Your passions

Your passions
Great personalities have had a lot to say about passion be they singers, artists, writers, leaders, businessmen, successful parents, successful students - the list is endless. They all have had a passion to reach their goal. Without a passion one just survives but with passion one thrives. Here is what a celebrity had to say

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks.

I have a passion for gardening and photography. This is the reason for me to have that spring in my step every day.

You sure must be having a passion too. Do talk about it.


I could particularly mention a dozen things I'm passionate about, but honestly I'd rather just list a few of them. My main passions are: my wife, my work, my family, the green color, perseverance in moving on to win my dreams, learning new things, helping people in need, eating sweets, exercising, watching movies and shows, watching my Team play football, enjoy the winter with a hot drink, sleep and thank God for all that I have. These are basically my passions!
Posted by hermessantos on 06-18-2017
Writing is my passion and hobby. I feel at peace expressing my thoughts through writing especially interacting on a site as this, getting to meet people across different continents. This century is just great. What if we were born in the stone-age era, hmm.
Posted by Deen on 06-18-2017
I really have a passion for just building things. Every since I was a kid I like making origami and once I got a little older started making lots of replicas made of wood/paper.
Posted by lexcion on 06-18-2017
Most of the people in the world have a huge passion towards money. They just want to collect a huge money and live a standard life. Being a member of a normal class family, my passion is travelling. I love travelling a lot. I enjoy going different place and enjoy nature. I feel alive when I visit different places and see the natural beauty. For me there is nothing bigger than travelling.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-18-2017
My passion is reading.This is a true passion, which has grown into the addiction. Any day spent without a book is considered empty for me. I feel at home in any place, if I have something to read.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 06-18-2017
I have met many with a passion for reading One of my brothers was obsessed in fact. I am not sure obsession and passion are the same I think they are. They would invest on so many books. He had a full cupboard full of his collections. He was great with quotes too and he spoke beautifully. You also must be having a flair while speaking as reading so regularly does that to a reader.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-19-2017
It can be so frustrating when people advise you, “Just follow your passion!” Yeah, sure, you’d love to, if only you knew what your passion was. Many of us don't figure out who we really are until we're far down the road being who we aren't. Once you ask the question, you open the door to discovering your authentic self. What is your real personality? What are your natural interests and inclinations? What gets you excited and inspires you? It took me a long time to figure out who I really was. I spent ridiculous amount of time trying to be a footballer, but that is just miserable. But when I settle down and think of what really excites me, I figured that I was meant to be an IT engineer. I thank God for my life now because I'm living my dreams now.
Posted by tonyval on 06-19-2017
I often find myself hard pressed to find a passion I stick to. If I were to name a passion I have it's probably to be a Jack of all trades. I usually learn a subject or how to do something up to the average point and never push to be better at it because I have a short attention span. I'm trying to break that habit now so my current passion (not sure for how long) is web development. I enjoy web development because it seems like something that will be able to keep me employed in the future. As well as the fact that I enjoy finding bugs in Javascript and PHP files and anything that I can understand really.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-19-2017
Writing is my passions and try to pursue it. I'm happy when I write and I'm gonna keep on doing it.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-19-2017
When it comes to passion, I am a moderate person with simple wants so it is surprising for people to learn that I love to travel. I'm not really the introvert type although I am conservative in a way such that being thrifty is my motto (as the impression that people get of me). Traveling gives me joy and even months before the scheduled travel, I'm already excited. In August of this year, my husband and I have plane tickete for Jakarta and that is the first time that we will be going to Indonesia. Well, as I said, I'm already excited.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-19-2017
My passion is in traveling and exploring other countries. I enjoy it and don't feel I need to do it to prove anything to anyone and only do it for me. People ask if i have been to certain places, but if I have no inclination then I don't feel I should go because someone says to go. Traveling is different from being on holiday though and that's why I enjoy it as a passion.
Posted by Alexa on 06-19-2017
Travel could really be a passion with some. I have that too and have covered several countries. It is only those with a passion would go through the nitty gritty as the entire process is quie absorbing. Then there are those who will choose what they want to experience. Some opt for the mountains, some the beaches, wild life and so on.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-20-2017
I have a passion for a lot of things but I guess you could say that I have a passion for entertaining people. I like to play music, I like to act, I like to write humorous scripts for my youtube channel, and I like to be able to influence people someday to be just like me (not implying that I'm that good, but you get the idea). For me, passion is what keeps me going. Talent without passion is useless, because eventually its either you, or your talent who will go to waste.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-19-2017
Hello Have a wonderful day.

Passion is a word in this world has been sounded maximum time fashion and passion. Every body likes to ask what is your passion? I love to answer to watch the girl beauty and to watch movie is my main passion. Some times I get passionate when I find any thriller or classic movie from online to watch.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 06-19-2017
I love writing (when I don't suffer from writers' block) and photography but my biggest passion right now is growing bonsai trees. It's like creating art but using a living thing which changes over time. A couple of years ago I combined all three interests when I started my own blog.
Posted by Gina145 on 06-19-2017
Many years ago, I had a passion for writing, now I am a writer. I am also passionate about photography, in fact I am a hobbyist photographer. I have also a passion for farming. Actually, farming is my second profession. When you make your passion your vocation, life becomes satisfying.
Posted by vinaya on 06-19-2017
That is right. Passion will never be labor. No matter how less rest you have or how under priviledge you are when your doing something that your passionate about, its gratifying. Also passion can change the world. In this case, if scientist is not that passionate about their research we will never have electricity, we will never travel faster or even we won't be able to write a post like this.

I am into gardening and that i can say is what i am passionate about. I growing tomatoes, chillies and eggplant. They are about 2 inches now. I proud ofvit because im here in Saudi Arabia, where planting is like next to wasting gold.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-19-2017
I have a lot of passion for health and my family. I work out regularly not because I feel "I have to" or "I should" but because I WANT to and I enjoy it. I am also vegan and am passionate about filling my body with wholesome foods. I am passionate about taking care of my family, loving the, and supporting my husband and the business we have started together. Passion is a powerful fuel to get you through the moments you are low on energy and drive.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 06-19-2017
That is a great passion to have. You family will be healthy because of the passion you have. You are not only doing yourself goof but also the ones that you love. That is wonderful.
Posted by Sue on 07-23-2017
At this point in my life, I'm passionate about whatever my kids are passionate about. I've lived my dreams and my new dream is to see their dreams come true. My kids are into so many things. I dont want to influence them either way and i'm excited that they have drive. It's so important to not only know what you want, but to have a plan to get it. They are truly something special. I know at their age I was only into boys so kudos to each one of them
Posted by working3 on 06-19-2017
I try to be passionate about every single thing that I do. Passion makes everything in your life ten times better. If you are passionate about your life and work you will notice it in so many positive outcomes.

My passion is my family, my pets, books, tv series, living life to the fullest, working and many more things. It would take forever to list them all. I do not think that you have to be passionate only about few things. The more the better!

If I am not passionate about a certain thing or a hobby then there is no point in doing it.
Posted by Mehano on 06-20-2017
I have a passion for camping. I love it and it is something that I look forward to every year. There is just something about spending time in the great outdoors that I love so much. There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire after a busy day of supper activities.

You meet so many great people and you get to see so many lovely places. It is my life and one that I hold dear. I can't imagine not camping anymore.
Posted by Sue on 06-20-2017
I like the color red, flowers, butterflies, rainbows and writing.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-20-2017
I have a passion for anything creative or artistic. I honestly don't feel "whole" if I can't make/create stuff. Even if it's just a simple project here and there, I need that. Making stuff is just a part of me.

I consider creativity to be a huge blessing.
Posted by Zyni on 06-20-2017
Music is my passion. I play the keyboard and the guitar. I have a band here in our local town. Music as we all know, is a great way to feel relaxed and to keep your mind at ease. I write songs and sometimes I jam to some of my favorite artists. It really feels good to have music in our lives. ;)
Posted by galegatling on 06-28-2017
I don't have such a great passion, I would say it is just a hobby. My hobbies are to play games online and gardening, especially to plant flowers and different plants. Now I have planted a lemon tree and an orange tree. If you would see them....are small now but I hope they will grow strong and firm until the next year! I am proud of my hobbies and all my friends like to see my plants when they come to visit!
Posted by wallet on 07-23-2017
I have a passion for writing and exercising, I'm almost obsessed with exercising because I hate being fat and getting sluggish throughout the day.I love my weight now and I feel light all the time now.I don't get easily exhausted until before that I get fagged out with any little work.I love to write passionately as well.I'm on so good number of writing sites.These are two things I can do without ever getting tired.
Posted by lovely on 01-10-2018