An easy to use, fun community experience. Built in social features to engage your members. Easy admin control panel. XenForo takes a fresh approach to forum software, focusing on the social sharing aspect of forum life. XenForo is ideal for beginning or advanced webmasters wanting to start a forum.

Some more advanced mods used on vBulletin are not available on Xenforo.

Though much cheaper than vBulletin - the base copy only costs $140. XenForo also looks and feels a lot more modern compared to vBulletin which still feels slightly older. It also has many features integrated into the software such as a trophy and like system which many will like.

Also, a free trial for Xenforo, so you can see if it's right for your needs, before making a purchase.

  • Very cheap by comparison to vBulletin
  • Ideal for new forum owner
  • Easy to customize themes
  • Plugins that encourage social sharing
  • Very good spam control. Easily adjust permissions per user/group
  • Numerous forum staff usergroups (or create your own)
  • Many free or cheap Xenforo themes available, most with color picker

  • Still relatively new compared to the other big paid forum software.
  • Extensions and themes are still a bit lacking behind vBulletin
  • Admin panel is convoluted, way more options than you will need for basic forum



Xenforo is the best

I have used Xenforo 1.5 and currently using XF 2.0. I must admin most of the things that were lacking in XF 1.5 are now sorted on the Beta version. Even though advanced forum owners say that Xenforo is a Social media copy cat. I think its appealing to many.

Many forum owners are now moving to Xenforo. And soon it will be the leading forum software. The only downside is integration into a phone App. It has no mods for this. Vbulletin comes with inbuilt mods for the phone. This is a stength of Vbulletin over XF. I will stick to XF myself.

Posted by Anonymous on 10-10-2017

Really good!

I much prefer the Xenforo over vBulletin. I think that it's more popular right now and that's for a reason. It's far more affordable, extremely easy to use and navigate even if it's your first time using such a software. It has a built in SEO, tons of customization available and more.

vBulletin isn't a bad forum software either but it's a bit outdated compared to its competition. Perhaps it's also personal preference but I really do enjoy using Xenforo far more.

Posted by Mehano on 08-09-2017


I've seen Xenforo everywhere. LITERALLY. I feel like its almost a pop-culture reference. I don't even use forums that much and I know what Xenforo is. So I'll definitely go with this one! It seems pretty obvious to me.
Posted by Craap on 08-09-2017

The vBulletin era is over.

Xenforo is newer, cheaper, more advanced and far more easy to use. There's a reason it's growing in popularity so much and so fast.

For much less you get a far easier interface to handle, not to mention that the advantages are, in my opinion, superior than the disadvantages.

Give it a couple years and the extensions and themes will be as varied as vBulletin's

Posted by VintageRose on 08-09-2017

Xenforo is highly adaptable

Xenforo is not only ta king over because of it's affordability, but also because the XF team are forward looking. If you look at XF2.o Beta, it looks more or less like Facebook. Thus a user will have a feeling of Face book away from Facebook. It's smooth and user friendly. The Ajax just tops up the UI that attracts more people. We all like smooth flowing websites. Combined with a perfect phone interface. Xenforo wins.
Posted by bomb2060 on 10-10-2017

Simple interface

I have firsthand experience in using Xenforo and I really appreciated how simple the theme is. I find the experience of posting in forums a pleasureable one because of this. I used to neglect forums back then though until I have posted on a forum that is Xenforo.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-09-2017

Awesome product!

You have already said it in your description, Xenforo is the best. It was designed in form of a social media which makes it more engaging to users.In fact, it also has the easiest sharing to social media platforms. The time Xenforo was launched, a great number of people patronage it and now very popular today. Do you know why? It’s because they are offering great features. The price is relatively low and very good for new business startup especially when you are on a tight budget. What makes me attracted to Xenforo is their user Interface, they have one of the best interfaces you can think of for their customers.
Posted by Gettingmile on 08-09-2017

Xenforo all the way!

I love Xenforo its modern and very easy to use and I have never had a single complaint from any of my forum members about xenforo. A lof of the websites are using it now and whenever I go to a IPB or VB forum, they feel really outdated.

I think most people are stuck on the past when VB use to be king and they can't let go. And in my personal opinion you have to change with the times or be left in the dust. If something came along that was better than xenforo I would switch my forum to that!

Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-21-2017

Bang for the buck

Xenforo is cheap compared to vBulletin. That reason by itself can make more people choose it. It is also newbie friendly and that will really attract new forum owners. It also offers better security than vBulletin. I see no reason to choose vBulletin if it is easily hacked.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-22-2018



Build your site on the world's leading community software. vBulletin is more suited at advanced forum webmasters who know what they are doing.

vBulletin is the oldest software which means that it has a large community of support available with thousands if not millions of plugins and themes available for you to purchase/use.

Extremely expensive especially compared to XenForo - $249 for a brand new copy whilst it will set you back $209 if you want to upgrade your current vBulletin copy to the latest version.

Very robust, but not easily customized for the new user. You'll likely need tech help to install/customize if you are a first time forum owner.

Overly complicated backoffice with many requirements that must be fulfilled before you can make your forum live for users.

Read as many tutorials and reviews about this software before making a purchase as there are no refunds after software downloaded

  • Established software
  • Large community of support/users available
  • Many plugins and themes available for purchase/use

  • Very expensive
  • Forums using this software can often seem laggy
  • Difficult to use admin panel
  • Not ideal for beginning forum owners
  • Extensive install/customization requirements, not ideal for new user
  • Constant error messages if not installed/updated properly
  • Some users complain this is an easily hacked software.



Good Software

I have found vBullletin to be strong forum software. It seems to have less bugs than Xenforo. Also the amount of people making use of Vbulletin for their software are high. Many people also making membership sites based on that. I think that is what makes this software more stronger. And in future they are going to be even more stronger.
Posted by overcast on 08-10-2017
When many people use it, it doesnt mean its superior. It just means their sales people are working hard. I saw vbulletin integrated to a website, it was so perfectly fit that i did not realize it. This was a good thing. But it has a steep learning curve compared to Xenforo. Since now we are at war between social media and web forums. XF may win the war since it has the look and even the feel of Facebook.


I see that lot of people are going for the xenforo. But my experience with the Vbulletin and the IPB is good enough. I don't see the reason for switching back to the xenforo. It seems like they are offering lot better options. And people who are into establishing forum quickly make use of the vbulletin. I think IPB is still the better option for those who wish to establish their paid forums. I think it depends on how people choose to use the option.
Posted by overcast on 08-13-2017
IPB is very expensive and geared more towards businesses and not your average webmaster. I have owned all 3 forums in days Xenforo, VB and IPB and they all do a great job. Having said all of that my current forum is Xenforo and I am extremely happy with they way Xenforo performs and I am looking forward to xenforo 2.0 =)
Posted by Soulwatcher on 10-17-2017
I will go for the Xenforo for it is easy to navigate and the way the site is built can attract visitors to it. I have come to realize that in building websites, that it is all about connecting with your visitors in a way that they can feel comfortable and understand how to go on the site.
Posted by Barida on 09-24-2017
All forum software is the same in my opinion (generally speaking). Instead, the problem seems to be the owners. For instance, even on XenForo, there was spam. In fact, it didn't stop until I changed my method of user registration. In fact, I even have a MyBB forum (free software) that because of a certain method of user registration, still has no spambots.
Posted by jyy on 10-17-2017
I don't have a forum. However, I once tried to launch a forum. I started with MyBB because I did not want to spend a lot of money on forum script. I do not have experience with Xenforo or vBulletin as I have only tried open source forum scripts. However, I am a forum poster and I participate on numerous forums. Most of the forums I use are using Xenforo.
Posted by vinaya on 02-06-2018
In most forums that I visit, I always see Xenforo for their forum’s software. I am not into technical that’s why I don’t know the details although based on what the forum admin was posting, Xenforo is convenient because it is fast for a forum and easy to manage. I have yet to hear about vBulletin although another forum software that is popular is SMF which I think is a free software that is popular among newcomers to the forum.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-24-2018
A lot of forums are using xenforo even some have upgraded to xenforo2 because it very reliable,good and cheaper .it load faster then help reduces spamming, it helps in theme customization and it very good for new forums.
Posted by lovely on 03-24-2018
I have changed my mind and will probably say XenForo. I say probably because I'm not sure if defects I saw in VB are the result of the software or the owner. Nonetheless, it might be easier for owners to make mistakes because the software is worse. Anyway, what I see in VB a lot is too much spam and also display errors. In fact, a math forum I knew was torn apart by spam - and the people running it were obviously smart people!
Posted by jyy on 07-25-2018