all year around even when they try to extend it into November and start at the end of September.
Posted by Alexa on 11-02-2017
Not at all. I would not want to live in a counry that celebrated halloween all year long. Halloween sounds like a scary thing. Some people say that you always invite the devil every time you celebrate halloween. For this reason, I would flee from a country that celebrated halloween all year long.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-16-2017
I wouldn't say I want it but if I had to I don't think I would mind it too much because seeing people in costumes all the time isn't the worst thing in the world especially considering a lot of them do look nice in costumes. Also if it's being celebrated all year long then I would assume that there would be some sort of festive vibe in the air year long as well and that definitely is something that I would find appealing. I don't know if I would get tired of it but I think there are a lot more other things I would tire of a lot more easily with.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-30-2017
No, because it's not good to be scared all year long. I don't celebrate halloween either so it's won't live in a place that has halloween all year long. I'm not fond of seeing anything drench with blood which is a traditional choice during halloween.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-17-2018
Nope. Halloween is one of my favorite 'non-holiday, holidays. But even I need a break from it. Not to mention Halloween falls on October 31st, so celebrating it all year round would just be awkward and weird.
Posted by NickJ on 01-17-2018
It's quite hilarious when I looked at this and assumed what if it was when I was a kid. However, I would have to say that this is a great way to always feel the Halloween celebration no matter how scary it looks when we take a look at the picture. I've watched the Halloween celebrations on TV and always wish that I can be part of the celebration when the time comes.
Posted by Barida on 01-28-2018
Wow! I am intrigued by this idea--I think i could totally live in a town like this. I would feel like Tim Burton every day, lol. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so I wonder if I lived in Halloween town that it would get old or tedious or boring. I think that i would embrace it, actually. I could carve new pumpkins every week as the old ones rotted on the compost pile. it would also be cool to see everyone walking around in their costumes all the time--I think that that would definitely be fun and whimsical, and you would have fun trying to figure out which monsters or characters your neighbors were every week!
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-25-2018
People don't even want to celebrate Christmas all year long. Who in their right mind would want to celebrate Halloween all year long? Just the thought of wearing a mask every day would drive me bonkers!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 03-11-2018
We don’t have the occasion of Halloween in our culture but lately, it is creeping and maybe in a few more years, Halloween will be an official holiday. Come to think of it, that occasion has a theme or horror with the creepy characters and scary decorations. Now, if I will be residing in a neighborhood that observes Halloween all year long, I would probably last for only a week. It’s not a healthy environment and it may drag my emotions downward.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-11-2018
Occasions or scenes like Halloween are interesting to many people because they happen only once a year. If you try to extend the Halloween scene to longer than a day or even a week, the novelty will wear off fast enough. Halloween is not celebrated in our country like it is in other cultures. A lot of people are scared about death and its reminders like skulls or skeletons and not so many would want to see such decors every day. Many are also not keen about carving pumpkins or decorating for Halloween in general. Most people troop to the cemetery at this time.
Posted by chatbox on 04-22-2018
I don't think I would like to celebrate Halloween all year long, perhaps someone would find it boring after seeing all those decorations and having the creepy feeling after some time. I guess having it once a year is fun, but when we keep having it for everyday, it can turn to be a thing that we do not appreciate anymore. Though I like Christmas, I don't think I'd like to have it celebrated all year long. It's nice to have a different festival for us to celebrate perhaps every month, then we can have different activities and stories to tell the kids.
Posted by kaka135 on 11-02-2018
No, I would love to extend just for how many days but longer than that? Its a big no no for me. If things take much longer, it will make you bored and besides there are still things and events that is more enjoyable to do than Halloween like Christmas and New Year. It's nice to have activities that are much different from each other. I want a unique events like fiestas parade and others.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-14-2018
A big part of the fun of Halloween lies with the fact that it’s only celebrated once a year. If it was an everyday thing I think the novelty would wear off pretty fast. Once a year is more than enough for me.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-14-2018