Xbox One S Better Than The Original Xbox One,. what do you say ?

Xbox One S Better Than The Original Xbox One,. what do you say ?
The Xbox after the 360 brought out a brilliant console the Xbox one . Which was Kind of big and bulky which had the power pack and slick look apart from the size . They then made the Xbox one S , which to me is brilliant and also is 40% Smaller in size. Much more room with this as you do not get the power pack they made it so it is just a power lead which makes this xbox one s a great console. Easy to put away and also on display with out the power pack been left around which before was power supply like a block which just got in the way. I my self have purchased this and prefer better then the original xbox one. What do you think ????


I purchased the Xbox One when it was released back in 2013 and I have had my Xbox One ever since. I always found the first Xbox One that they released to be overly bulky and just recently I moved my room around and I have found that I am struggling to find a place to put my Xbox One because of it's size and the power pack so I would love to upgrade to the Xbox One S given the chance however right now with how pricey it is, it's something that will have to wait a while before I look into upgrading.

I love the look of the Xbox One S and the fact that it is so much smaller is amazing as well. I heard it runs better too but without using this one yet I am unable to comment on that.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017
I rather go for the Xbox One S for it's small, compact size, great for stowing away when I never want to play it again.
Posted by Atropia on 05-05-2017
Xbox One S is without a doubt the better console. It has everything Xbox One has and more.

Besides the size difference that you already mentioned, the original Xbox One doesn't have 4k Blu-ray support and HDR while the Xbox One S does. It is also more powerful because it boosts the processing power and has a slightly better GPU.

The Xbox One S controller also has a controller that supports USB (the normal one doesn't).

The only bad thing that I can think of is that Xbox One S is a tiny bit more expensive than the original version but if you consider all the upgrades it has, it is worth it.
Posted by Mehano on 05-10-2017
People often call me weird when I say things like this, but I would prefer Xbox 360 any day of the week. And it's for 1 simple reason, I love the nostalgic feeling when playing console games like skate 2, the early Halo games etc. But that is like only me. :)
Posted by Ludwigwigren on 05-14-2017
I think it is better and it should be better since I assume it is more expensive. I think they have made some minor improvements and whether or not those improvements are worth the price increase will just depend on the individual buying it. I personally would be alright with just the basic model although I play on PS4, but even there I didn't really find it necessary to buy the upgraded version since I don't play VR anyway and I don't focus too much on graphics quality.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-31-2018
I am not a regular gamer although I can relate to the Xbox because of the young adults in our family who are gamers. I cannot come to terms in buying play stations and gaming consoles because it is expensive. My idea is to play computer games just using the computer. When you have the computer, you can use it for computing chores like the spreadsheet and word processor. But with the Xbox, its only purpose is for gaming which, I think, is exorbitant in cost.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-15-2018
Well you know what they are, Mac Pro is better than the Mac, iPad Pro is better than the iPad, iPhone Xs is better than the iPhone X and so on. So when we say that Xbox One S is better tha the Xbox One I actually agree on that because it has a lot of great advantages when it comes to this certain kind of system. I mean when we look at the Xbox One S it has some additional features and it has a greater output and quality. But yet again, it is also better to buy the Xbox One for those who cannot afford the S or simply do not obtain the requirements the Xbox One S need.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-10-2018