Xbox One S Better Than The Original Xbox One,. what do you say ?

Xbox One S Better Than The Original Xbox One,. what do you say ?
The Xbox after the 360 brought out a brilliant console the Xbox one . Which was Kind of big and bulky which had the power pack and slick look apart from the size . They then made the Xbox one S , which to me is brilliant and also is 40% Smaller in size. Much more room with this as you do not get the power pack they made it so it is just a power lead which makes this xbox one s a great console. Easy to put away and also on display with out the power pack been left around which before was power supply like a block which just got in the way. I my self have purchased this and prefer better then the original xbox one. What do you think ????


I purchased the Xbox One when it was released back in 2013 and I have had my Xbox One ever since. I always found the first Xbox One that they released to be overly bulky and just recently I moved my room around and I have found that I am struggling to find a place to put my Xbox One because of it's size and the power pack so I would love to upgrade to the Xbox One S given the chance however right now with how pricey it is, it's something that will have to wait a while before I look into upgrading.

I love the look of the Xbox One S and the fact that it is so much smaller is amazing as well. I heard it runs better too but without using this one yet I am unable to comment on that.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017