Zidane Resigned Real Madrid Manager Position

Zidane Resigned Real Madrid Manager Position
In the world of football (Soccer), success in wining a major trophy especially an European tournament trophy solidifies a manager's position in the club he manages but the Real Madrid coach Zidane shocked the world of football when he resigned from his position after winning the champions league three consecutive times in 3 seasons.

What were his reasons for resigning? Some people are of the opinion that he would have been sacked by the Real Madrid Chairman Mr. Perez had he not won the champions league, so leaving on his own terms meant he had his solid record as a manager intact.


Zidane resigned at the perfect time from the real madrid job after winning 3 consecutive champions league. It is better to resign as he did when the ovation is loudest because there is too much pressure on any coach to win all trophies for the club since the club spends lots of money to get good players.
Posted by babyright on 06-09-2018
There is a good reason to his resigning in my opinion. Looking at the squad of Real Madrid, you would notice that the team is actually aging just like what happened to Barcelona. Real Madrid lack a good goalkeeper at the moment, even though Ramos is still a good defender, he is getting old and it's the same story with Marcelo. Mordic is getting old as well and the same thing with Kross as well as Ronaldo and Benzima. The recent news of Ronaldo leaving the club is another point of concern.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-10-2018
That was really a good reason to resign. They can't do it forever. Even though they are really good there always an end for everything.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-01-2018
I hope that the new coach who was the former Spain coach do a great job as well but the club need to buy good players before the new season begins. At least, with the world cup going on now in Russia, there will be many players who would show how good they are, and it's left for Mr. Perez to buy and reinforce the team to battle for more trophies next season.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-02-2018
When it comes about football everyone talks about Pele, Maradona ( in the past) or Messi, Ronaldo (in the present), however, Zidane is also one of the best footballers that world has ever seen. He lost his mind in the world cup final, which took a toll in his career. Zidane might be looking for something better thus he might have left Real madrid.
Posted by vinaya on 06-10-2018
I would never forget that his incident with Italy's Mattarazi in world cup final when he turned and headbutt him right on the chest. It was an awful scene in football and it marked the end of his playing days and France ended up losing the final. But he has done exceptionally well as a manager.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-12-2018
He has done exceptionally well as a manager, however, he was also exceptionally well as a footballer. He won FIFA world cup for France. Since FIFA World cup is already here, I am thinking a lot about this player who has always been shadowed by other great players.
Posted by vinaya on 06-16-2018
There is no doubt about how good Zidane was during his playing days. You can still his best goal in the Champions league tournament with a left footed volley into the roof of the net. I have forgotten the club he scored the goal against but I can never forget that goal in my life.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-01-2018
I'm still shocked by his decision to step down from the job as the Real Madrid job is one of the top jobs we have in the world and to see him resign after such a good short career as their coach is what I have not come to terms with. However, I am pretty sure that everything is going to unfold in no distant time on the reason he decided to take such actions.
Posted by Barida on 06-11-2018
I don't think that Real Madrid management had any clue as to such decision coming from Zidane at the event of wining the champions league trophy and giving Real Madrid a treble win of the crown in three consecutive seasons. The only reason why Zidane resigned can only be revealed by him and not Real Madrid.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-16-2018
I think this was a brilliant idea to resign. Who can live, with this kind of pressure. Win games or get fired. It is a diffrent thing if you never win any games, but if you can be fired immediately you win any game, then that is not a very conducive work environment. Football is 80% skill and 20% luck. Even under Sir Alex one of the greatest coaches of our time, Manchester United never used to always win the league. Imagine if he was fired when because they lost a title, the team may have never risen to the heights it did. Go rest Zidane, great job you did well, you redeemed your name in football.
Posted by jaymish on 06-16-2018
To be honest with you, living under pressure is the definition of the job of club managers and the bigger the club, the bigger the pressure heaped on the manager to deliver. And looking at how big Real Madrid is, such big pressure is to be expected. You mentioned about Manchester United my dear beloved club and the great Sir. Alex Ferguson, the man is a living legend in Manchester United. He was able to soak up all the pressure from the club and delivered. Ever since his stepping down, we haven't gotten any coach of his character again, although Jose Mourinho is doing his best.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-19-2018
Aha, I also believe that football is 80 percent skill and 20 percent luck. If luck does not favor the player, he will never be able to perform better on the field. Therefore, luck also plays a very important role. A great footballer may not be able to become a great manager, for instance, Maradona, one of the greatest players the world has seen, could not help Argentina win the world cup. However, Zidane has been fairly successful as a player as well as a manager.
Posted by vinaya on 06-21-2018
That's very correct. I'm not going to give up to 20% luck in football, I would just manage to bring it up to 5% luck and 95% skills, team work and tactics. Football is such an unpredictable sports, the day a huge upset is going to happen, you will see the 5% luck win over the 95% skills of the team that was supposed to win.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-28-2018
Well,I think he just wanted to just prove a point to Madrid that he was capable and that coaches should be given a better chance to work than being threatened. Who knows the threat that came from.Pere and he should wanted to prove himself worthy.Some bosses are not just it,also threatening to sack one if one can't deliver and they forget that this might even affect the psychological wellbeing of the person involved.
Posted by lovely on 06-18-2018
He actually left the club hanging in uncertainty because the president Mr. Perez never had any clue Zidane was going to resign after winning the Champions league final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. He didn't have any plans to look for new coach, even though he has landed the Spain coach Lapotegu after Zidane resignation.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-20-2018
Lets talk about Zidane's country in FIFA World Cup. France is taking on Argentina on Satuday. France had played exceptionally well in World Cup, where as Argentina has been very poor on the field. What do you guys think about France Vs. Argentina in World Cup? Who will win this match? I am cheering for Argentina, however, I believe it is France who will win the match.
Posted by vinaya on 06-29-2018
For starters, I'm very much against Argentina for having gotten favor from FIFA and the Ref in order to beat Nigeria in their last group match. Nigeria was clearly denied a second penalty when the ball struck Rojo on the arm he raised up. Even after watching the VAR, the ref opt not to give the spot kick. The same thing happened against Portugal vs Iran and the Iranians were given a spot kick. For this alone, I want France to beat them.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-30-2018
So you don't go by the decision made by VAR? But anyways, your wish has been fulfilled. France has beaten Argentina. I was cheering for Argentina, however, I knew in my heart that Argentina was not going to win the match. France played exceptionally well.
Posted by vinaya on 06-30-2018
Yes, the decision was wrong 100%. Nigeria should have been awarded a spot kick for that handball. Did you watch Portugal vs Uruguay last night? Gudes made a similar mistake in Uruguay box by trying to trap a ball and it went up and hit his arm and hand ball was given against him. So Rojo heading a ball and using his hand in the air to hit it as well isn't a handball according to the ref and VAR? I'm glad France humiliated them my beating them 4-3.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-01-2018
He won quite a lot of trophies with Real Madrid but I don't think the performances by them were that great really. In a lot of games, they were close to defeat but managed to get past, mainly thanks to Ronaldo who saved them in a lot of different situations with a lot of important goals. I think it was time for Real Madrid to get a new manager to shake up the system a bit and get some better performances. And what better time to leave than by winning the Champions League.
Posted by kingcool52 on 06-25-2018
You have a very good point about saying that most times their performance in games are pure quality but they do know how to whether good or ugly. It's just like they did in the Champions league final against Liverpool. But I would appoint all the clubs poor performance especially in La Liga to Real Madrid's inability to sign a good player at the beginning of the season.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-26-2018
It is not as shocking as some people turn it out to be, just because he left after quite a successful carreer and maybe he is lowkey scared of breaking that record. We can speculate a lot, but he is the only one who knows the true reason.
Posted by manmad on 07-13-2018
You are very correct my friend with that assertion on Zidane being the only one to know and can say the actual reason why he resigned his position as the manager of the club. We can all speculate all we want but he is the only one that can say for sure the real reason for his stepping down. Even till now, Zidane haven't done any press conference as the reason why he resigned.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-14-2018