A slick looking help desk featuring a fat man achieving Zen as the mascot. The cloud based, online help desk is easily to integrate into your website or business with impressive features such as VoIP allowing you to receive voicemails directly to the helpdesk or make an outbound call from your browser.

The company is based in the USA.

  • easily add new agents (to answer tickets)
  • voice integration at the click of a button
  • transcribed voicemails to helpdesk tickets
  • easy to integrate into website
  • customizable
  • create forums/community

  • merging tickets isn't great
  • must have flash to use VoIP
  • pay per agent and the price per agent goes up as you add more features
  • iOS app doesn't have all the options of the full site
  • the site doesn't render on Safari in iOS once you enter a ticket - it becomes super zoomed
  • Spam control is out of control (you'll get a lot of spam)



Zendesk is all I've ever used

I like Zendesk a lot and use it daily (multiple times daily). I've never used Freshdesk but it looks very nice. Not nice enough to make me switch though.
Posted by Lop on 12-07-2015

I like Zendesk

I think that Zendesk is very easy to use. I much prefer this to any other. I do not have any issues with it at all other than the spam that comes through but you get this with anything online these days.
Posted by angie828 on 12-06-2015



With 50,000 customers and $50 million raised in funding, Freshdesk is a huge cloud based customer service portal. Freshdesk has an amazing design on the desktop and mobile with a beautiful workflow for tickets. Pricing is cheaper than Zendesk with a starter package for free (and up to three agents).

The company is based in India.

  • easily add new agents
  • voice/voicemail integration
  • easy to integrate into your business/website

  • can't create a new ticket (must be done by a user)



Zendesk and Freshdesk? They Are About the Same

I have been at sites that used Zendesk. But I was just at a site that used Freshdesk. There really is not that much difference between the two for my purposes. Freshdesk my vote to try to level the playing field.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-08-2018


It is amazing to see those services offered above. Those online outsourcing can be the boost that small businesses need in order to grow fast. It is not easy to hire people especially if there is a law against job contracting. But with an outsourced type of call center service, there is no need to hire people. All you need to do is to get into a service contract and off you go with the communications of your business.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-17-2018