tag - Give Thanks Turkey Coir Mat, Decorative All-Season Mat for the Front Porch, Patio or Entryway, Multi Harvest

tag - Give Thanks Turkey Coir Mat, Decorative All-Season Mat for the Front Porch, Patio or Entryway, Multi Harvest
Slowly the days are passing, and slowly you are preparing yourself to welcome guests in your house. Sure you'll need the inside of your home to be in perfect order, to have a big wonderful turkey on the table, maybe to have some decorations around... but the guests need a good welcome not as soon as they enter the door, but even before! And what better welcome is there than a mat? It doesn't even take too much effort: just put it there, under your door, and your guests will look at it, be amazed by it, and it's also useful if outside is raining or even snowing, because on the mat they will be also able to clean their shoes. Of course being so close to Thanksgiving you might want to have a Thanksgiving mat indeed, like the one I'm going to describe now. This mat, made by Tag, is being sold on Amazon for 36, 50 dollars. As you can see, it's a pretty elegant and simple mat with a wonderful big turkey pretty colorful on it. A round body black and white, the neck with some red on it, and a big yellow tail full of wonderful feathers. It look amazing! Of course the turkey is not alone, and on top of it there is a big writing reminding us to "Give thanks"! This mat don't only look good, but it's also pretty effective: the material is what is known as coir, something extracted from coconuts. It's durable and very effective in taking away the dirt from your shoes, your boots or whatever else you are wearing. It's not even hard to mantain: as long as you keep it away from direct sunlight, and there isn't too much moisture, to clean it you will just need to shake it with all the strenght you have and the mat will be able to decorate the front porch of your house for many many years.

  • Very nice and elegant
  • Resistent
  • You can clean it easily
  • Take off all the dirt off your shoes
  • It's something amazing to have on your front door
  • Arrived quickly

  • Very expensive
  • If you look close, the drawings and decorations lose focus and look weird
  • Really thick: opening the door might be hard
  • Arrived cut poorly
  • It sheds easily



give thanks!

I'm a big fan of focusing on thankfulness during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I think it's a really important part of the holiday that often gets lost in all the planning, cooking, feasting, and Black Friday shopping. I love this doormat which reminds guests to "give thanks." We have so much to be thankful for if we will just open our eyes to it. I also like the classic simplicity of this design and the image of the turkey.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-12-2017


Evergreen Flag & Garden 431144 Happy Turkey Day Sassafras Switch Mat

Evergreen Flag & Garden 431144 Happy Turkey Day Sassafras Switch Mat
Talking about some of the most genius inventions in recent years, a special mention should be made about those mats where you can insert something of your choice, having a different drawing or decoration in any given time of the year. You don't need to change the base of the mat, because the switchable inserts that are avalaible for purchase are a lot, each one different than the other, and every of them pretty cool. Since we are talking about Thanksgiving, of course we'll need to examine a Thanksgiving one, like this adorable turkey switch mat! Since it's only a insert, the price is being sold on Amazon is lower than the other one - but mind you, you still need a base mat and those are a bit more expensive. Precisely, the price is 13,50 dollars. While the size might be smaller than the other turkey mat, the details are a bit more and the style is more cartoonish and less realistic. First of all, the turkey resemble some basic cartoon character: a stylized body with some feathers, the classic pilgrim hat, and a tail... well, the tail is interesting and original since it's not made of feathers but of leaves. It's pretty cool and give the whole thing a more autumnal feeling. Even more autumnal is the big cornucopia that you can see on the side: inside of it there is a lot of autumnal fruits and vegetables, starting with a big pumpkin, but also featuring cobs, grapes, apples, and many other small thing. Something that might be a bit weird is the writing on top, that for once doesn't say "Happy thanksgiving". Instead, it says "Happy turkey day!" that sounds a bit unusual. I mean, turkey are for sure a big part of Thanksgiving but having the whole day focused just around them and wishing a happy "turkey" day is something a bit weird. But if you like something original, something a bit different, this switch mat is surely the right choice for you.

  • Colorful and joyful
  • A great decoration for your front door
  • You can re-use it in later Thanksgivings, since it's interchangeable
  • Excellent quality
  • Nice price
  • Fast delivery

  • "Happy turkey day!" is.. a bit weird
  • The turkey maybe look a bit too cartoonish, expecially with the leaves-tail
  • You need a mat, this is just a insert
  • A bit too small



Evergreeb Fkag Turkey Mat

I like this one because it is something you can change to suit your mood or your idea as you want. I have never had a decoration like this, and I would enjoy the novelty of being able to change a flag or decoration to suit my mood. It sounds like a winner.
Posted by kgord on 11-08-2017


The floor mats that are featured in this discussion have elegant design that is appropriate for the occasion. However, we don’t have a turkey in our culture and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I would prefer an elegant mat with a universal design, say flowers of landscape, that can be used any time of the year. And maybe I will buy 2 or even 3 mats with universal designs.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018