The World Wide Web is a huge world, like the world itself say, and the ways it work and the systems it uses are many and complex. The communication, the file exchange between different terminals is made throught protocols (for example HTTP), using various forms of input and output. The client installed on the computer will communicate with the information stored on a different computer, the server. And a web server is basically a computer hosting sites in various formats, to HTTP to dynamic formats like PHP. In those last cases, the web server is particular necessary, since it's its job to elaborate webpages and generating what inside them, in a dynamic way. There are various web servers that a webmaster could choose, and one of the most common is Nginx. This open source application is younger than other web servers and proxies, since it came out just in 2004, with a initial launch where it wasn't the most popular choice.... After some years, however, a lots of improvement were made, and it quickly became one of the most used one, able to process requests way faster, and with a lot of security and safety involved. The major difference between other products (including Apache) is that it doesn't follow every single process request individually, but it can manage every single event in a process, resulting in a increased speed. It is also asynchronous: this big weird word means that it can handle all the requests that come throught without problems, all of them at the same time, without freezing or blocking, just fast and faster. And this is the main focus of Nginx: speed! Being able to manage multiple requests at the same time is something that can really improve the life and time of people who visit your website. Nginx is the main choice for many users for a reason.

  • Very fast
  • Can easily handled multiple connections
  • Doesn't use too much memory
  • It's developed by a single person, allowing more focus on specific problems and issues

  • Very little documentation avalaible
  • The community is not really active
  • Few extension available
  • Some web applications mightnot support it



Nginx for stability

Looking at the pro-apache comments here, it appears that a lot of people don’t know much about Nginx. This is likely because apache is easy to use but just because a piece of software is east to use does not mean it is good. The reason I switched to Nginx is because Apache falls apart extremely quickly if someone launches a DDOS against your website, which compared to apache that was able to keep working all the way until the server crashes is awful.
Posted by Gaince on 12-11-2017

Ngnix for WordPress

You can see that wordpress based sites are performing good on the NGnix. And wordpress gets some really good speed with the same. I have found out that ngnix. I think on that note ngnix seems to have taken some lead. And lot of interesting development is going on with the ngnix.
Posted by overcast on 12-09-2017


I would have to go with nginx for series of reasons which can include the fast way it connects and all that and to notice that one can connect multiple terminals to the server is a great experience in the web world.
Posted by Barida on 12-24-2017


Where is the origin of this word? It looks African or Chinese.

Am glad that it is faster and the most used on the net. I have learnt something here

Posted by stbrians on 08-15-2018

There is a very important community that have under them a lot of interesting open source projects, one of them being Apache httpd server, simply known as Apache. While the name might resemble you the famous indian tribe, it's actually a pun on the "a patchy server" expression, used around 1994 when the web server first launched. Today is still the most used web server in the whole world, many people appreciate and love it for all the characteristic, for what it offers, for the various updates it went throught during the years (the version that came out in 2002, the 2.0, was a complete rewrite of the software, bringing a lot of very important changes). WIth Apache the various requests are managed by the httpd server, and you can choose between various options according to the OS used - using Apache on Windows or on Linux based system (very common in those, Apache is included in the software bundle Lamp alongside Linux itself, the PHP language and Mysql) is a very different experience, with different options and different ways and codes you have or can use. Speaking about options, there is a insane number of them avalaible, with multiple extensions that can provide you for anything you want, be it proxying, cachin or virtual hosting. And in case you are kinda new in the world of web servers or web hosting in general, Apache is well known since the documentation that comes with the software is really well written and can provide you answers to any doubt you might have. However, you need to have some physical resources to use Apache since it uses a lot, A LOT, of memory. It's a multithreaded software, and while you might try to optimize the use of memory, sometime it's not enough. It's also very vulnerable, since many DoS attacks are targeting specifically Apache and its well known weaknesses. So yes, it's very common and used by the majority of the people, but it's nowhere near perfect. You will have to deal with some issues and problems, but for the quality you get it might be worth it.

  • Used by a lot of people
  • Easily supported by many web applications
  • A lot of well written documentation
  • Multiple extensions avalaible

  • It uses a lot of memory
  • Many DoS attacks target Apache
  • Hard installation and configuration




I myself have also not heard of nginx, however from what I read, it's not really suitable for mass usage for now at least, because there's not much of a community that you can talk about things about, which shouldn't stop people of course. Apache, has some negative sides of it's own, but they are not too much of a concern, even though the attacks can be annoying.
Posted by Anonymous on 12-12-2017

Apache for me

I have never heard of Nginx honestly and I know only Apache in school which mostly I forgot. But on reading I think Apache is more stable and more commonly used.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-19-2018


Never heard of a nginx so I can't really say much about it so I will have to go with the Apache because its really cool!
Posted by Anonymous on 12-11-2018


It would have to be apache for me. I don't really know much about it and I'm the same with nginx which is why I think it would be better for me to learn about apache because of how large the community is. The fact that there are so many people available to help out and share information about it makes it just easier to learn about.
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-08-2017


I don't know anything about Nginx it is something I have never heard of, so based on that reason alone I am going to have to go with Apache. It is something that everyone seems to know about. I think it is a quality option for users.
Posted by kgord on 12-08-2017

Apache wins.

The two options are very good, but from personal experience I prefer Apache because it better meets my needs. It has a very good performance and I always recommend it to anyone who has any doubts about it.
Posted by wiseagent on 12-08-2017


It is always a plus that a lot of people use it, because if there is a problem you can contact with them and fix your problem. I haven't really tried any of these, but from what I can read, the pluses of this one cover the minuses. Apache has a lot of extensions so that's a bonus too.
Posted by manmad on 04-13-2018

Apache is the way

Apache is the only one that I've tried between these two. It's what instructors taught us in school. I prefer it over Nginx because Apache has more users, thus, there is a bigger community to help you when you encounter issues. Nginx has a very little documentation and that wouldn't help beginners that would want to use the technology. Apache, on the other hand, has a documentation or support groups even if it is hard to configure.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-11-2018


Never heard of a nginx so I can't really say much about it so I will have to go with the Apache because its really cool!
Posted by MittensFX on 12-11-2018

Multiple extensions available

This is the first time I have ever heard of Nginx. I have been a long time user of Apache and I like the availability of many extensions that suits my need. It is very user friendly and I love its interface . However I wish that the developers will find a way to minimize the system in order to lessen the required memory. But over all, I find Apache nice and helpful in my needs.
Posted by anchoreztin on 09-13-2018

I choose this.

The fact that it is used by a lot of pwople is already a big plus for me. Though it uses a lot of the memory, there are still a lot of positive things about it. Unlike the other one, it has a lot of documentation and you can rely on a lot of people if you would like your queries to be answered. By the way, it is my first time hearing or reading about Nginx.
Posted by theresajane on 10-10-2018

Apache for speed

As stated above Apache is the superior for speed over Nginx. Speed is what people want so I feel Apache will have more practical and business applications.
Posted by Jstreeter26 on 11-01-2018

Apache Tomcat

I have not heard of Nginx server before whereas I am very familiar with Apache. I have worked hands on with Apache and found it easy to use. It never gave me any trouble and there is an instruction manual at Apache's site if you face any issues during installation.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-08-2018


I'm one of those people who believes in the expression "You don't change the winning team". Apache might have it's issues, but that comes with the territory. That's why I'm going with Apache.
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-07-2018


When it comes to internet technology, I am dumb. I do not know anything about nginx or apache. In fact I had not even heard of nginx, but I was aware about apache. I had heard this term spoken by many internet guys. Since nginx is newer than apache, I think it must be better than apache.
Posted by vinaya on 12-08-2017
I have read about Apache and I think it good, it cant be used by many people if it is not good.I think it great for having multiple extension and also supported by multiple web application.It function is worth using and for this, it a better choice.
Posted by lovely on 12-09-2017
I developed my on website but I still don't know what's the best server. All I know is that my website is up and running and I hosted it with hosting company that other web developers recommended and trusted. I'm not really knowledgeable about web servers. But when I'm developing website on my local computer, I used to use apache server that comes with xamp.
Posted by vhinz on 12-09-2017
When it comes to hosting your website both Apache and Ngnix are good. Most of the hosting companies these days are moving towards NGinix. And that's another reason I guess you can see that Ngnix seems to be taking lead. Though lot of them are on Apache too. But the Ngnix adoption has increased so far over the years. So you should definitely check that out too.
Posted by overcast on 12-09-2017
In fact, Apache is the most widely used server in the world. But I've been using NGINX for a little over a year and I confess I'm satisfied with performance. Apache has a greater advantage when it comes to configuring it, as it is much easier to find guides and tutorials on Apache on the Internet. But I still prefer NGINX, because even though it's more complicated to configure it, I still have a good performance gain on my sites.
Posted by hermessantos on 12-11-2017
I have no idea because this is the first time I heard about NGINX and I have always been hearing about Apache, and hence I thought Apache is better. I would like to find out more about NGINX. I am glad to learn so much from this site and also the comments above.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-18-2017
I have used Apache for some project in the past and I found it very helpful. Lately, I heard that Nginx is faster and very simple to use than apache. I would like to go with Apache because I have good experience with it. Apache is open source, which means you have many people working on it. It has two basic types, Apache Tomcast and what I referred to as Apache HTTP. You will found ready solutions to any problem that you encounter while using Apache because it has been around for some time and I don't think there is a problem that you will face that someone else hasn't faced in the past.
Posted by OlaSidiq on 01-22-2018
I encountered Apache before the era of the social media. The tech in the office did not explain that Apache was a server where we were connected. And I still remember the DHCP protocol which is the dynamic type of access. That’s the problem is you are not that techie, you will encounter some technical terms that have difficult explanation. And sometimes you tend to do your own research just for curiosity.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-24-2018
Nginx is a Web server, reverse proxy, load balancer proxy, and does pretty much everything Apache does, only that much faster!

Technically, Nginx consumes less memory than Apache, because it handles Web requests through the concept of "event-based web server", and Apache is based on the "process-based server" concept. David E. Chen makes an excellent analogy between the two concepts in his article "Explain" Event-Driven "Web Servers to Your Grandma".

They are not necessarily "competitors", Apache and Nginx can work together! It is possible to decrease the memory consumption of Apache by making the Web requests pass through Nginx first. This way, Apache does not have to serve static files, and may depend on the good cache control made by Nginx.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-16-2018
I don't know much about Nginx, I have always been familiar with Apache. It is commonly used by many people. Although I never used this web server it was discussed before during my class. They said that Apache web server is more stable and a highly recommended server
Posted by superlicca on 09-17-2018
I think both are useful and both have their own strengths. Actually, whatever is available and ready to use on my end, I would use it without hesitation. Also, even if one is viewed as superior than the other. We have to admit that the other one is still great for still attracting many people into using it.
Posted by theresajane on 10-24-2018
Guys my company is using Nginx on their website which is please visit the site and check the speed of the website once. It will solve everyone's question. We were on Apache before but now we moved to Nginx after reading this article. Try your self and check the speed of our website you will get the answer about which one is good.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-12-2018
I don't know much about nginx. That is why I will go for Apache. I am more familiar with this one. But if given the chance in the future, I will explore nginx and see what is better. I like to try something new.
Posted by Alymae on 11-28-2018