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With nature's inconsistent behaviour what will happen to food production?
6 39
Today's Old Age Homes need a face lift on an urgent basis
6 41
How comfortable are you thinking out of the box?
20 91
Are you happy with the transport system  in your country? How would you improve it?
19 55
It was worth the trouble. I captured that blue moon in my camera
15 77
How different is your lifestyle from that of your parents?
14 71
Have you tried making odd food combinations or tasted them?
13 60
Are you averse to fresh flowers that you adorn your house with plastic floers?
16 88
Trauma of rape victims in India
15 110
More trees will yield more oxygen - a need of the hour
12 90
Wedding and the VIP guests
17 119
Do you know there are stories hidden in your wardrobe?
13 89
Would oxygen will soon be sold in bottles for use by the public?
16 102
Don’t you think nuns and priests are better off these days?
13 108
Who will teach me how to make a perfect egg omelette?
21 100
Did you know there is no home like yours in this whole wide world?
13 119
Potato pancakes – a first time for me.
10 86
What do you feed your pets on?
19 116
Do you enjoy planning a party  or being at a party?
19 119
Grow your own Aloe vera
8 102
The child in us will never go away
34 132
Are you set to capitalise on your hobbies and passions?
24 167
Who gets your crockery?
16 131
Have you sold your phones after doing a factory reset assuming all data is deleted?
21 118
Would you hesitate eating something that is nutritious but exclusively eaten by the poor?
33 157
Have you played chess against a computer and won any game?
25 146
How do you cope with power outage?
31 183
Have you had the joy of designing or visiting Japanese gardens?
14 124
Do you have a cc tv in your house?
18 129
What kind of perennials grow in your garden?
3 95
What sets you on  to look  forward to Christmas?
12 139
As an animal lover how comfortable are you killing pests?
25 170
Christmas carols are sung by many. Who  is your favourite singer and which carol puts you in the Christmas mood?
6 139
If you had an empty plot of land what would you do with it?
22 161
Do you have a friend, mentor and guide?
13 156
How are your preparations going for Christmas?
14 189
New Year is round the corner - do you still collect calendars and diaries?
22 196
Is Number 3 part of your life?
26 181
Have you ever received summons from the Police or Court and how did you deal with them?
24 177
The cup that cheers - what colour is yours?
19 218
What does a Christmas Tree mean to you?
29 232
What do you prefer swiping  cards or money wads?
26 201
Does your pet order you about?
15 185
How was or is your off line working experience
25 192
Is your passion helping you earn your livelihood?
29 163
Some like it hot.   Where do your taste buds take you?
25 186
What draws you to go on holidays, home and abroad?
19 169
Does progress and development lead to happiness?
21 193
What ingredients  do you no longer use in your kitchen and what have you brought in?
18 168
What is your thought on amassing  gold?
22 171
Have you ever played the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game?
14 175
What is your motto in life?
38 267
Were you or are you concerned about your height?
43 310
What have you sacrificed to procrastination?
11 127
Health, happiness and humour; which of these do you lack in?
24 136
Do you have any food that is designated as National  Dish
21 122
Who would you prefer to be your travel companion?
31 131
Have you played the game "What's the Good Word"?
10 118
Any difference between Christmas celebrations when you were a child and now?
28 158
What do you combine peanut butter with?
31 131
Have you been fooled by beggars?
27 157
Do you have real friends picked from online contacts?
28 151
What are your thoughts on old age homes?
21 109
Do you have a recipe that you have created?
24 133
Do you organise theme parties?
15 126
What do you do if you have an insect bite?
26 123
We all need a shoulder to cry on. Whose shoulder will that be?
22 152
Have you carved a pumpkin on days other than Haloween?
14 132
What grows in your garden that surprises you every day?
14 658
Did you ever have to face a tornado or any other natural disaster?
27 148
What do you have in your first aid kit?
24 123
When do you give up chasing your dream?
22 140
Have you added dishes from other countries to your cuisine?
11 109
How comfortable are you with Google Maps?
29 117
Do you keep your fingers crossed far too long?  When  was it the last time  you did it?
11 108
Do your drink wine  Have you tried making it?
15 130
How close are you with your neighbours?
19 136
Are your friends honest when they talk about themselves on Face Book?
27 139
What routines do you enjoy and what bore you?
12 160
Were you a member of Bubblews?  What was your experience there?
27 156
What has been your experience riding on a cable car or gondola?
17 118
Why is Gelato the ice cream from Italy  so special?  -
27 124
What has been your experience when you took along someone while shopping?
33 144
When was the last time you threw a party or attended one?
26 104
Have you experienced water shortage?
30 126
Do you make people wait or they make you wait?
32 114
"A stitch in time saves nine" - Is this relevant to you?
13 107
How often to you get together with your classmates?
27 155
Is your fridge loaded for summer?
24 129
Do you have a good memory and what is your secret to keep it that way?
30 138
What kind of birds visit your garden?
25 127
Have you created blogs adding several  photos and videos?
23 115
How did you start your online writing journey and where are you now?
22 123
Which of the party games that you play often and when was the last time you played them?
10 124
Who would you like to spend your milestone birthday with ?
12 135
What news brought you sadness yesterday?
26 161
Any plans to go on a foreign holiday in the near future or a memory to share?
34 115
Do you agree photos are a source for ideas to  write blogs and articles?
40 190
What old school thoughts are you clinging on to?
14 102
What do you do to see that no water is wasted?
30 134
To what sound do you wake up in the mornings?
31 124
Do you have fatigue in your limbs and feet?
27 127
When pages do not open what do you do?
39 119
Unusual pets. Do you have one?
35 110
Where do you get your entertainment from?
29 135
Do you pick up memorabilia while on holiday?
13 96
Do you design your own landscaped garden?
19 145
Which flower would take the place of roses?
21 124
Have you tasted peanut butter with honey?
24 112
What are your thoughts on  'Thanksgiving' day?
22 113
Is it too early to  get ready for Christmas?
41 127
Do you eat ice cream in winter?
33 148
Are your dinner sets collecting dust?
21 116
Do you know the origins of Halloween and how do you celebrate it?
26 124
Are soft toys only for children?
32 143
Have you thought of using solid garbage in any useful way ?
22 129
Are you fascinated with the sun - sunrise and sunset?
38 164
What do you call this season Autumn or Fall?
25 137
Immigrants and the US winter.  Wonder how they cope!!
19 123
India is all geared to celebrate the festival of lights - Diwali.  Do you celebrate
22 123
Do you have hog plums in your garden?
23 110
How many types of cherries do you know of?
23 103
 Our pet Preiti loves her Vet and yours?
16 102
Have you experienced the joy of giving?
34 103
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