Zidane Resigned Real Madrid Manager Position

Zidane Resigned Real Madrid Manager Position
In the world of football (Soccer), success in wining a major trophy especially an European tournament trophy solidifies a manager's position in the club he manages but the Real Madrid coach Zidane shocked the world of football when he resigned from his position after winning the champions league three consecutive times in 3 seasons.

What were his reasons for resigning? Some people are of the opinion that he would have been sacked by the Real Madrid Chairman Mr. Perez had he not won the champions league, so leaving on his own terms meant he had his solid record as a manager intact.


Zidane resigned at the perfect time from the real madrid job after winning 3 consecutive champions league. It is better to resign as he did when the ovation is loudest because there is too much pressure on any coach to win all trophies for the club since the club spends lots of money to get good players.
Posted by babyright on 06-09-2018
There is a good reason to his resigning in my opinion. Looking at the squad of Real Madrid, you would notice that the team is actually aging just like what happened to Barcelona. Real Madrid lack a good goalkeeper at the moment, even though Ramos is still a good defender, he is getting old and it's the same story with Marcelo. Mordic is getting old as well and the same thing with Kross as well as Ronaldo and Benzima. The recent news of Ronaldo leaving the club is another point of concern.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-10-2018
When it comes about football everyone talks about Pele, Maradona ( in the past) or Messi, Ronaldo (in the present), however, Zidane is also one of the best footballers that world has ever seen. He lost his mind in the world cup final, which took a toll in his career. Zidane might be looking for something better thus he might have left Real madrid.
Posted by vinaya on 06-10-2018
I would never forget that his incident with Italy's Mattarazi in world cup final when he turned and headbutt him right on the chest. It was an awful scene in football and it marked the end of his playing days and France ended up losing the final. But he has done exceptionally well as a manager.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-12-2018
He has done exceptionally well as a manager, however, he was also exceptionally well as a footballer. He won FIFA world cup for France. Since FIFA World cup is already here, I am thinking a lot about this player who has always been shadowed by other great players.
Posted by vinaya on 06-16-2018
I'm still shocked by his decision to step down from the job as the Real Madrid job is one of the top jobs we have in the world and to see him resign after such a good short career as their coach is what I have not come to terms with. However, I am pretty sure that everything is going to unfold in no distant time on the reason he decided to take such actions.
Posted by Barida on 06-11-2018
I don't think that Real Madrid management had any clue as to such decision coming from Zidane at the event of wining the champions league trophy and giving Real Madrid a treble win of the crown in three consecutive seasons. The only reason why Zidane resigned can only be revealed by him and not Real Madrid.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-16-2018
I think this was a brilliant idea to resign. Who can live, with this kind of pressure. Win games or get fired. It is a diffrent thing if you never win any games, but if you can be fired immediately you win any game, then that is not a very conducive work environment. Football is 80% skill and 20% luck. Even under Sir Alex one of the greatest coaches of our time, Manchester United never used to always win the league. Imagine if he was fired when because they lost a title, the team may have never risen to the heights it did. Go rest Zidane, great job you did well, you redeemed your name in football.
Posted by jaymish on 06-16-2018