Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox One Elite Controller
Microsoft have long experience in the gamepad scenarios: the Xbox controller is still one of the most used, both on consoles on PC, and many game even on PC are compatible with it. It's not surprising a step forward by them, and that's what the Xbox One Elite Controller is for. Work both on console and on PC, and it's bigger and better than the old controller. It's good to look (maybe except for the area where the stylos go), and confortable to play with, and it even comes with two set of analog sticks that are better with some games and worse with other, so that your experience will always be perfect.

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  • Excellent design and quality
  • Perfect ergonomic
  • Analog and dpad are interchangeable , additional paddles on the back
  • "Elite" in the name make it looks pretty awesome
  • Interesting software customization

  • With the paddle, your grip is less secure
  • Really expensive
  • Using stylus batteries requires an external charger or replacement at regular intervals



My kind of controller

I haven't had a Steam controller but based on the number of reviews, majority of it is really negative. On Steam community forums, people keep saying that it is one of the worst things Steam has invented because of the compatibility and ergonomic issues that it has.
Posted by galegatling on 08-14-2017

You can't go wrong!

You can't go wrong with the Xbox controller! Especially the Elite one. And while it's mainly meant to be used with an Xbox, it can be set up to be used with other consoles and especially your PC. I used to use an Xbox controller when I used to play a lot of PC games. Of course, you sacrifice speed for control and comfort. Trust me when I say people using a keyboard and mouse will always be able to aim and shoot faster than those using a controller. But I prefer to use a controller as it's much more comfortable and I'm a good player anyway. Plus that's mainly just for FPS shooting games. For other games it would make much more sense to use a controller than a keyboard/mouse. But I think this Xbox One Elite controller is still better to use than the Steam controller anyway.
Posted by idealmikey on 08-23-2017

XBOX all the way

I have an Xbox One S, the controllers are brilliant. It has built in Bluetooth so you can connect to a laptop if you're playing a game on there comes in handy. Also, you can use it on your android mobile phone it is a brilliant controller made by Xbox. I have not tried the steam one tho.
Posted by moneybags82 on 08-14-2017

Xbox does it well.

I'm not really an Xbox fan. I have never owned a single Xbox console, be it the original Xbox all the way to the Xbox One and every model in between. However, that being said, I did buy an Xbox 360 controller for my PC quite a while back, and I haven't looked at any other controllers the same since. If there is one thing the people at Xbox definitely know how to do, it's make awesome controllers. Be it the 360 controller or the Xbox One controller, they are just the most comfortable, functional, and durable controllers that I've ever used. No other company comes even close.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-14-2017

Xbox one Controller all the way!

While I don't have the Xbox One Elite controller I have the Xbox One S controller and I can tell you without a doubt hands down its 100X better then the steam controller. The Steam controller tried to reinvent the wheel ad the old saying is if the wheel isn't broke then don't try fixing it.

I had my Steam controller for 3 weeks and no matter how long or how hard I tried to get use to those touch pads I just couldn't get use to them. I ended up selling the Steam controller and I bought a Xbox One S controller and I couldn't be happier because it just flat out works!

Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-22-2017


Steam Controller

Steam Controller
Steam, the king of PC gaming! With all their power, it was inevitable that sooner or later they would come up with their own personal controller. This is what the Steam Controller (a pretty basic name). After setting it up, along with its wireless receiver and your Steam account, you are ready to play!
If you use Big Picture you'll have a lot of games already avalaible to play - but you can also play almost anything else with it. The design is a bit different from other controllers: the DPAD is on the left, the analog stick is on the right (near Start and Select). Anyway, even if it's different playing with it is fun and easy, and you can have a lot of good times with almost all of your games.

Image source https://images-na.ssl-...I/81oyj8wrlCL._SX522_.jpg

  • 100% Steam compatible
  • Pretty good with some genres on games
  • Nice unique design
  • You can use Big Picture with it with the supported games...

  • ...but the not-supported games require a bit of setup
  • The d-pad is really bad
  • Outside of Steam is not really useful
  • Maybe Steam Controller is not the most original name


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I am on a neutral side for this debate because I have seen that many players are accustomed to using the Xbox controller for PC games and that game developers have considered only that controller for their games. I also believe that Steam controller has a potential but it would be a waste if it cannot be used outside of Steam. I am also thinking as to how the D-pad of Steam controller works, if they are actual buttons or not.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-13-2017
Can I pick neither? Haha. I haven't really tried any of the two controllers but they both seem rather large and bulky. My hands are small and I remember when I was frequently using the Xbox 360 controller my hands would get tired easily.

Their designs don't look too good especially if you compare it to the PlayStation 4 controller which is my favorite to date. Light, easy to use, not bulky, great design and no batteries. So, I would take the PS4 controller over these two any time of the day!
Posted by Mehano on 08-13-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I can't vote because I haven't really looked into either one controller nor considered buying. Usually, when it comes to console gaming, I don't spend much on controllers. If I want an extra or have to buy a spare controller, it'll be like the default one you get in the box. I don't need anything fancy, so long as it's most efficient at being responsive. When it comes to looks, I prefer the Xbox One Elite controller. The analog grips on the Steam controller look a bit bulky for my hands.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-13-2017
I think both are good. So I am yet to be fixated on either. I may change side if possible. The reason being Steam controller seems to have more issues. And the Xbox controller are performing lot better on many ways. So in such case it'd be reasonable to consider how the steam controllers can work out in many ways. You can see that in some of such conditions it's reasonable to have some healthy comparison.
Posted by overcast on 08-13-2017
Steam controler is better for starters it's cheaper by a $100. 2 alot easy to remap buttons then Xbox elite controller without another program to help 3. Steam controller I can have both controller and mouse input at the same time where u will get the comfort of a controller but the response of a mouse since u can set the track pad to mouse change the haptics and trackpad to high and it feels smooth. 4 steam controller comes with a wireless dongle that doesn't need to be bought separately. 5.if u turn off an other game app like Ubisoft or origins game overlah and run ur game through steam it will work with any game.
Posted by Anonymous on 04-01-2018